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How To Fix A Car Window That Won’t Roll Up – Everything You Need To Know!

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The weather is getting warmer and what better way to cool off than to roll down your windows to get some fresh air? This is a great way to drive around town but you need fully functioning windows. Have you ever an issue rolling up your window? If so, you might be more cautious when you decide to use your windows. Either way, if your car window gets stuck down you will want to find a way to fix it. It’s not a good idea to leave your window rolled down for many different reasons. A few of them are you are more vulnerable to theft and it could cause wear and tear on your car from different weather conditions.

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Why Is My Window Stuck?


So, you might be wondering why is my window stuck? What is causing it to not roll back down? There are many different components that make up that entire mechanism. If one thing goes wrong, it will ruin the entire window capability of moving up and down. So, what are these different components that make up that mechanism?


One important component is the window regulator. You might be wondering what is that? The window regulator is the mechanism that makes the window motor raises and lowers the window itself. Unfortunately, over time these break down from overuse and there isn’t a way to really prevent that from happening. If your car is older, it could happen from just simply overuse and aging. 


Another component is the motor itself. The motor is responsible for powering the mechanism. These are typically reversible and mounted in the doors. They connect to the window regulator with two different wires. The motor is responsible for the direction that the window goes. It helps aid in the window going up or going down. If this piece of the mechanism breaks, your window could get stuck in either position. 


The switch itself can also break causing the window to get stuck. This device delivers power to the motor that helps aid in the entire process of a window going up or down. Now, it can break from overuse but another common way it breaks is from poor weather conditions? You might be wondering how this is possible? If you accidentally leave your windows down and it rains, you could ruin the switch with all of that water. It is very important that you remember to roll your windows up so you don’t damage your car’s window mechanism. 


Lastly, there could be some major wiring issues that could cause your window to not roll up. Power windows have special wiring inside the door that allows the window to move up and down. If the wire breaks or has a shortage in it, the entire mechanism could break. It could be as simple as fixing one wire or as complex as needing to replace multiple wires and cutting them to replace them. If you are not familiar with this type of work, you will most likely want to take your car to your local mechanic. They will be able to help you diagnose the root problem and then fix it for you as well. 


How Do I Get My Car Window To Roll Up?


So, now that you know the components that make up the entire mechanism you want to determine the exact problem and also find a way to get your car window up. You will want to get the problem diagnosed by a trustworthy mechanic but in the meantime, you can perform a quick fix just to get your window back up. 


You will first want to turn your car on and press your window switch in the upward position. While you are holding the switch up, open your car door and then slam it shut. This could move the motor and get it in contact with a wire to get the mechanism working. If this is the case, you will typically be able to get your window up quickly before it starts malfunctioning again. 


If that does not work to spark the motor and get it working, then you should try the manual way. That is to just grab the glass at the top and try to slowly move your window up. It will slowly inch up but you don’t want to jerk your window fast. This could cause other issues in the future, so slow and steady is the way to go here. If you can’t get your window to roll up temporarily, your local mechanic will be able to help you out. 


Steps On How To fix Your Car Window That Won’t Roll Up


The first step you will want to take is to check the seals and gaskets. Age and normal wear and tear can cause the rubber trimming to weaken. This rubber trimming goes around the opening of the car window and it is where the window is stored. If this trimming is broken or gets loose, your window could get stuck. This is a very easy thing to check out before you open up the door and start looking at all of the interior mechanical things. If you do notice that there is loose rubber trimming, you will want to replace that first to see if that fixes the problem.


The next thing you will want to do is to test for a blown fuse. This is a very common issue when it comes to car door windows. If the fuse is broken, your car window will not move up or down when you push the button. Typically a blown fuse is a fairly easy fix. You can locate your fuse box from your car’s manual. The automotive test light will help you find the faulty fuse. 


If you cannot find a blown fuse, you will want to then check out the motor in the switch panel. You can loosen some wires in the door panel to get the motor out. If the motor isn’t broken then you will need to remove the door panel to check out the entire mechanism. This includes the window regulator, the motor, and all of the wires that it connects to. You will want to remove the entire panel so you can check out all of the parts that make up the mechanism. 


 When you remove the door panel, you will also want to remove the glass. It will make it much easier to assess all of the problems and then fix them once you determine the root problem. If you leave the glass in there, you could risk breaking the glass and having to buy a whole new window. It makes the most sense to remove the glass during this entire process. 


You will also want to check the regulatory assembly if you still can’t locate the problem. The regulator is responsible for the up and down movement of your car window. This part could start to fail from just normal wear and tear. This part is inside the door, so you will need to remove some bolts to locate the part and test it. Make sure you pay attention to where the bolts are so you can reassemble everything when you are finished. 


As you can see, there are so many different parts that make up the entire car window mechanism. It seems like such a simple thing. You press a button and your car window moves up and down. There are many different moving parts and if one is broken it will affect the entire thing. It can be difficult to locate the root problem so it does take some trial and error and a lot of investigating first before fixing anything. If you are not confident in trying to find the broken part or repairing it, you will want to take your car to a mechanic. They will be able to properly diagnose your car and fix it as well. Do not wait to get this problem fixed. 


The Bottom Line


So, your car window won’t roll up. Don’t let this problem go too long. You don’t want any cosmetic issues to occur from rain or snow getting into your car. When that does happen, worse issues will arise and it will be even more expensive to fix. If you are contemplating whether you want to fix your old car or not, keep in mind that you do have other options. Cash Cars Buyer is here to help you.


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