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How to Find a Driver License Number by SSN? All you need to know

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If you're looking for how to find a driver license number by SSN, unfortunately, there is no way to do so because the Social Security document doesn't have any information related to your driver's license. However, you can take the SSN and get your driver's license number from your local DMV office.

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There are many situations where you need to find your driver's license number without looking at the license card itself. For example, if you lost your driver's license or if it's expired and you can't find the old copy, you have to figure out a way to get this number.

In some states, you might be required to provide additional documentation to prove your identity, like your birth certificate, Social Security card, or any other documentation that helps and is required in your state.

Finding these documents can be a bit challenging, especially if you don't have much time. Therefore, one quick way to help you get your driver's license number is by knowing your Social Security number. But is this even possible?

This article provides you with all you need to know to help you understand how to find a driver's license number by SSN. Let's read on for more details!

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How can you find your driver's license number?

Before we dive into the details about finding a driver's license number by SSN, we must understand the other methods that help you identify your driver's license number if you don't have your license card.

Luckily, many ways help you find the driver's license number. Let's take a closer look below:

  1. Find your old driver's license

The first and easiest way to find your old driver's license number is to look at the old card. If you've been driving for a long time, you should have a couple of expired licenses in your drawer or somewhere where you keep your paperwork.

Remember that if you're trying to get a license in another state, you want to ensure that the same states issue your old licenses. Otherwise, chances are that you will not have the same driver's license in the other state.

  1. Look in the vehicle's registration documents

If you could not find the old driver's license card, you should investigate your vehicle's registration document. Typically, you must have this document every time you drive your car, and the good news is that your driver's license number should be listed on this document.

If you can't find the registration document, you might have copies of the renewal notices or any other mail that was sent to you related to this vehicle. Similarly, you might also have the driver's license listed on these documents.

  1. Look through your canceled checks

You might not be thinking that if you have any canceled checks, your driver's license number should be listed on them. But have you ever written a check to somebody that got canceled for whatever reason?

Then, look into your emails and try finding all copies because they typically have a digital copy of the check, and on that check, your driver's license number should be listed.

Reach out to the insurance company

If you have an insurance policy, you must provide them with your driver's license number to be listed on the insurance policy. So, call them and ask them for your license number.

The insurance company can't find this number in the records because it's typically stored in their databases. The other thing to consider is that some insurance companies might even provide you with ways to look up your driver's license and your identity for free. Most of these ways are typically available when you visit them in person.

  1. Contact the local DMV office

The other thing you might want to try is to reach out to your local DMV office. You can call them or go to their office in person. They should have records stating your driver's license number.

Of course, they'll ask you for some paperwork to prove your identity because this is confidential information, and they can't share it with anybody unless they confirm to see you. So check with them and see what documents they require so they can provide you with their license number.

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How to find a driver's license number by SSN?

There aren't many people out there who are wondering how to find a driver license number by SSN. But unfortunately, there is no way for you to figure out your driver's license number by just looking at your Social Security number.

Typically, the Social Security card should not have any information about your driving or drivers like a record. Therefore, whatever tools you find online to help you find your driver license number by SSN are just scams.

Thus, we highly encourage you to stay careful and never provide your Social Security number to any of these websites because it is impossible to figure out the driver's license by just looking up your SSN.

However, if you think about it from another corner, there is an indirect way to get your driver's license number by your SSN. In other words, taking your Social Security card to the local DMV office will be considered proof of identity; therefore, you can get your driver's license from the DMV office.

How to Find a Driver License Number by SSN

A step-by-step process on how to find your driver's license number

If you are looking for your driver's license number and you can't find an old copy, there are certain steps that you must follow to get the right information without running through any hassle. Let's take a closer look at what automotive experts are commenting:

  1. Prepare your documents

First, you must put together documentation proving your identity if you're looking for any way to get your driver's license number. As we mentioned earlier, all the previous methods that help you identify your last driver's license number require some proof of identity.

You might need some paperwork depending on which approach you decided to go with. Therefore, we highly encourage you to contact and learn more about what's needed to prove your identity for getting your driver's license number.

For example, if you would like to visit your local DMV website or office, you might want to give them a call and gets more detail about what type of paperwork they're looking for to prove your identity so they can provide your driver's license number.

  1. Reach out to the local DMV office

After you call them and put together all the paperwork, the next step is to visit them in person. Typically, obtaining the driver's license number will require you to be in person to confirm that you're the right person because this is confidential information and cannot be provided by phone most of the time.

As you might already know, with the current situation in COVID-19 and the extremely long lines waiting for processing documents at the local DMV website, we highly recommend you schedule an appointment and ensure that you are not going to wait hours for your time hand to process your documents.

  1. Fill out the required forms

As you get to the local DMV website and talk to one of the customer services, they should provide you with certain documentation required to prove your identity and receive your driver’s license number.

  1. Take care of the fees

To get your driver's license number, you will most likely need to pay certain fees that might differ from one state to another. Therefore, if you want to get more accurate details, you might want to call the DMV office and ask them about the required fees that you have to be really for it.

  1. Receive your driver license by mail

Once you fill out the form and pay the fees, you should check with the DMV staff to understand the timeline. For example, in some states, getting your new driver's lesson might not take much time, but insert and other locations can be lengthy, and you might need to wait four weeks.

Depending on why you're currently looking for your driver's license, you might want to check with them and get heads up about the processing time, so you make informed decisions.

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How do I find my driver's license number in each state?

We receive a high volume of questions regarding certain requests in different states. For example, many of our customers and readers reached out to us wondering how I find my Colorado driver's license number. Others indicated that they're looking for where is your driver's license number in Utah. In other locations, we also received many requests about how I find and see my driver's license number.

Despite where you live, all the recommendations we provided you before should apply to most states. The shortest cut to help you find your driver's lesson no matter where you live around the United States is through your local DMV office.

He was a list of all the local DMV offices addresses in the biggest states:

How to find the driver license number by SSN in each state? Local DMV office
Alabama Alabama Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle

2545 Taylor Road


Montgomery, AL 36117


Phone: (334) 242-9000


State online DL search: www.revenue.alabama.gov

Alaska Alaska Department of Administration, Division of Motor Vehicles

3901 Old Seward Highway, Suite 101


Anchorage, AK 99503


Phone: (907) 269-5551


State online DL search: www.online.dmv.alaska.gov

Arizona Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Services

PO Box 2100, MD 555M


Phoenix, AZ 85001


Phone: (602) 255-0072


State online DL search: www.zdot.gov

Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration Driver Services

PO Box 1272


Little Rock, AR 72203


Phone no: (501) 682-724


State online DL search: www.dfa.arkansas.gov

California The state of California, Department of Motor Vehicles

PO Box 942890


Sacramento, CA 94290-0001


Phone: (800) 777-0133


State online DL search: www.dmv.ca.gov

Colorado Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles

1881 Pierce Street


Lake wood, CO 80214


Phone: (303) 205-5600


State online DL search: www.dmv.colorado.gov

Connecticut Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

60 State Street


Wethersfield, CT 06161


Phone: (860) 263-5700


State online DL search: www.portal.ct.gov

Delaware Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles

303 Transportation Circle


Dover, DE 19903


Phone: (302) 744-2500


State online DL search: www.dmv.de.gov

Florida Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

2900 Apalachee Parkway


Tallahassee, FL 32399-0570


Phone: (850) 617-2000


State online DL search: www.services.flhsmv.gov

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How to find a driver license number by SSN: Final thoughts

There is a common misconception that you can find your driver's license number by SSN. Unfortunately, your Social Security number differs from your driver's license number. Therefore, experts indicated that there is no way for you to find your driver's license number from your SSN.

However, visit your local DMV office and provide them with your Social Security number. They should be able to provide you with your missing or forgotten driver's license number.

We hope this article provided you with all the information to help you find your driver's license number using legitimate methods and not falling for scams convincing you that you can look up your driver's license number by your social security.

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