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How To Calculate The Scrap Value Of A Car [SIMPLE FORMULA THAT’S READY TO USE!] 

How To Calculate The Scrap Value Of A Car

When it comes to calculating the scrap value of a car, it can seem tough or like it’s “rocket science”. Thankfully, we have eliminated the difficulty and want to pass this easy formula to you! 

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Chances are, that you may receive various offers for your old vehicle, when dealing with a plethora of cash-for-car companies and businesses. All of them use the same and most basic formula when quickly establishing scrap car prices. Junk car and scrap car buyers use this basic and easy formula to offer the absolute smallest amount of money for which they can obtain your vehicle. Once you know this formula, you will have a “ballpark” figure or estimate that will shield you from getting “taken” or “lowballed”. 


Knowing The Scrap Car Price Formula

First, you want to figure the minimum value of a junk car, or scrap car with this estimator formula. You begin my multiplying the weight of the vehicle, by the current price for scrap metal. So, your calculation will look like the one below: 


weight of car in tons x price of scrap metal per ton 


Why Are You Getting The Minimum Value As A Car Seller? 

Many vehicles are stripped for their parts. Other junk cars or scrap vehicles are not in a decent shape. Therefore, a scrap yard will sell the vehicle’s essential metals to companies such as car manufactures and building companies- rather than selling off the car parts. Additionally, if some of the car parts can be sold, those scrapyards will oftentimes utilize the scrap vehicle estimator formula as a calculated value for the lowest value -meaning your vehicle’s minimum value. Then, that value will be offered to you. Check out the way that you can obtain the weight of your car as well as determine metal prices, ensuring that you get an accurate calculation with the estimator formula:


Obtain the Weight Of Your Vehicle 

You can get the weight of your car several ways. The first is by reading your owner’s manual. You can also obtain the weight of your car by looking on your side door, where the VIN number is. The third way you can get the weight of your car, is to check with the manufacturer of the car. The final way you can get the weight of your car, is by going online, and typing the specifics of your car. 

Gather the Current Prices of Scrap Metal 

Now comes time for you to obtain the current price of scrap metal. You can click here and gather what metal is going for. 

It’s important that you know the prices of scrap metal, so that you see what metals are in demand. You also want to check to see what specific metals are going for, from various locations. While metal prices tend to fluctuate daily, you want to keen eye on the metal prices, and look for a great opportunity to sell your junk car when you see that metal prices are high in your particular region.  Did you know that steel makes up about 60% of the metal content in your vehicle? Aluminum, another precious metal, accounts for about 10% of the weight of most vehicles- give or take a bit. Even though most vehicles most only have a small amount of aluminum, this precious metal can still be worth just about one-half the total scrap value of your vehicle.


Other Factors That Play A Vital Role in the Value of Your Scrap Car 

Not only does the weight of a vehicle and current prices of scrap metal play a role in the offer you will receive for your car, but there are other factors that affect your vehicle’s value. Check out some of those factors below: 

  1. Dismantling & Crushing of the Car– Removing and pulling off the useful and valuable parts of a car, then crushing it later is hard work. So, for many cash-for-car businesses, there has to be payment and wages given to staff members who take on this particular work. 
  2. Time Spent on Paperwork and Documents– Before the job of scrapping a car can be carried out, the staff at the cash-for-cars businesses have to complete paperwork and fill out all necessary documents. Don’t forget that there is a process of transference of title too. 
  3. The Towing- While many cash-for-cars businesses offer free towing to car sellers, there has to be payment made to a towing company or a tow person, to remove the vehicle from the home, business or location of the junk car seller.  
  4. The Tow Driver’s Compensation- In addition to the cost of towing, the tow driver has to be paid too. So, whether compensation is an hourly rate, or a flat fee, that driver has to be paid for picking up the car, and transporting it to the proper and final location.  
  5. Cost of Fuel: In addition to towing fees, is the cost of gas that the tow truck driver has to pay, to come and get your car from its location, to its final destination. Get a trusted quote online for your junk car now

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