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How To Avoid Hidden Fees When Selling a Car? All You Need to Know

How To Avoid Hidden Fees When Selling a Car? All You Need to Know

Here is how to avoid hidden fees when selling a car:

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  1. Do your research
  2. Compare the offers carefully
  3. Do not accept every fee
  4. Don't get scammed at the last minute
  5. Take a shortcut and choose Cash Cars Buyer

When we are ready to sell our vehicles, we're looking to the most profit possible and the most convenient method. That's why it's critical for you as a car seller to understand all the potential fees you might be responsible for before moving further.

Over the decades of experience in the car industry, we came across very weird fees that scammers got the car sellers to pay and ended up with a very limited profit, unfortunately.

That's why our team would like to share with you all that we learned over the years to help you answer the question of how to avoid hidden fees when selling a car?

hidden fees

What are the hidden fees?

Before we dive into the details and answer the question of how to avoid hidden fees when selling the car, we must get a general understanding of what hidden fees you might experience?

In general, there is a specific type of hidden fee that could add somewhere between $10 and $300 in something census. Of course, this range might sound very small, but to someone trying to solve an error that is worth $500 only, this could be huge!

Let's look at these and once we know them, let's be proactive and careful about when the buyer asks us to pay these fees:

1.    Towing fees

One of the first and most common hidden fees that you might experience when selling your car is a Towing service. Your potential buyer might promise you the top offer than you could imagine, but you'll be surprised at the pickup time that you are responsible for the hidden fees, unfortunately!

That's why it's critical when deciding on a potential buyer to ask who's responsible for the towing service. For example, if the junkyard told you that they're going to pick up your car for free, you have to confirm that and understand whether the offer includes the towing service.

Also, there is even a more complicated scam that many people are running through nowadays. For example, even if the junkyard promises you to pick up your car for free, they might be hiring a third-party company that will pick up your car. Once you meet with this company, the company will ask you for the towing service, and you might not be aware that it's just a way to scam you and get more money out of your pocket.

Therefore, if the towing service asks you for money, check with the dumb carrot first and confirm that the junkyard will pay you or take care of the charges.

If you don't want to do any hassle related to the towing service, Cash Cars Buyer is one of the limited companies that promise you to remove your vehicle without any hidden fees and will pick up your car free of charge no matter where you live around the United States!

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2.    Liquids fees

Another very weird feed that some people might ask you is for liquid fees. For example, if you're selling your vehicle to a scrap yard, they might ask you to empty your gas tank and not leave any liquids in your carrot; otherwise, they'll have to charge you about $50.

Again, the $50 might not sound a lot, but it could be a significant amount for someone trying to sell his vehicle for only $500, as we mentioned earlier.

Therefore, these hidden fees must be checked with the junkyard or the scrap yard. Tell them that you are aware of the liquid fees, and you were sure that this shouldn't be taken from your final quote; otherwise, you should work around and look for a better option just all your vehicle rather than wasting your time and effort to get a very limited amount of profit out of your vehicle.

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3.    Paperwork fees

If you're unaware, there are many cash car companies, and these companies are great because they provide you with one of the most convenient methods to sell your vehicle. However, there are growing companies that might ask you for weird hidden fees that are referred to as document transfer fees here. These fees might range from $10 up to $15.

Again, the amount is not super significant, but it doesn't feel right to pay something that you don't have to pay for here; therefore, before you accept the offer from the cash car company, cannot ask them about any potential hidden fees because this is your right. You don't have to give this to people who do not deserve it.

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4.    Car cleaning and detailing fees

Finally, many companies might buy your vehicle and charge you for car cleaning and detailing fees. Again, this should not be your responsibility, and if the company is willing to sell this vehicle to someone else, they could take care of this themselves, not you.

Therefore, once you agree

Remember that detailing the vehicle can be important and might require a good amount of money to be covered. Therefore, adding that charge to you does not make sense if you're getting only $500 or so for your vehicle.

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How to avoid hidden fees when selling a car?

As you won't notice, there is a wide range of potential hidden fees you might experience as you're selling your car. These fees might sound professional, and they look legitimate, but you're not responsible for these fees and even if the company asks for them, you must be clear and check with them whether your provided offer includes these fees.

A lot of the companies might use it as a scam to show you that they're giving you a significant amount of money for your junk car, and you will blindly accept this offer without understanding what's going on.

Therefore, we provide you with the following accommodations to help answer the question, how to avoid hidden cheese when selling a car?

1.    Do your research

Whenever you're trying to solve a car despite its type or condition, you got to do some research. Selling a vehicle should be done when you're patient and shouldn't rush it. As you research, look for legitimate companies with the best reviews regarding their potential fees.

When looking at these companies, check if anybody complained about any hidden fees that were not clarified at the beginning of the process. If you confirm that the company has such issues, you should walk away and look for a better option.

2.    Compare the offers carefully

Once you have a list of at least three potential companies that will buy your car, you must compare the offers very carefully. When you get an offer, if you feel it sounds very high, you must understand whether there are any hidden fees or not.

It doesn't hurt to ask as many questions as you want to ensure that you follow the right process. For example, as the company, what type of hidden fees do you have, and should I be worried about anything at the pickup time?

If the company mentions that they have certain hidden fees, you must be careful about your calculations and determine how much you get out of this deal. It doesn't make sense for you; you must walk away and consider a better option.

3.    Do not accept every fee

Now you have a good understanding of the potential fees that you might come across. But, in addition, there might be some other potential fees that these scammers might generate, and these fees might sound very professional, as we mentioned earlier.

You mustn't accept everything and think it's the convention of any car selling process. Check with them and compare with other companies. Ask the other companies about potential fees and see if anyone is coming up with something new that you're unfamiliar with.

You have full flexibility to refuse the offer and tell them exactly that you're not happy with it because this fee should not be covered under you, and it should be their responsibility. If they're not happy cannot then you could walk away.

4.    Don't get scammed at the last minute

As we mentioned earlier, even if you had a great agreement with the company, there might be some hidden fees at the last minute that you're unaware of. So, for example, we indicated to you that many third-party towing services might raise you for something you're not responsible for.

Be alerted to those and do not pay anything you ask because it's not your responsibility. Also, remember the provided offer and do not accept to change the offer just because they want to take advantage of you and pick up time and provide you with a lower offer because you can't have another option.

5.    Take a shortcut and choose Cash Cars Buyer

As you might notice, a lot goes into the car selling process, and avoiding hidden fees can be extremely challenging if you did not sell a car before. Therefore, if you want to take a shortcut and don't want to risk it and deal with hidden fees, you can always reach out to Cash Cars Buyer.

At Cash Cars Buyer, we provide you with an accurate estimate for your vehicle that represents the executive amount of cash you'll receive once we meet with you. Therefore, you don't have to worry about any hinges, including those related to car towing, detailing, or cleaning. We don't care about how the vehicle looks because we see value in every car, and it's not your responsibility to take care of that. It's our job!

Did you know that our team takes care of any paperwork, including people looking to sell vehicles without titles?! Yes! That's how much we care about our customers, and that's how much we want to make our car selling process as easy and smooth as possible.

The one thing to keep in mind is that if you're trying to sell the vehicle without a title, you provide an offer that might be a little bit lower than somebody else because there is a lot of hassle involved in transferring the ownership and taking care of the paperwork. However, if you still don't want to risk the offer, you can always obtain a title replacement from your local DMV office, which is a process you can go through simply without any significant effort.

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Final thoughts

Selling a car is not very complicated if we follow the right steps. However, understanding what goes into selling these cars is extremely important, especially for the hidden fees you might encounter.

This article provided a general summary of all potential hidden fees you might come across as you're selling your car. We also walked you through step-by-step guidance on how to avoid hidden fees when selling a car?

If you don't want to risk it and you don't want to deal with any types of hassle, you can always take a shortcut and choose Cash Cars Buyer!

Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top-rated car removal companies in the nation that guarantees to pay you the top dollars and provide you with free towing despite your living location around the United States.

Our process is very straightforward and doesn't take more than a couple of days to get your car removed safely and for the most money.

All it takes you is to:

  • Describe your car's type and condition
  • Receive our instant free quote
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  • Get your car removed and receive your cash payment on the spot!

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