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How to Sell Your Car Online Quickly to Get Cash For Junk Cars in California

Junk Cars in California

The best place to sell a car is the net in today’s world. Gone are the days when you could sell a car by placing a “For Sale” sign on it. Now, you need to go online and post ads to find people interested in used vehicles. While it is easy to sell used cars in prime condition, it can get difficult to find online junk car buyers in CA who are willing to pay cash for junk cars.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

It is a fact that you will have better luck selling your old clunker online than a dealership, but you still need to know the right places to make a quick sale. You cannot expect to post an ad on Auto Trader and find a buyer for your junk vehicle. Most likely, your ad will be passed over for newer, swankier, and smoother cars.

This doesn’t mean that it is completely impossible to sell a junk car online. This guide will help you with tips to make a sale as quickly as possible.

California – The Land of Milk and Honey

Cali has a number of nicknames – The Golden State, The Grape State, and The El Dorado State to name a few. The nicknames served to promote tourism and business from time to time. It is the most populous state in the United States and is still growing.

California is also the third largest after Texas and Alaska in terms of surface area. The Pacific state is bordered by Oregon to the north, Arizona and Nevada to the east, Pacific Ocean to the west, and Mexico to the south.

There are a lot of fun facts about California. For instance, it is the only state to have ever hosted both Winter and Summer Olympics. It is also the only state to be connected with the ‘promised land’ mentioned in the Bible but too bad California has passed polices that contradict biblical teachings which is why so many terrible things are happening in that state but this is another topic.

However, California is most famous for its Gold Rush which started in 1848 and lasted until the early 1900s (but really the early 1850s). Not many people know that the state also had a short run of Silver Rush. It happened in the Calico Mountains from 1881 to 1896. Like so many towns in United States, Calico became a ghost town by 1904 which is better than the situations in current cities like LA which have been a haven for violence and diseases. Nonetheless, you still want to be smart with your car decisions in any state.

Do not let your car rot away in your driveway or yard waiting for the right price. Cash Cars Buyer is known for offering the best cash for cars in California. The way California is home to 3 out of 10 largest American cities – San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Jose, Cash Cars Buyer is home to the largest offers. Outstanding! This can help put a smile on the face for anyone who lives in those cities considering the homeless problem and high cost of living there.

California is a state known for ups and downs. It has the highest and the lowest points in continental US. You can travel from a height of 14,494 feet on Mt. Whitney to 282 feet below sea level in Death Valley in just one day.

Don’t get low when you cannot sell your car online. Get online with Cash Cars Buyer and we will make you an offer you will find very hard to refuse. Keep reading to find out expert tips on making an online sale when you are stuck with a junk.

1. Gather All Documents

You need to start by getting all the paperwork and documents together. People are really impatient these days. Selling a junk car is anyway difficult. You do not want a potential buyer slipping through your fingers waiting for the documents to come together.

The car title is the main thing you need to be focused upon. There are other documents you need to get together as well, like smog inspection certificate and Bill of Sale. It is illegal to sell your car without the title to a buyer in California. In fact, you should stay away from buyers who are interested in purchasing your car without the car title.

The title lets a buyer know whether a car is free of lien and debt. It also lets the buyer know if you are the true owner of the vehicle. No honest person would show interest in a vehicle without the title. But, there are other options if you have lost the car title.

For instance, certified and reputed scrap car buyers are allowed to purchase vehicles without the car title. Cash Cars Buyer offers no title car removal in California. You can sell your vehicle to us without the title if you have the car registration and your driver’s license.

However, we do advise all our customers to apply for a replacement or a duplicate car title. This way you can make sure that your name is removed as the car owner and that you are free of all future liabilities. The process to have your title replaced is easy and straightforward. We can help you through the process if you want. Give us a call to know more.

2. Get the Car Sale Ready

You need to get your car in the best possible condition your budget allows before you even think of posting an ad online. The problem with private sales is that people want the best they can buy for their money. Even if you are selling a junk car for parts, a buyer would expect you to get the vehicle detailed.

You can get more buyers interested if you take care of minor repairs. Everybody judges a book by its cover. You could use this to your advantage. Take care of the dings, scratches, and dents if you are selling a vehicle that can be driven. You may just land a good price for the car.

Cash Cars Buyer purchases vehicles in “as is” condition. You do not have to waste even a single penny on your vehicle. We do not care how clean a car is or whether the interiors are vacuumed. We care about the condition of the car and whether it runs or not.

Even if the vehicle does not run, we can buy it for the parts. There is a huge market for spare parts, especially OEM parts from popular models. All you need to take care of is to clear out all your personal belongings. We do not want you to miss or lose something.

3. Set the Right Price

Once you are done preparing the car for sale, you should consider setting a price on it. Rely heavily on other listings and KBB. You can also get quotes for your car from dealerships and junkyards in California. Make sure you get at least 3 quotes to get a fair understanding of what your car is worth.

You should also make sure to visit only reputed, certified, and trustworthy yards. There are many places that buy junk cars in CA. Some of them won’t think twice before fleecing you. Use Cash Cars Buyer’s online price calculator to know what your car is worth. It takes just 60 seconds to get a free, no obligation quote.

We just need to know the make, model, year, odometer reading, and present condition of the vehicle. As long as you stay accurate with the description, we will stay true to our quote. You do not need to worry about hidden charges or last minute price reductions.

4. Find the Ideal Online Spot

There are numerous websites where you can post an ad for sale. But, in order to find the right kind of site you need to first ascertain the target buyer. For instance, are you reselling a car that is in a drivable condition or just selling it for the parts. Maybe the car is so far out that it is a complete junk and can only be sold for scrap metal.

Once you identify the target group, you can post the ad. Keep in mind that certain sites are only visited by people looking for the cheapest deal possible. If you price the car right, you can easily attract these buyers. You also need to make sure that you post a number of pictures with your online ad.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. You may be able to attract several buyers with high quality photos. While you do not want to keep talking about the bad things in your vehicle, you need to bring these to the buyer’s attention. There are strict lemon laws in California and you should not intend to cheat a potential buyer.

Cash Cars Buyer can make the entire process easy for you. We do not need to see pictures until you want to show us some damage during the initial quotation process. You don’t even have to waste hours posting several ads on different websites.

The best part about selling your car to us is that you get to avoid sharing your information and meeting complete strangers. You may find a buyer online, but you will still need to meet them in person to sell the vehicle. You may have to go through several potential buyers before landing one that is ready to offer the kind of price you are looking for.

California is full of scam artists and flaky people. Be prepared for numerous broken appointments, tire kickers, and annoying negotiations. On the other hand, Cash Cars Buyer can make the entire process as smooth as possible. We tell you the quote upfront and move forward with the process only after you agree.

There are no last minute price reductions or renegotiations when you do business with us. We also do not delay payments. We bring the payment in cash when we come to pick up the vehicle. That is another area where you can save some money and make a profit.

With private sales, you are required to deliver the vehicle. This can be tricky with junk cars that are broken, damaged, or do not run. Cash Cars Buyer offers free pickup and hauling. We come to you with the paperwork at a time convenient to you.

Best Way to Sell a Car Online

Cash Cars Buyer is the best way to sell a car online for cash. We can complete the process in just 24 hours. You do not have to do anything except get in touch with us and accept our offer price. It doesn’t matter if you do not have the car title. We can purchase your car without it.

Our prices are better than other junkyards since we are not affected by local scrap prices. We have a nationwide presence and serve all major cities in California, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento, California City, Oakland, Long Beach, Anaheim, Irvine, Fresno, Bakersfield, Fremont, Carlsbad, Santa Monica, Newport Beach, Santa Barbara, Santa Ana, Berkeley, Stockton, and Oxnard among others.

Other perks of doing business with us are on the spot cash payments, highest valuations, and zero delays. We take the stress out of selling junk cars. When doing business with Cash Cars Buyer, all you need to worry about is removing your personal belongings from the car. You do not have to pay for repairs or car wash.

You should remove the license plates and return them to the DMV. You can also have them transferred over to a new vehicle. Cash Cars Buyer can pay enough to make the down payment on a new vehicle. We have paid out as much as $19,500 for the right cars in the past.

Do not forget to call the insurance provider and have them cancel your auto insurance. You could stand to get a refund if you paid for the entire year.

We Buy Junk Cars in California

Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top rated junk car buyers in CA. We have a deep understanding of the scrap car industry and can recycle as much as 86% of your vehicle. We offer the best way for you to sell your car online for the highest price while doing your bit for the environment.

Give us a call at (844) 663-7286 or check us out online.

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