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How Much Should I Expect For A Lexus Oil Change Cost?

How Much Should I Expect For A Lexus Oil Change Cost

Your engine’s oil is one of the most important fluids in your vehicle. This oil provides the required lubrication to your engine’s moving parts, reducing generated temperature due to friction.

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Over time of use, your engine’s oil gets contaminated and requires replacement to maintain your engine’s performance. 

One of the most common questions we receive is, “how much should I expect for a Lexus oil change cost?”

This article provides you with Lexus’s estimates for Lexus oil change cost, and we also break it down into labor and parts costs. Additionally, the article includes related information about the type and amount of oil needed for your Lexus. 

Why is oil important for your Lexus?


Your Lexus engine needs oil for the following reasons:

  • Your Lexus engine must perform within a specific range of temperatures, and if the temperature exceeds this range, your engine can get completely damaged. While most of the engine’s overheating issues come from the spark plug and gasoline explosions, your engine generates heat due to friction between moving components. Thanks to the engine oil for lubricating these components and reducing generated heat.
  • Adding oil to your engine’s moving part helps the engine move these parts, thus improving overall fuel efficiency.
  • When you add oil to your Lexus engine, you provide the required additives to prevent corrosion by reducing oxidation. 
  • Over time of use, your engine picks a lot of debris and contamination. When adding oil to your engine, the oil helps collect all these contaminations and expands your engine's lifetime. 
  • Finally, your engine’s oil eliminates the engine’s knocking by preventing your engine’s components from touching the pistons.

As you noticed, without the sufficient amount and quality of engine oil, you scarify the engine. 

Unfortunately, the engine oil doesn’t last forever, and it has its lifespan. Once this lifespan is done, you must change your Lexus engine’s oil. Luckily, your Lexus would tell you when it is the time to change its oil before it even passes.

A check oil light will illuminate when your oil is about to pass its lifetime. Therefore, when you see this check light illuminating, you must take immediate action and change this oil. The question always remains: how much does the Lexus oil change cost?

How much does a Lexus oil change cost?

According to Kelly Blue Book, the Lexus oil change cost ranges from $95 to $144 for labor and parts.

If you have the required mechanical skills to change your own Lexus oil, you can reduce the overall Lexus oil change cost to $38 to $57. Keep in mind that if this is your first time changing your Lexus oil, you need to consider the amount of time needed to learn how to do things and prepare the required tools.

Furthermore, experts always mention that any DIY doesn’t work for the first time; thus, there is a high potential for mistakes while changing your Lexus oil.

How to save money on Lexus oil change cost?


Since the oil change is one of the most common frequent repairs you need to perform, it is important to look for ideas and tips on saving on your Lexus oil change price. 

One of the biggest things that people might not be aware of is getting their first Lexus synthetic oil change at 10,000 miles for free as part of their warranty.

Yes, as part of the complimentary maintenance for the first service interval (six months or 5,000 miles) and the second interval (twelve months or 10,000 miles)

Which motor oil should I use for my Lexus?


There are three types of motor oil in the market to choose from, including:


  • A conventional oil



This oil is the cheapest and widely used oil for smaller engines in smaller vehicles. While conventional oil might be the best choice for price, it requires frequent change around once every 3,000 miles. 


  • A semi-synthetic oil



Semi-synthetic oil is somewhere between conventional and synthetic oil. It provides relatively good lubrication for a longer time than the conventional oil but not as synthetic oil.

The semi-synthetic oil is usually recommended for heavier motors or vehicles with longer driving sessions. This oil's cost is a little higher than the conventional oil but also lower than the synthetic oil.


  • A synthetic oil



Think about the synthetic oil as the top of the list in terms of efficiency but at the bottom of the list in price, which is not surprising.

Using synthetic oil, you might not need an oil change for up to 15,000 miles.

Synthetic oil is usually more expensive than both the conventional and the semi-synthetic oil because it provides much more benefits to your engine when lowering the temperature and increasing durability.

As you might notice, there are various options for you to select from in terms of the best engine oil option for your Lexus. 

Automotive experts usually suggest not selecting the synthetic oil unless your vehicle’s owner’s manual said so. If you don’t have a copy of the manual, you can always download a soft copy from the web or request a hard copy from your local repair shop.

That been said, this doesn’t mean that you cant go ahead and use synthetic oil to reduce the frequency of oil change to almost once or twice a year, depending on your driving sessions. 

How often should I perform a Lexus oil change?


According to Lexus experts, you need to change your Lexus engine’s oil once every 3,000 to 5,000 miles if you are using conventional oil. 

The best place to get more accurate information for your specific Lexus model and year is your Lexus’s owner’s manual. 

That been said, sometimes, you might need to change your Lexus oil more often depending on the driving style and driving environment. You can always keep an eye on the changing light warning light on your Lexus’s dashboard to prevent getting involved in situations of engine issues due to bad engine oil.

How much oil should I add to my Lexus?


The required amount of Lexus engine oil differs by your vehicle’s model and year and the type of oil and engine size. 

For instance, you will need a lot more and better performance oil for a vehicle with a V-8 engine compared to a small four-passenger vehicle, which usually takes a conventional oil.

Regarding the amount of oil, usually smaller engines require less oil as compared to larger engines. For instance, a four-cylinder engine might need about five quarts of oil compared to a six-cylinder vehicle, which usually needs about six quarts of oil. 

What is involved in the Lexus oil change?


Whether it’s you or a professional mechanic who performed the oil change, any oil change should include the followings:

  • Drain the old oil into an oil container and dispose of it in the right location.
  • Replacing the oil filter and the O-ring 
  • Refilling the oil container with the required amount of oil 
  • Allowing the engine to run for a couple of seconds to ensure filling the oil filter with oil
  • Inspecting for any oil leaks from the oil filter cap, the oil cap, or the oil drain plug
  • Reset the vehicle’s change oil light. Unfortunately, many people think that the change oil light would go away right after your change your Lexus’ oil; however, this is not the case. You need to manually find the reset button and follow the instructions on your vehicle’s dashboard. Ignoring the resetting step can be critical as your vehicle’s computer will not know when to remind you of your next oil change. 



An oil change is one of the most common repairs you must perform to your vehicle despite its model, make, and year.

Your Lexus engine oil provides the required lubrication to prevent engine overheating due to friction as internal components move. Furthermore, the oil improves your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by allowing the internal parts to move smoothly.

When it comes to Lexus oil change cost, expect to pay between $95 to $144 for both parts and labor; however, if you decided to change your own Lexus oil, the price drops to $38 to $57.

Despite the price of Lexus oil change, you must not ignore or delay changing the oil; otherwise, you scarify the engine. Thus, if you think it will take you a lot of time, money, and effort to change your engine’s oil, think about how much time and money you need to spend to replace the engine. 

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