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How Much Is Your Car Worth in Los Angeles? A Breakdown of Junk Car Prices

junk car prices

Most cars have a life expectancy of around eight years. This means that at some point in your life, you will have to scrap an old car.

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But getting around LA without a car is difficult, and replacing your old car is an expensive business. People in the US spend an average of $34,000 on a new vehicle, so you need to save every penny you can when you scrap a car!

Junk car prices vary depending on lots of things. To get the most for your car, you need to know where to look for prices and exactly what you can capitalize on.

Well, you're in the right place! Read on find out how much your car could be worth in LA.

How Can You Find Out Your Car's Worth? 

There are a couple of places that you can go to find out how much you can get for your junk car.

If it's still running, or partially running, you can use online tools, such as NADA or KBB, to check the going rate for your car. They will ask you for the make, model and year of your car to determine its value. They may also ask you about the car's mileage and about any faults.

In order to get the best rate for your car from these sites, it will need a clean title. A salvage title will decrease the value of your car by up to 75%!

But if your car isn't road-worthy anymore, then not to worry. The scrapyards around the US make the most of the 15 million cars that finish their road-worthy lives every year. This is why the country is at the top of the global auto-recycling market.

This means that even when it doesn't work anymore, your car still has a certain amount of value. If you take it to a scrapyard, then they will pay you depending on the weight of your car. The heavier the vehicle, the better the price.

Or you can go online to get an instant quote for your vehicle today!

Who Can You Sell to? 

There are a couple of different places to sell your junk car. Certain ones may suit you better depending on the make of your car and the condition that it's in.

If you have a collectible car make, then it might be worth getting in touch with a dealer or private buyer, even if the car no longer runs. They may offer you a high price for certain car parts that they could fix up and sell.

Some dealers also buy generic car parts, such as bumpers, tires, and bonnets, to sell. If your car is in good condition, then selling these pieces individually might get you more money. Or you can cut out the dealer and advertise to private buyers directly in online forums.

But if your car is only fit for the scrapyard, then this is where you can take it. They will take it to off your hands, rip it apart and sell the recyclable parts for a profit.

Or to get rid of your car quickly and at a great price, get in touch with a cash-for-cars company. Rather than wasting time Googling ‘scrap car prices near me' these companies take cars from all over the country. And they're happy to take a car whatever condition it's in.

Are Some Cars Worth More than Others?

The short answer is yes, they definitely are.

Vintage cars or rare models will always sell for more than regular passenger vehicles. This is because they are unique commodities. So people will pay more to get their hands on them.

But not all buyers will value the same aspects of a car. Let's say a private buyer needs to replace their bumper. They will probably value a bumper that matches theirs exactly more than a scrap merchant would. 

At a scrapyard, the heavier your car is the more they will pay you for it. This is because heavier cars contain more iron or steel. And this is something they can sell.

If your car contains certain precious metals, then you might also get a better price for it. A car that has a catalytic converter containing platinum, for example, will fetch more than a car that doesn't have one. Once again, this is because a merchant can sell the platinum from your catalytic converter for recycling.

But whatever size, make or model your car is, here are some useful tips to follow in order to get the best deal.

Make Sure You Compare Junk Car Prices

Whoever you choose to sell your car to, the only real way to answer the question “how much can I get to junk my car?” is by comparing a few quotes.

Get in touch with different merchants to get a couple of quotes. This will give you a feel for each company, and it will give you an idea of your car's market value.

From these quotes, you'll be able to decide who is offering you a good deal and who is trying to fleece you.

But be wary of an offer that sounds too good to be true. If someone offers you way more than other scrapyards, then they might be trying to real you into a scam. 

You need to think about how much it costs to junk a car as well as how much you can get. When comparing different deals, you should check for any hidden costs that will affect your car's final price. Some companies, for example, will sting you with admin fees or tow charges, so avoid these to make the most off your vehicle.

Clean Your Car Up Before Selling It

This might seems like a pointless job, but the better condition your car is in, the more you will get for it.

Scrap merchants won't bother to do up a car to sell the parts. But if a car's in a good condition then they might be able to shift the odd bumper for extra profit. In this case, they'll probably give you a better price for the car.

And obviously, if you're selling to a private buyer then your car should be in good condition. Private buyers will expect to see photos of your car and will probably come to inspect it in person as well. If your car isn't up to scratch, then you might lose a sale.

Maximize Your Profit by Selling Individual Parts

If you're serious about getting the most money out of your old car, then you might want to consider selling it in parts. This is a lot more effort but will bring in more money. So what should you sell individually? 

Most metalwork in your car can be recycled meaning it holds a certain amount of value.

The most valuable metal in your car is in its catalytic converter. These usually contain platinum, which has a market value of $28,160 per kilogram! Some converters contain rhodium or palladium, which are also precious metals and will still fetch a decent price.

Other metals you'll find in your car include iron or steel, copper and aluminum. Selling them separately might fetch you a better price than handing them all over to a scrap yard.

But these aren't the only things of worth in your car. You can also boost your profits by removing any electrical items and selling them separately. These include: 

  • Stereos or radios
  • GPS navigation systems
  • Smart technology
  • Bluetooth speakers

Take these to any secondhand store in LA, and they'll take them off your hands for you. This is a great idea if you're taking your car to a scrapyard as most merchants will simply toss these in with the non-recyclables for shredding.

Make Sure Your Paperwork is in Order

Having your paperwork in order will speed up the sales process, and it will definitely get you a better price. In fact, most private dealers won't buy a car unless it has a standard title. 

So what do you do if you don't have the title on a car? Check out this article to find out more!

Let Your Junk Car Bring in the Cash!

There's no simple answer to the question “how much do you get for junking a car in LA?” But there are certain things you can do to get the best junk car prices around. Keep these tips in mind and you can't go wrong!

And for more advice to get the most for your old car, check out our tips on negotiating a great deal!

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