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How Much Is A Rebuilt Transmission At AAMCO

How Much Is A Rebuilt Transmission At AAMCO

AAMCO (Anthony A. Martino Company) being a top rated automotive repair company, is a go to for transmission rebuild. Naturally, you might ask how much is a rebuilt transmission at AAMCO? Because each AAMCO location is individually owned, the cost of an AAMCO transmission rebuild varies depending on the area and whether the transmission is automated or manual. But on the average, it could cost $2,800 and $3,800.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

The Pricer.Org gathered data from all over the country to see how much is a rebuilt transmission at AAMCO in some areas. They are as follows:




Atlanta, GA $2,800 for a complete rebuild Newark, NJ $3,200 for Expedition
Atlanta, GA $3,100 for GMC Acadia Orlando, FL $3,000 for Windstar
Chicago, IL $3,500 for unknown car make Orlando, FL $2,500 for an unknown car
Costa Mesa, CA $3,400 for unknown car make Salt Lake City, UT $2,800 for Expedition
Danbury, CT $3,000 for an unknown car make Seattle, WA $3,000 for Acura
Denver, CO $2,800 for unknown company truck make Stockbridge, GA $2,100 for unknown car make
Golden, C $2,400 for unknown Jeep brand Wilmington, NC $3,600 for unknown Toyota
Minneapolis, MN





$4,000 for the build plus miscellaneous repairs


Before having your transmission rebuilt, AAMCO will also need to carry out a thorough diagnosis to pinpoint what really is causing your transmission issue. And if you are lucky, at this initial diagnosis they may find out that your transmission only needs a simple fix after all and not a rebuild. At this stage you might already pay $500 to $850 just for the initial evaluation. The expense for towing the car is another additional cost you will have to take into account.

According to AAMCO if a service professional determines that your transmission needs to be rebuilt, the transmission will be restored using the original unit and rebuilt with high-quality parts. During the procedure, the entire transmission will be dismantled and rebuilt with high-quality parts. The transmission will be thoroughly cleaned, and all internal and external components will be thoroughly checked. Any necessary external adjustments will be done, and all fluids will be replenished.

You may need to pay for additional parts such as a brand-new torque converter, reverse drum, band, shift kit, valve body, TC switch, and/or governor in some cases. You will be charged $45 per day for automobile storage if the car is left in the service center for more than one day after the repair is completed.

To further reassure their clients, AAMCO offers a warranty for their transmission rebuild. All automatic remanufactured or custom-made rebuilt transmissions come with an 18-month, 18,000-mile service warranty, a 36-month, 50,000-mile guarantee for automated remanufactured or customized rebuilt transmissions, or a 36-month, 100,000-mile service warranty for automated remanufactured transmissions.


Regardless of whether you drive a vehicle, a truck, or an SUV you can go to AAMCO. Transmission options include manual and automatic. It doesn't matter if it's foreign or domestic. They also cater luxury down to economy vehicles.


They also provide a “Transmission Vehicle Courtesy Check” if you drive a manual transmission to see if you have a clutch problem that can't be remedied with external adjustments, repair, or even replacement of a clutch-related component.


The AAMCO professional service technician will proceed by removing the vehicle's transmission, inspecting the clutch disc, the pressure plate and also the flywheel and other related components. The technician will also replace all components that need replacing to be able to meet AAMCO's high standards before reinstalling the transmission. To finish things up they will refill your transmission with fresh and clean fluid and do a lift check to make sure the installation of the clutch is done well. The technician will then do a test drive to make sure your vehicle is back at its best driving condition.


Is it worth to rebuild a transmission?


When you ask how much is a rebuilt transmission at AAMCO and get overwhelmed by it, the next thing you might ask is, is it worth rebuilding a transmission or is it better to just buy a new car. It's critical to fully comprehend the exact costs of purchasing a new vehicle (even a used vehicle) before deciding. You'll see that with your present car, a guaranteed rebuilt transmission makes a lot more sense (and saves a lot more dollars).


According to Kelley Blue Book the average price for a new car in 2021 is closer to $40,000 which is unbelievably high. If you also have to take into account one of the biggest factors to consider, which is depreciation, then it’s really worth rebuilding a transmission instead.


The majority of a vehicle's worth is lost within the first five years of ownership, and this depreciation is the most expensive part of buying a new one. If you buy a new car, you may expect to lose thousands of dollars as soon as you drive it off the lot. So how much is a rebuilt transmission at AAMCO? It’s probably worth every penny compared to buying a new car.


While a used vehicle may require greater maintenance, a new car will still necessitate many of the same services over the period of five years like needing new tires, brakes, oil changes, etc. You will have to do all those maintenance stuff new or used.


Also remember that a rebuilt transmission with AAMCO includes basic 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty. Maintenance and repairs are predicted to cost $600 a year on average in the United States, with two major $1000 fixes added to older vehicles. Taxes are based on a 6% rate. Don't forget about the taxes you will have to pay on your new car, and bear in mind that, depending on your state, your old car's annual registration and license payments may be lower.


But wait, you'll surely want to trade in that old vehicle with the broken transmission for that new car, right? The difference in trade-in values between a used vehicle listed in “Good” condition and one listed in “Poor” condition is impossible to calculate because no online or published resource will provide an estimate on the value of a vehicle in “Poor” condition, such as one that requires a new transmission.


On appraisal, the dealer's service manager will simply estimate the cost of repairing the transmission for that car in order to shift it into the “Good” category, which can include both parts and labor hours, and deduct the cost of that repair from the trade-in value. In other words, you'll have to pay for the transmission repair on trade anyway.


Of course, you have the option of purchasing a secondhand car. While depreciation reduces the cost of ownership, there is still a significant cost difference between buying a used vehicle and fixing your current vehicle. The more recent a vehicle is, the more expensive it is, and the more likely you will need to finance it and pay interest. Is it a vintage vehicle? You can also be purchasing someone else's headaches. By keeping your car and adding an AAMCO lifetime guaranteed rebuilt transmission, you'll have access to the vehicle's service history as well as the assurance that any future transmission problems will be covered for as long as you own it. The savings from retaining your present car with an AAMCO guaranteed gearbox will far outweigh the costs of buying a new one when added together.


Does AAMCO replace transmissions?


AAMCO Centers have been one of the most trusted experts in transmission diagnostic, service, and maintenance for more than 50 years. If your transmission needs to be repaired, AAMCO will rebuild it properly rather than installing or replacing it with a cheap junkyard replacement. Also as mentioned they will back it up with the best countrywide guarantee in the industry, ranging from their standard no-questions-asked nationwide warranty to their optional iron-clad lifetime warranty. This makes how much is a rebuilt transmission at AAMCO worth every penny.


What are the signs your transmission is going out?


Before you find yourself in a situation where you have to ask yourself how much is a rebuilt transmission at AAMCO, watch out for your vehicle if it exhibits any of the symptoms listed below, since you may be dealing with a transmission problem:


For Manual Transmission Only:


Many drivers still choose to drive manual transmission automobiles, despite the fact that they are less frequent (also known as manual shift, stick shift cars)


Gears are grinding when shifting


When your manual transmission grinds while shifting gears, it's usually due to the clutch not releasing, worn or damaged shift synchronizer rings inside the transmission, or shifter wear or adjustment issues. This problem with manual transmissions can also be caused by low, filthy, or incorrect transmission oil/fluid.


The clutch pedal either grabs very high or very low


An issue with the clutch's linkage or hydraulic system is usually the cause of a low-engagement clutch pedal. If there are no hydraulic leaks, a simple adjustment or bleeding may be enough to fix the problem.


Transmissions in general:

1. Transmission fluid leak

A red fluid leak from one of the cooler lines, a gasket, or a seal under the car indicates a transmission fluid leak. Not only is this terrible for the transmission, but it can also be deadly if the fluid drips into a hot pipe or other surface. Inspect the level of the transmission fluid using a dipstick. But you will at times need specialized equipment for not all fluids are red.


2. Burning Smell

A burning clutch scent is usually produced by a fluid leak, although it can also be caused by low fluid. You might be able to rescue the transmission from damage if you discover the fluid leak immediately. Check the level and condition of your gearbox dipstick according to the manufacturer's instructions.


3. Strange noises

A clicking, buzzing, humming, or roaring noise coming from inside the gearbox is frequently a sign of a faulty bearing, damaged planetary gears, or some internal issue. A buzzing sound could also be caused by a faulty internal sealing surface, a leak, or a lack of transmission fluid.

4. The transmission will not engage or hold a gear.


It could be an issue with low transmission fluid owing to a leak, the shifter, shifter cable, or even a problem in the valve body of your automatic gearbox if your vehicle won't move when you put it in gear. You may need to have the computer system check for fault codes in newer vehicles because the computer tells the transmission when to shift into gear based on your choices.

5. Shifts are sluggish or there are missing gears.


If your transmission takes a long time to shift into gear, it could be due to a low transmission fluid level caused by a leak, contamination caused by poor maintenance, or even water incursion during off-road or flooding situations. While this may not appear to be a major problem, it can cause an overheating condition, which can damage internal transmission components. Another possibility is that the computer will refuse to enable the transmission to shift into higher ratios due to an engine problem.

6. Transmission slippage or high engine revs


Low transmission fluid, contamination due to lack of maintenance or water penetration, or internal wear and tear on the transmission parts can all contribute to this issue. A high-revving engine is a symptom that your clutches are worn out or that other parts inside the transmission are failing.


7. Vehicle has little to no power


If the car has no or limited power while the engine is operating normally, it could be due to internal transmission difficulties, dragging brakes caused by a malfunctioning caliper or brake hose, or your vehicle's computer reducing power to protect the engine due to a problem it has detected. To isolate the problem, have the vehicle's trouble codes verified.


8. OverDrive Light or Check Engine Light is on


The check engine light isn't just for the engine. A check engine light can also indicate transmission issues such as overheating, solenoid issues, speed sensors, slipping transmission, and a variety of other issues. Have the trouble codes collected to determine which systems and circuits are malfunctioning. While not all sensor-related codes indicate that the sensor is defective or that the problem will be resolved, they will provide you with a starting point for your investigation.

The price of transmission rebuild at AAMCO (Anthony A. Martino Company) may not be the cheapest but their difference from all other auto repair services is that they offer the best countrywide warranty in the industry. But whatever the case, it is always best to watch out for symptoms of a failing transmission, and prevent an issue that will require transmission rebuild.