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How Much Does It Cost To Fix Brake Grinding? Between $200 And $300

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Brake Grinding? Between $200 And $300

If you're looking for “how much does it cost to fix brake grinding?” Expect to pay somewhere between $200 and $300. Remember that repair costs differ significantly depending on your vehicle type and the location where you get the job done.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

As you might already know, your braking system is one of the most crucial components in the vehicle that must do directly with your safety. Without a perfectly working braking system, you won't be able to stop the car we need, which is considered as a hazardous situation.

When your braking system is about to fail, it will show some common symptoms to bring your attention to take immediate action. Grinding brakes is a very common scenario where an internal issue in your braking system needs to be fixed.

Understanding “how much does it cost to fix brake grinding?” is a very important piece of information to give you an idea about how much money you'll have to expect to fix the grinding noises.

This article provides all you need to know about grinding brake repair costs and some other recommendations to keep in mind and understand the whole idea of brake grinding.

What causes brake grinding?

Before we discuss the details about “how much does it cost to fix brake grinding?” It is essential to understand in the first place what causes brake grinding to get a better idea about the potential culprits and their expected repair costs.

Grinding noises happen due to a variety of reasons across your braking system. The main culprit varies significantly depending on when you hear the grinding noise and after what action:

1-    Brake grinding whenever you stop

If you realize that your braking system is grinding every time you try to slow down or stop, your problem is most likely related to a worn-out brake pedal. Every brake pedal must have a specific thickness to ensure the best efficiency and stop your vehicle properly.

When the brake pedal doesn't have the right thickness, it will start making some squealing noises as early symptoms indicate about brake pads. However, if you ignore this symptom and get to a point where you start hearing grinding noises, the problem is very severe, and it indicates that the pads are completely worn out and are now impacting the rotor or the disk.

The best fix to this issue is to replace the brake pads, but if you're not lucky enough, the problem might require installing a new disc or rotor because you ignored the early signs of bad brake pads.

2-    Bread grinding whenever you drive

On the other hand, if you realize that your braking system is making some grinding noises as you're driving at constant speeds, the problem might be linked to and internal debris or rock that got stuck between the caliper and the rotor.

If that's the case, you'll have to get the issue out to resolve the problem. Keep in mind that if you don't have the right level of mechanical skill sets, it is recommended that you consult your mechanic and have a professional service done to remove the rock or the debris safely without impacting the surrounding components.

If you did not take immediate action and remove the rock or the debris, don't be surprised to deal with measure braking system troubles that could cost you thousands of dollars on repair if not impacting your safety.

3-    Brake grinding whenever you stop suddenly

Finally, if you hear the grinding noises every time you slam the brakes suddenly due to any reason, you shouldn't be concerned because there is no problem here typically, your brake pads should be in good condition, but all that happens is what's known as the panic stop situation where your vehicles ABF system activates suddenly to prevent your car from skidding.

Thus, no concern about hearing grinding noises at sudden stops.

How much does it cost to fix brake grinding?

According to automotive experts, fixing grinding brakes should cost you somewhere between $200 and $300. However, it's important to note that most of the repair costs for taking care of brake grinding go to labor costs because it is a labor-intensive job, and if you can do it yourself, you can save a ton.

It is important to note that repair costs can be a little different here depending on the brake pad quality. For instance, if you decide to go with high-quality brake pads, including a six-month warranty, expect to pay about $150 per axle. However, if you would like a longer warranty option, expect it to be about $230 per axle.

Keep in mind that working with the braking system is critical because it impacts overall safety. Therefore, it is never recommended to attempt to replace the brake pads or fix any grinding noises yourself unless you have the right level of mechanical skill set. It won't be worth it to save money on labor costs by posing new problems that could impact their safety and the safety of other people driving around them.

Is it OK to drive with grinding brakes?

It is never a good idea because it impacts her safety. Experts indicated that hearing any weird noises, whether grinding or squealing, coming from the braking system should be an alarming sign for you to take immediate action to maintain your safety.

Grinding noises can lead to catastrophic situations where you can't control the car or stop it when needed. Thus, to maintain your safety and prevent dealing with major consequences, it is better to postpone it and take care of the vehicle immediately, whatever is preventing you from fixing the braking system.

How long can I drive with brakes grinding?

There's no specific timing threshold where you can safely drive your car with a grinding brake. As a result, it can be a while before you start noticing major breakdowns but also it might be a significant issue immediately.

This all depends on your vehicle's own circumstances and how soon you realize the grinding noise. For instance, if you didn't pay attention to the grinding noise earlier and pay attention to it when it got very loud and clear, it doesn't indicate that you have enough time until the braking system feels complete.

How do you fix grinding brakes?

To fix grinding brakes, you must go back to the basics and determine the real culprit. For instance, if your mechanic determines that the brake pads are worn out and require replacement, all you must do is to replace these brake pads.

On the other hand, if the brake pads were worn out for a long time, the problem might be got to the rotor or the disk, which means that you have to replace those as well. Similarly, if the braking grinding noise happens when you continuously drive the car, and it's due to an issue with a stock rock or debris inside the braking system, you must get it out either yourself or by consulting a mechanic.

Finally, if all your binding problem happened whenever you slam the braking system, as we indicated earlier, your problem might not require any fixing and all with it suggest is that you be gentler on using the braking system to avoid hearing these noises hear it

Will brake fluids help to grind?

Unfortunately, topping off your brake fluid won't help resolve the grinding noise. This is because the brake fluid has to do with the hydraulic system and doesn't have to do anything with all grinding noise coming from the metal components in your braking system.


Therefore, attempting to top off the brake fluid is a great idea to prevent other problems, but it's not a solution for getting rid of brake grinding noises.

It is important to note that even if the brake fluid is in terrible condition and has a lot of debris or contaminants, it won't generate grinding noise. Thus, brake fluid is a separate topic from what's related to the grinding noise.

Should you replace all four brake pads at once?

Not necessarily. Automotive experts, however, recommend that you replace at least two of the brake pads on the same axle at once because they are expected to wear out simultaneously. However, if your mechanic performed a detailed inspection and confirmed that all your pads are not in condition, you'll have to replace all four at once.

Thus, determining whether you must replace the four brake pads at once or not differs on a case-by-case basis.

How much is brake change at Walmart?

Since Walmart is one of the most reputable large retailers that provide many maintenance services at lower prices, one might wonder how much it will cost to fix the brakes at Walmart.

You cannot necessarily go to Walmart and get your brakes service, but Walmart has a cooperation work with ranch mobile mechanic service where they can come to your house and get your vehicle's brakes replaced starting at 160 dollars.

Keep in mind that Walmart has a lot of kids that you might want to consider for replacing the brake pads in a variety of 4X4 models.

Is it easy to replace brake pads?

Surprisingly, placing the brake pads is not a complicated job if you have the right mechanical skillsets and toolsets. We've discussed before a step-by-step procedure on how to replace the brake pads. Still, it makes more sense for you to review some of the available online YouTube videos that might have tutorials on how to replace them passed on the model of your vehicle and here.

Keep in mind that no matter how easy the process is, you should not do so if you are not comfortable performing the repair. Many drivers prefer to have their vehicle's brake pads service at independent shops or by professionals to prevent any mistakes that could cost unnecessary consequences.


Maintaining a perfectly running braking system is extremely crucial to keep your safety and the safety of other people driving around you. The braking system can deal with a variety of problems, and these problems will show up to you in the form of different weird noises and other symptoms.

Whenever you hear grinding noise coming from the braking system, it is important to ask yourself a couple of questions: why is my braking system making grinding noises? How much does it cost to fix brake grinding? How long can I drive with a grinding brake?

Answering these questions helps you maintain your safety and prevent major breakdowns that could cause you thousands of dollars on repairs if not your wife.

It is critical to note that before you attempt to fix the grinding noises, you evaluate the overall repair costs required to fix your vehicle. For instance, if you're dealing with other major breakdowns affecting the engine or the transmission, you must sum those up and calculate the total repair costs and then compare them to your vehicle's value. If you realize that repair costs are close enough to 75% or more from your car's value, this suggests that you must sell this vehicle and use its money to purchase a better car that doesn't have all these headaches.

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