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How Much Can I Get for A Wrecked Car? Here’s How the Calculation Is Done! 

How Much Can I Get for A Wrecked Car

So, you got a wrecked car? Have you tried repairing it and found that it's sitting in the repair shop more than in your garage? Did you realize that repair costs are getting extremely high? Well, it makes sense to search for “how much can I get for a wrecked car?

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With the many available online marketing tools, selling a used car is no longer a challenge, and finding the right buyer can be as easy as a piece of cake. However, when dealing with wrecked cars, things require more attention and a specific approach to get the most cash out of this car and get rid of it as soon as possible.

The first step in successful car selling is to evaluate this car. We've been reached out multiple times from people searching for how much I can get for a wrecked car.

Thus, we decided to put together an approach that you can follow to evaluate your wrecked car and some suggestions about the best way to sell your wrecked car. 

How much can I get for a wrecked car: tools to help you estimate 


The Internet is filled with many tools to evaluate used vehicles. You can enter information about your car's type and condition to get a rough estimate about the minimum and maximum values we can ask for when selling your used vehicle.

However, if you are trying to sell a wrecked car, these online tools might not provide you with exact or the most accurate information. Thus, what are the best tools to help you answer how much I can get for a wrecked car? 

  • Trying online tools 


While we mentioned that online tools might not provide accurate estimates, it is still better than nothing assuming that you have no other option to evaluate your car.

For example, you can refer to Kelley Blue Book, which has its database that helps you evaluate your car by comparing it to similar vehicles in your area with a similar condition.

There are other tools also to help evaluate the price of wrecked cars. Some of them are legitimate, while others might not be based on correct information.

If you decided to go this route, we recommend that you spend time investigating each tool and understanding what's behind the information they're using when estimating your vehicle's value. 

  • Visit a professional mechanic 


If you wanted to get a more accurate price and thought that online tools did not provide you with what you're looking for, you might need to take it to a second step and visit a professional mechanic.

If you have a good mechanic who knows what he's doing, he might be able to provide you with a rough estimate about what to expect when selling your car. Professional mechanics have a good understanding of the current automobile prices and whether your car is needed and there is a high demand for this car in your area or not. 

  • Check with dealerships 


Yes, your car is wrecked. This, however, doesn't mean that dealerships might not be interested in purchasing it. Even if they don't buy it, dealerships have certain services that allow them to evaluate vehicles and provide a rough estimate about how much they're willing to pay for you.

Keep in mind that dealerships never suggest high offers. In other words, dealerships usually underestimate your vehicle. If you're lucky enough and found a private buyer or someone else other than dealerships, you might expect to receive a higher offer. 

Thus, think about the dealerships offer as the minimum you could expect for your wrecked car. 

  • Let Cash Cars Buyer help you 

Another great option for you when it comes to answering how much can I get for a wrecked car is to Get in touch with Cash Cars Buyer.

As one of the top-rated car removal companies in the nation, Cash Cars Buyer has a massive database of information related to similar vehicles that were sold or bought around your area.

Cash Cars Buyer has more than decades of experience in selling and purchasing vehicles around the United States. Plus, by just knowing the vehicle's type and condition, you can expect how much you can make for this car.

The great thing about cash cars buyer is that their system is very fast and doesn't take more than a couple of minutes from your time. 

Unlike dealership estimates, which can be sometimes paid, Cash Cars Buyer provides you with a free offer for your car. These offers are usually representing the maximum cash you could make for your car around your area. 

How much can I get for a wrecked car? Can I sell a wrecked car, and how can I get the most money for my wrecked car? 


Those are all great questions and, to some extent, are related. Selling a wrecked car is not like selling a regular used car because it's very hard to find a private buyer interested in purchasing a wrecked vehicle.

With that in mind, your options of getting the most money for your Rick card can be a little limited. Luckily, you are at the right location!

Cash cars buyer is willing to purchase your wrecked car despite its type or condition and provide you with free towing service.

We will come to your house or office and remove your vehicle within one to three days. Our process is very straightforward and will not take more than a couple of minutes from your time. 

Our company never changes the offers at the pickup time because we have the top reputations among all competitors around the United States. Whatever we promised you at the beginning of our process represents the exact amount of cash you will receive once we meet with you.

We value every vehicle. We take advantage of every component in your car even if it has significant body damages or major faults in one of its big components like the engine or transmission. 

To get more details about our process and check how much money you'll get for your wrecked car, you can always Give us a call at 8669244608 or visit our website and click on the free instant online offer. The offers are quick and free of charge!

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