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How Long is a Reasonable Car Repair? Check Out Signs That Your Mechanic May Be Scamming You! 

How Long is a Reasonable Car Repair? Check Out Signs That Your Mechanic May Be Scamming You! 

You’ve been wondering about the length of a car repair as well as other items related to your car. Welcome to the most informative “Q & A” ever! Check out our enlightening questions and answers, providing you the information you need to move forward with your vehicle! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Question: How Long is Reasonable For a Car Repair? 

Answer: Generally, the average car repair lasts for at least 12 days. Of course, this the time your car is in the repair shop, depending on the kind of repair that you are getting. You want to ask your body shop tech or owner for a more specific amount of time that your car should be fixed. You also want to ask for an estimate of repairs. It’s important to get things in writing when dealing with car repairs and the length of time your car will be in an auto body shop. 

Question: Am I Able To Sue My Mechanic For Taking Too Long To Fix My Car?

Answer: You could. If you did, you would have to take the tech and the body shop to small claims court. In small claims court you cannot sue for more than $6,500 in most jurisdictions. So, you want to check in your state and find out what the threshold is. If you have to sue for more than $6,500 or the threshold in your state, you will have to go to a circuit court to sue your body shop or mechanic. Court proceedings can take a considerable amount of time. Sometimes, a strongly-worded letter from an attorney may be just enough to get your car fixed with a bit more “pep” from your mechanic or auto body shop. Most lawyers will charge $100 or $200 to write a letter on your behalf. 


Question: What Can I Do If Mechanic Takes Too Long?

Answer: You want to approach the situation with a clean and clear head. You certainly don’t want to get into a shouting match or trade jabs with your mechanic. Just ask why is the repair taking so long. Perhaps your mechanic is waiting for a specific part. Maybe the mechanic had to take off a few days to tend to a personal matter. Find out what the hold up is and if there is any way you can help. Secondly, be sure that you have a backup when it comes to transportation. Whether you are borrowing a family member’s car or using a ride-sharing company, have a backup plan to get around town. Next, ask your mechanic or auto body tech for a timeframe or date of completion in writing. Have him or her write down when he or she thinks that the car will be fixed. Sometimes when we ask for things in writing, we find that things happen in our favor far more often and faster. 


Question: What is a Mechanic’s Lien and How Does it Work? 

Answer:   A mechanic’s lien is a document that reserves the rights of the person who filed the lien, to seek for payments that have not been made for a car repair. For example, it costs $1000 for your car to get fixed, but you only have $700. You need $300 and the mechanic will let you know your remaining balance. The shop will not release your car until the remaining $300 is paid. Generally, before any work begins on your car, you will sign documents that you agree to the repairs as well as the amount of the repair. You also sign that you are responsible for the payments on the car. So, you don’t want to be found in breach of contract- meaning you don’t want to be a car owner who cannot pay the bill. If at any time you are not comfortable signing anything, don’t. Ask questions. Get revised estimates and a repair list. Just as you have your protection, your mechanic will have his or hers. You may not be able to get your car back, unless the entire repair amount is paid.  


How Do You Know If Your Mechanic Is Scamming You?

Answer: Are you getting a gut feeling that your mechanic may be scamming you? Read the signs below! 

  1. When your repair turns into several repairs and your repair costs begin to rise. 
  2. You didn’t get an estimate on your repairs. 
  3. Your mechanic has no kind of training whatsoever. 
  4. You as the customer don’t come first. Your phone calls aren’t answered and you are treated with disrespect.
  5. Your mechanic will not own his or her mistakes. 

How Do I Find a Good Mechanic? 

Answer: You want to do your homework. First, ask friends as well as family members where they got their cars fixed. Ask how happy and satisfied they were. Secondly, when you are looking for a good mechanic, you want to read online reviews. Folks these days, will voice their experiences online. For a mechanic who has stellar reviews, you may want to go and pay them a visit. After jotting down a few good mechanics, you may have to physically drive your car to the body shop, and speak with the mechanic. Show him or her your car and get a feel for what the mechanic tells you. Look around the shop. Is the shop clean and organized? What kind of certifications does the mechanic have? Are they an accredited business? Discuss your damaged car and allow the mechanic to see your damaged car. Ask how long will repairs will take and if there are parts that need to be ordered. “Mechanic consultations” are great ways to weed out the professionals from the scam artists and “players”. 


At What Point Is A Car Not Worth Fixing?

Answer: Maybe you don’t even need to take your car to any shop, because the cost of the repairs begins to outweigh the car’s value. For example, if you have repairs that cost $3,500 and your car is only worth $1000, then it may be time to junk that car and sell it for its parts, or a reputable car buying service, that offers fair market value for your car. 


What Can I Do With A Car That Isn't Worth Fixing?

Answer: For a car that’s not worth fixing, you can sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer. We offer fast, friendly, free and efficient car buying services for your damaged car. No need to have it towed to our offices. We bring our damaged, scrap, junk and non running car-buying offices to you! Our services are completely free to you, and you can begin by simply clicking here, to obtain a FREE online offer! For a car that’s not worth fixing, sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! Turn that salvage car into sensational cash, FAST! Begin here NOW