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How Long Is A Car?  What Is The Average Length Of A Car?

How Long Is A Car?  What Is The Average Length Of A Car?

Some facts are so cool to know and some really help shape our lives. “How long is a car?” is a question that many people ask for a variety of reasons- and we have the information you need! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

As you contemplate how long a car is on average, it is important to note that the length of the vehicle is one of the determining factors, before the creation of various amenities. A few of those factors includes parking lots and roads- as most builders evaluate and consider the length of an average vehicle that will use such an entity. Lots of parking lot planners also note the kind of vehicles and their respective and specific sizes before making endorsements and recommendations.


What is the Average Length of a Car? 

Research indicates that the average length is about 15 to 16 feet, or 4.2 to 4.9 meters. The computation of average car length is said to be equal to the length of an Audi A4. While some cars are shorter and some cars are longer, the Audi A4 is considered an average car length.  Now that you now know the average length of a vehicle, it is quite obvious that you have vehicles that are shorter and longer. 

Modern vehicles continue to increase in length, weight and width. In a study by Edmunds.com, compact sedan vehicles were notably longer and wider by two inches. The vehicles were also heavier by over 300 lbs. on average, than their counterparts manufactured in 1997. The same trend was also true for medium and large vehicles. 


Various Car Types and Their Lengths In Meters 

Let’s break down the kind of vehicles that are on the road, and their general lengths, using meters. 

Urban Vehicles  

Urban vehicles are the kind of cars that are driven around the city and various municipalities. Generally, these kinds of cars are between 2.7 meters and four meters. The range of height of urban cars lies between 1.5 and 1.7meters. 


Small Size Vehicles 

Small size vehicles have similar measurements of the Renault Zoe spectrum. Additionally, small size vehicles are a tad longer then urban cars with an average length that falls 3.8 and 4.1meters. Many vehicles in this class do not have any significant differences in height.  Most have sizes that range between 1.5 and 1.8 meters high. The widths of small size vehicles have an average width that is an average of about 1.7 meters. These vehicles are typically more spacious than urban vehicles. 


Compact Vehicles 

Thinking of car that falls into the compact vehicle class? Then, then think of the Citroens and Honda Civics that you see on the roads. Typically, compact vehicles are 4.3 meters long, and stand about 1.5 meters high. They are also about 1.8 meters wide. Seen as a spacious vehicle, compact vehicles are vehicles that are growing in appeal. 


Porche-Type Vehicles 

What kind of vehicles would you place in the “Porche-Type vehicle” category? You could place the Maseratis and the SL Mercedes in this category. These cars have amenities such as state-of-the art safety systems and retractable roofs. These vehicles also offer stellar and sleek inventive body designs- and are very fast! While the interiors of these kind of cars don’t offer much space, the focus of these cars is the outside. The dimensions of a Porche-type of vehicle is about 5.6 meters in length, with a general width of about 2.0 meters. The height of these highly sought-after cars is about 1.4 to 1.5 meters. 


Sports Cars 

Sports vehicles have an average length that falls between four and five meters in height. The conventional sports car also has a width that is about 1.8 meters. Vehicles in this category include the MX-5 Mazda as well as the Mercedes S Class Their moderate bonnet capacity can be about 1.5 or more. Sports vehicles are also machines that have premium-function systems and powerful engine capacities. 


Multi-Purpose Vehicles 

The average multi-purpose vehicle has a dimension of about 4.0 to 5.1 meters in length. The height of these vehicles can be as tall as 1.8 meters. The average width of a multi-purpose vehicle can be as small as 1.7 meters and has much as 1.9 meters. What kinds of vehicles fall into this class? The Toyota Innova Crysta, the Honda Mobilio and the Chevrolet Enjoy. These vehicles can seat five or more with additional space for cargo. 


Small SUV Vehicles

Many people find that a smaller SUV is a convenient choice for vehicle. The Mercedes Benz class GLC and the Jeep Renegade are examples of a small SUV. They typically measure 4.7 meters in length, 1.9 meters in width and about 1.7 meters in height. 


Compact Crossover Vehicles 

Thinking of buying a compact crossover? Then you are in great company. As one of the fastest sector of vehicles, you can think of the Eco sports vehicle from Ford and the Suzuki S class as vehicles that fall into this category. These vehicles make city driving very maneuverable and have a stellar artistic design alongside slightly elevated height. The average length range of these vehicles is about 4.3 meters. Their height falls between 1.5 and 1.7 meters. The standard width of the compact crossover vehicle is about 2.0 meters. 


Large SUV Vehicles 

When you think of a big SUV, you may think of the Lincoln Navigator. Perhaps you need that SUV handling for you and your large family. While these vehicles are obviously large, many are very fuel-efficient too. They have a boot size that is a little more than five meters in length. 


Pickup Truck 

When you think of a pickup truck, you can think of a Ford Ranger falling into this category. Pickup trucks generally have a huge bonnet that’s just shy of 5.0 meters. They also feature improved interior comfort. 

The average pickup truck is about 5.7 meters in length, and about 1.9 meters tall.   


What Is The Longest Sedan Ever Made in America?

We did some digging! With the exclusion of limousines, the longest American-manufactured sedan was the 1973 Imperial LeBaron. How long was it? it measured a whopping 235.3 inches long or that would be an enormous 5,977 mm in length! 

What About The Shortest Vehicle Ever Made? 

The Peel P50- a three-wheeled micro-car was manufactured between 1962 to 1965- by the Peel Engineering Company. Produced on the Isle of Man, the vehicle was listed in the “Guinness World Records”, 2010 edition, as the littlest produced car ever made! The Peel P-50 had no gear for reverse. Additionally, the 1963 model could be bought for about $8,500, USD. 


How Can I Find Out The Size Of My Car Or Other Cars? 

Do have a “burning desire” to know the size of your vehicle or other vehicles? There are a number of ways you can go about getting the information you need! 

VIN Decoder 

The VIN number to your car holds tremendous information. And the VIN Decoder is the easiest and quickest way to get the size of your vehicle on your own. Just locate your VIN and place all 17 characters into a free number decoder online. Then, you will be able to see your accurate car size! Click here for more! 


Visit Or Call Your Dealership 

You can also call your car salesman or your local dealership and find out the length of your vehicle. 


Importance of Car Specs 

So, what are some very important reasons for knowing the length of car?  

Cargo Room 

Many car consumers want to know how much cargo space their potential car has. For example, if you just created a business in which you need to haul supplies, you want to be able to find out how much your vehicle of choice can transport. 


Many drivers are tall drivers and need headroom to sit comfortably in a car. So, folks may want to know a car’s specs to see if the potential vehicle can support their height. 

Turning Circle 

Turning circle is defined as the diameter of the tiniest U-turn that a vehicle can make. So, if you have a vehicle that has a turning circle of about 40 feet, then that means that the vehicle will take a full 40 ft. to make a complete U-turn. Drivers may want to know this, especially if they will be driving in areas where tight driving is part of the norm. 


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