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How Long Does It Take to Repair A Car After an Accident? Learn What Can Delay Repairs! 

How Long Does It Take to Repair A Car After an Accident? Learn What Can Delay Repairs! 

After your accident and healing, your focus is now getting your car repaired and back in your garage. So, how long does it take to repair a car after an accident? Let’s explore this topic as well as provide you with information about what may delay your car getting fixed. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


The Repair Time, Your Insurance Company and Auto Shop 

The amount of time it takes to fix a vehicle after a collision, will depend on several factors- with the biggest being the nature of the damage. You also have to work with your car insurance company, ensuring that they move within a reasonable amount of time. The sooner you report the accident to your car insurance company, the better. You’ll also be at the mercy of the auto shop-whether you choose the shop, or your car insurance company chooses it.  


The Repair Estimates – How Long Does It Take to Repair A Car After an Accident

After you report your accident to your car insurance company, an insurance adjuster should offer you a repair estimate just a few days after you report the accident. You want to keep in mind that the estimate you are receiving from the adjuster is just that: an estimate. The cost to fix your car could be a bit more, or bit less. But the estimate is a great indicator of the cost it will take to fix your car. Along with that estimate, you want to find out how long will the repair take. Are you looking at repairs that will take a few days or a few months? Find out and get a general estimate for completion time. 


Damages and the Estimated Repair Times

After an accident, you want your car fixed and back to you fast. Sometimes, that happens and most of the time it doesn’t. The nature of your damages will depend how long you are going to be without your car. If you’re just dealing with a broken windshield, then you want to be thankful that no one was hurt. Secondly, you can then plan on being without your car for at least two or three days. The same is true for bumper damage or a few dents in your car. If you were lucky/blessed enough to only endure a few dents to your bumper, then, you may be without your car for a few days- a week at the most. But on the other end of that spectrum, if your car has extensive damage, then it may be a few months before you are able to drive that car once again. When a car has extensive damage, it’s difficult to tell how long you will be without it. The mechanic has to inspect the car and provide you with a complete list of what is damaged. 


What Are Some Special Considerations When It Comes to Fixing A Car? 

When it comes to repairing a vehicle after an accident, there are some considerations that you have to think about. Some of them include: 

  1. If the car that was damaged in the accident is a classic car 
  2. Maybe the car was a foreign, sports or an exotic car 
  3. Perhaps your car is a new car, or even a “limited edition” vehicle 

All of these kinds of cars, may take additional time to get fixed, due to their special and intricate parts. Some may have to be ordered, and some may not even exist anymore. There may be a wait in your body shop receiving those hard-to-find parts; so, you want to keep that in mind. 

Other Delays in Getting Your Car Fixed – How Long Does It Take to Repair A Car After an Accident

As accident victims, we forget that the auto body shop techs are humans. This means that they have issues, hiccups and other things happen in life, that may delay the repair of your car. Although irritating and unfortunate, your mechanic may fall ill, go on a vacation, have to work though a family emergency, or handle some other unforeseen circumstance. Sure, it can be angering- because you want your car’s repairs to be top priority. On the other hand- if you find that your mechanic seems to have personal issue after personal issue, then it’s time to find another mechanic. And if the car insurance company has recommended this particular shop with the mechanic that has “ongoing drama”, let your insurance company know that repairs are taking too long. 


Other times, it may not be the mechanic at all- who is “holding up the show”. Oftentimes, the car insurance company will not pay the auto body shop right away. So, then you will have the body shop hold on to the car, till they receive payment. Now, it’s time to send an email or give a call to the insurance company, and find out why the auto body shop was not paid. 


“What Other Factors Delay the Repair of a Car After an Accident? 

Check out some other factors that can delay your car getting fixed fast, after your accident. 

The Extent or Amount of Damage 

How much damage did your car sustain after the accident? If your car has some minor dents, then it will be a shorter time than if your car’s passenger door was mangled, and hanging off of the hinges. If the car that hit you, hit you in the front, curling up your front grille and causing significant damage to your hood, then this will take some time to fix. 

Your Car’s Make and Model 

Another factor to think about when it comes to the timeframe in fixing a car after an accident, is that all famous combination, “make and model of the car”. Yes, this can cause delays. Let’s say that you have a car that has a specific part that has been damaged. There may be a backorder on that part, resulting in you and the body shop having to wait on the part arriving. While lots of common parts will be in stock, but some just may not be available.  And if your luxury vehicle was the one that was damaged in the accident, then count on there being a bit of a wait. Don’t forget that you and the body shop are also at the mercy of the shipping companies too. The part may have been ordered, but there may be a delay in shipping. 


Insurance Claims 

Sometimes, car insurance companies will “drag their feet” when it comes to repairing a car. Stay on them and ensure that the claim is processed. 


When the Repair Time Seems Unreasonable 

Being without your car can be a headache. Maybe your car insurance company has arranged for you to drive a rental. Or maybe your auto body shop offers free car rentals. Regardless, the rental car you’re driving, is just not same as driving your own car. You also want to make sure that your car auto body shop is not “dragging its feet” when it comes to repairing your car. If it is looking quite obvious that the amount of time you have been waiting to get your car fixed is a bit unreasonable, then contact your insurance company and tell them that this is not acceptable.  You may be able to get your car towed to another auto body shop.  Stand up for your rights and voice your concerns.