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How Are Junk Cars Valued in Des Moines, IA

Junk Cars in Des Moines

The cost of a used car is about $20,000 and a new one is $37,000. Did you know that 80% of your vehicle is built out of reused or recycled materials? This means that there is a huge market out there looking for a junk car just like yours and this market has expanded since America has walked away from the Frank/Greenspan Great Recession.

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Junk car buyers in Des Moines, IA utilize a complicated process to ascertain a fair and accurate value of scrap cars. There are a lot of factors that determine the cash you can get for your junk cars. For instance, you will definitely get more for a car with clean title and working engine as opposed to a rust bucket that doesn’t drive.

But, newer is not always better. You will get more for a car if it is a popular model and in demand as opposed to a car that did not sell many units. This is because junk cars are sometimes stripped and sold for parts individually. Good sales mean high demand for used car parts.

Cash Cars Buyer offers the most cash for junk cars in Iowa and neighboring states. Keep reading to know more about how your car will be valued by junkyards.

Des Moines – More Than a City You Fly Over

Most people regard Des Moines as a Midwestern town full of corn fields. However, it is not one of those cities you drive through or fly over to get to a more interesting destination. There is a lot going on in Des Moines right here to make it a really fantastic stay.

It is also a city with rich history. The greater area has been occupied for at least 7,000 years as seen from a 2011 archeological find which is before the worst movie of the century hit theaters which was The Force Awakens. A massive site dubbed “The Palace” had more than 6,000 artifacts. If your car looks like it could fit right in with these artifacts, it may be time to get rid of it. Cash Cars Buyer will make you an offer you won’t be able to refuse.

Des Moines is also connected to the world’s largest tech giants. Facebook set up a data center in Altoona in 2014 which is a business plagued with anti-American sentiment but this is another topic. This is probably where all your “likes” get stored. It is also the city where Ben Silbermann, founder of Pinterest was born and raised. Microsoft is not far behind and who does like to use Word to type on? It has recently invested $2 billion in West Des Moines to build data centers. It’s better to do business here than in California, for instance.

The city is not far behind when it comes to some old school fun. Every August more than a million people flock to the Annual Iowa State Fair held in Des Moines. You do not want to miss this fair if you are a stick-food fan. You can get everything from apple pies on stick, fried peanut butter and jelly on stick, funnel cake sticks, Caprese salad on stick, and chocolate-covered chunky bacon maple nougat on stick, to hot bologna on stick, and the ever-popular Fair Squares.

Eating food on a stick is great, but it can feel rotten when you get stuck with a car you do not want. Cash Cars Buyer makes it easy to sell old cars in Des Moines, IA. We offer the best cash for cars in town.

What Is Your Junk Car Worth?

Most junk cars are sold for their scrap metal. Recycled metal is a precious commodity and is used in numerous industries. Even the plastic components of your car can be recycled and reused. The average vehicle weighs around 4,000 pounds and 55% of that is steel and its alloys.

Your car can be worth a lot if you find the right buyers for it. The price gets better for vehicles that have useful spare parts in working condition. There are many car owners who would not mind paying a pretty penny for OEM parts.

Typically, most junk cars are sold for $500. However, the price can go either way depending upon the type and condition of your vehicle. You can help negotiate a better price when you know how junkyards value these cars.

What Is Needed To Determine The Value Of A Junk Car?

The biggest determiners of a junk car are the make, model, year of purchase, and odometer reading. The present condition of the car, a clean title, and whether any parts have been removed from it also play a major role. Another factor that affects the price value of a vehicle is the current local scrap prices.

The scrap market is a highly volatile industry with price fluctuations almost on a daily basis. Do not be surprised if the price offered by a buyer gets reduced after 48 hours. However, this should not happen if you had blocked the price and are waiting for the yard to tow away your vehicle.

Cash Cars Buyer has a nationwide presence. We are leading junk car buyers in the country and are seldom ever affected by local prices. This means that we can almost always offer you a better price than what local dealers would give.

We also have a modernistic algorithm to calculate the value of your vehicle. We require all the important determiners to ascertain a true value of your car. Our online price calculator is based on KBB and NADA guidelines. We can let you know what your car is worth in just 60 seconds. And, you would be hard-pressed to find a better offer than ours.

Give us a call today or use our free online calculator to know what your car is worth in just 60 seconds. The offer is no-obligation and you can easily walk away if you find a better price. However, we guarantee that you will not be able to refuse it.

How to Get a Rough Estimate?

You can get a rough estimate of what your car is worth by using the values mentioned in KBB. This may not give a true picture since those values are for vehicles in good condition. It can get trickier to ascertain the value on your own if your car is a complete scrap and useful only for its metal.

You would need to calculate your car’s weight and determine what percentage is metal. It is a good idea to get your daily scrap rates from popular metal exchanges. LME pricing is generally followed by most car scrappers in the industry. The average rate is $295 a ton.

We pay $500 for junk cars depending on the type and condition of the vehicle. You can get more if your car has useful parts or is in a decent working condition. Steel is not the only valuable metal in your vehicle. There is also aluminum, copper, iron, and traces of platinum, palladium, and rhodium. All these metals are valuable to the recycle industry.

The plastic from your car can be reused and recycled. However, most local places that buy junk cars in Des Moines, IA have no idea how to go about recycling a car fully. Many useful components find their way to landfills. This means you are losing money on the sale and harming the environment.

Cash Cars Buyer can recycle at least 86% of a vehicle. And, we do not mind sharing the profits. Give us a call to know more about the process.

What Are Spare Parts Worth?

While negotiating the price of your vehicle, it’s vital that you factor in the various usable working parts. Most junk car removal services would try to pull a fast one on you. They will not hesitate to tell you that your car isn’t worth anything or that it will cost more to just tow it.

But, even if your car has a broken engine or a faulty transmission, there are other parts that can be worth a lot. For instance, there could be a manufacturer fitted GPS or a state of the art entertainment system. Do not let these electronic fittings go for free.

Even tires, window components, doors, catalytic converters, and tire rims among other parts can fetch a great price. Generally, mechanics prefer changing the entire door panel than take out individual dents from a car. If your door panel is in a great condition with a matching factory paint job, you could get a lot for it.

Stay Away From Flaky Junkyards

There are many junkyards that would do anything to make a profit. They would stoop to using bait and switch. Stay clear of these junkyards. One of the best ways to tell whether a junkyard is legit is to see if it has multiple locations.

You should also go by online reviews. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family about recommendations. Cash Cars Buyers is a trusted name when it comes to buying junk cars. We never fleece our customers or try to rip them off.

We have earned a reputation in the industry by offering more than average prices for years. We always try to be as fair and accurate as possible when it comes to valuing junk cars.

Cash Cars Buyer can also purchase your vehicle without the car title. All we need is a copy of the car registration and your driver’s license. However, we suggest that you apply for a replacement or a duplicate car title. This way you can let the DMV know that you have sold the vehicle.

What are Average Junk Car Prices in Iowa?

Cash Cars Buyer offers better prices than any other junk car buyer in Iowa. We don’t just buy junk cars. We can offer a really great rate for any kind of vehicle whether in a working condition or not. Cars can usually be placed in three different categories.

Complete Junks

These are the total junks that look like they have been dragged out of Des Moines River. These cars are completely covered in dents, are rusted and are usually not working. They are generally sold for their weight in metal and plastic. You should expect to make anywhere from $50 to $190 for these vehicles. Cash Cars Buyer has a minimum offer of $100 for qualified vehicles. It never hurts to get a free car quote.

Semi Junks

These cars are fast becoming junk, but aren’t quite there yet. They usually have a little life left. They may run and have a few working components that can be resold. Semi junks are generally stripped and sold for parts. They are usually worth more than complete junks. You could get around $500 for these vehicles from Cash Cars Buyer.

Prime Cars

For junkyards, a car that runs and still has a great paint job is considered to be in prime. Cash Cars Buyer clubs all other vehicles in this category. Hence, the prices vary to extremes. You can get anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $19,500. We don’t mind buying sedans, monster trucks, pickup trucks, utility vehicles, vans and high performance vehicle. You can even sell your sports car to Cash Cars Buyer.

You can get rid of any junk car by selling it to Cash Cars Buyer. We make the entire process quick and easy.

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We Buy Junk Cars in Des Moines, IA

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