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How Does Carvana Trade in Work?

Selling A Car With Carvana

Buying and selling a used car can be a fairly stressful situation. There’s a lot of risk involved, and that means consumers must be cautious as they proceed down the path toward a new (used) car. If the buyer is tech savvy, they might try looking at a company with a strong web presence, like Carvana.

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When somebody mentions Carvana, a lot of questions are sure to bubble up to the surface of the conversation. 

  • Carvana, what’s that?
  • How does trade in work with Carvana?
  • Does Carvana offer a good deal? Is it worth it?
  • How long is Carvana’s trade in offer good?

Today’s post will walk our readers through some of the most common points about this company so they can make an informed and intelligent decision as to how to proceed from here with their quest to buy a new (used) vehicle. 

Selling a Car or Trading a Car to Carvana is Straightforward

When thinking about doing a Carvana Trade In, it’s important to understand this company is just one of several that offers a similar service. For this reason, knowing what sets Carvana apart can help understand their services.

It’s a straightforward process.

First, the company demands a photograph of the dashboard’s odometer. This reveals the mileage of the car, an important factor in determining its trade in value. Additionally, documents that demonstrate the car’s legal owner is processing the transaction are required. 

How does Carvana know you’re the actual owner? It’s simple. 

They examine the title, front and backside. Every state is a little different when it comes to titles and licenses’, so Carvana’s pretty good about managing the specific logistics. Just follow the directions.

The company warns that if you have two people listed on the car title, like a husband and wife, or a mother and son, or even just two very good friends who “went halfsies” on a car, both must be present at the time of delivery.

Managing a Carvana Trade in with a Lien on the Title

It’s not impossible to do a Carvana trade in if there’s a lien. You just have to follow a unique set of procedures as you navigate the transaction.

There needs to be photo or document evidence of a 10-day payoff statement. The company will also request a copy of the registration card.

Negative equity requires additional work. 

The company website reads: “If your vehicle has negative equity, we will also need a picture of the front and back of a certified check for the amount of negative equity. Please speak with a member of our Customer Advocate team before getting this check so we can tell you the exact amount owed.”

Carvana Stands Out in a Good Way

Car owners may start to feel nervous when they start the process of selling their vehicle. It’s normal to feel that way – but we have good news, Carvana Trade Ins aren’t that complicated.

The company’s first major plus is that they also sell cars! The website is super quick to navigate, meaning that buying a used car is easier than before. Touchless delivery and accident-free cars are on the menu!

It’s like shopping for pants on the Internet – select the car you want, check the price, and voila! The deal gets sweeter, though. If you want to use your old car as a down payment, you can start that process with Carvana as well. Imagine the car in your driveway being swapped out as easy as 1-2-3.

The test run begins when you pick up (or have dropped off) your new (used) car. You have a seven-day window to see how the car drives and determine if you want it for keeps. 

Another nice customer service perk is that they will allow a person to swap the car three times! If you don’t like the first one, or the second one, you don’t have to feel bad about asking for a different car. It’s their job, their promise. 

They simply want love doing whatever it takes to keep drivers happy and on the road.

Carvana Trade in Customers are Happy Campers

Talking about trading in a car raises a lot of emotions. 

Some people feel enthralled knowing the process as painless, productive, and perhaps even a little profitable. Others dread paperwork, dealing with strangers, and the risk of getting totally ripped off. Thankfully, the latter isn’t common with Carvana trade ins.

Customers come from across the nation, from Texas to Georgia. If you’ve seen the commercials on television, then it’s likely they operate where you live. People are quick to contact Carvana for help trading in their Honda Civics and their Ford Escorts.

People turn to Carvana because they despise what happens at regular car dealerships. We all know the image of the used car salespeople– fast talking, big grin, very optimistic. What are they hiding? A blown head gasket? A list of uncompleted recall repairs? Yikes! Stay away.

When the customers delve into the process, they are often wowed by their experience.

One aspect that’s often mentioned is how efficient it runs. At the dealership, you could lose a whole day or two sitting with salespeople, accounting, and doing whatever it takes to save a few pennies on that ever-elusive bottom line.

These messages come from customers who have gone traditional routes before. Most have had a bad experience with dealerships, and that trust is destroyed. Some customers have bought online in the past (from giants like eBay). Now, they’re Carvana people.

Buyers realize the experience is easy because it’s fun – especially doing the browsing and car shopping. If you like saving possible buys to your favorites list, like one might do on Airbnb, then you will love using the web platform to find your next vehicle. 360-degree views make the experience lifelike.

This setup is particularly useful for consumers who require a car of a certain nature. For example, if you want a car with low miles, that’s automatic, and red – you can find it quickly using the website. Prices are fair, and that means a lot, too.

Cars can be delivered, which is practical. Often times, people buying a car don’t have a car so getting around from dealership to dealership poses its own challenge. When the car comes to you, that saves a lot of time and worry. 

Few people complain of complications or troubles with the company. Another plus.

Customer Service is King at Carvana

People hate doing trade ins because of bad customer service; that’s not the case with Carvana.

Service with a smile is hard to find these days, especially in the used car market.

The options for customer service include both chat and telephone, so you know there’s somebody on the line to assist if anything goes wrong (which is rare). Past customers comment that the experience is “friendly” and “personable.” 

Happy car shoppers who used Carvana swear they’ll never revert to buying at a dealership. The dealership cars fall apart fast, they find. The service seems rigged, and everybody is dishonest in the process, according to some consumers. 

Whether that’s true is variable, but the concern can be avoided by shopping companies that have good (read: outstanding) reputations.

Where Junkyards Beat Carvana Trade Ins

Carvana sounds like a good situation if you have a car that’s worth some money, want to arrange a trade in, and aren’t afraid of a little paperwork and computer time.

If you’re not into it, there’s another option: sending the car straight to the junkyard.

Before the world of web-based applications, gadgets and gizmos, and doing everything the “easy way,” people would dispose of a car by calling a junkyard found out of the phonebook’s yellow pages. Those days aren’t long gone, however.

The junkyard can be the responsible choice of somebody who doesn’t like dealing with large web-based companies or who just wants the car gone once and for all. The junkyard pays cash for used and junk cars, so you could even walk out of the situation ahead of the game.

Take the profit to put on a newer vehicle, a bus pass, or even a good pair of walking shoes.

Trade Ins: Carvana, Junkyard, or Dealership

There are options when you want to trade in a car for a newer one. 

You can head to the dealership, which is efficient, but worrisome for those who fear getting ripped off. 

You can check out Carvana and arrange for a touchless car delivery. This is a great option for those who feel comfortable uploading documents to a webpage or application. It’s fast and affordable, too.

There’s also the junkyard method. Call the junkyard, and the tow truck comes to you. They’ll haul away the old car and leave you with a cash payment.

No matter how you choose to proceed, go safely. 

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