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Common Signs That Show Your Motor Is Blown

Common Signs That Show Your Motor Is Blown

There are different factors leading drivers to ask, ”How do you know if your motor is blown?” The motor is a very important part of any vehicle. Motors are used in electric cars and convert electrical energy into mechanical energy which keeps the car moving. In a non-electric vehicle, the motor is referred to as the engine. If your vehicle won’t budge, you can say the motor or the engine is blown depending on the type of energy your car runs in (electrical energy or combustion energy). This understanding will help clear any misinformation about the blown motor since it is quite a broad term.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


What is a blown motor? There are several factors that cause motor or engine failure. There may be instances that your car will be able to start with a blown motor. You should never drive with a blown motor if you know you have engine or transmission problems. Not only is driving with these car issues dangerous, your car may also incur irreparable damages. One of the options you have with a blown engine motor is to have it repaired. The process may require a replacement motor or engine that is also quite pricey.


In other words, any damage in your car that is found in the engine or motor is bad news. Since the motor is a fundamental component of your vehicle, it is expected that repair would be expensive. The costs also vary depending on the make of your car. Having your car with a blown motor repaired, will cost you thousands of dollars regardless of the model of your car. However, there are ways you can prevent yourself from experiencing this headache. One of which is to know what’s wrong with your vehicle from the get go and to have the problem resolved right away. So, how do you know if your motor is blown? You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to know more about your vehicle and save yourself from spending money you could have kept.

What are the symptoms of a blown motor or engine?

There are many different signs that point to a problem in the motor or in the engine. Fortunately, these symptoms are easy to notice. If you give your vehicle a complete maintenance often, detecting problems with the engine will be easier and less of a hassle. If you do not practice proper car maintenance as often as you can, make sure that you don’t ignore these symptoms. Once you notice any of the symptoms that will be discussed in this section, it is best to take your car to an auto shop and have the professionals handle the problem. At the moment, you may still be wondering,”how do you know if your motor is blown?” The following will help you confirm if your car is indeed experiencing engine or motor failure.


  1. You hear knocking noise from under the hood

All major systems in a vehicle are made up of different smaller parts. If you hear knocking noises coming from under the hood, chances are, there are bearings that are loose. These bearings are what supports the other components in your vehicle in order for the system to function properly. Once these small components come loose or become defective, your car’s motor will eventually suffer. Aside from being loose, minor components may be out of their place. This will result in smaller parts rubbing on each other, causing friction that will damage the system even more. If this happens, you may have your engine disassembled completely and then reassembled after inspection and repair.


  1. Your car is not working as well as it did before

You can easily conclude that your car has a blown motor or engine when you notice a decrease in the performance of your car while you are driving. This is one of the first signs to know if your motor is blown so be mindful of your experiences when you drive. Evaluate your vehicle’s performance in these areas: fuel efficiency, speed, and exhaust. Address these issues as soon as they occur. If you act promptly, your car may only need a tune up instead of a costly motor repair.


  1. You notice the ‘check engine light’ is on

Modern vehicles are equipped with computer systems that also wave warning signals to the driver. Many drivers ignore the signs in their car’s dashboard not knowing that a lot of problems can be avoided if these signs were taken into consideration promptly. If you notice that the check engine light is on, immediately have your vehicle checked in an auto shop. Also, if you experience a rough idle with your car, you can automatically infer that you have a blown motor or engine.


These signs are very simple and easy to notice. Perhaps this is the reason why many car owners and drivers ignore such symptoms. You can avoid making the same mistake by taking care of your vehicle and giving it proper maintenance as often as you can. If your motor is blown, you can do little about it but have it fixed.


If the repair costs are greater than the vehicle itself, you may also consider selling your car if your motor is blown. Oftentimes, you may find that internal mechanical damage in a vehicle costs a fortune but may not be worth it in the long haul. If your vehicle is relatively old and you opt to buy a new one soon, why not sell your car to a reputable used car buyer? If you still have doubts whether you should repair your car or tow it away to a buyer, get your car checked by a professional. You can consult an expert about the costs of repair and if you are willing to pay the price, you may go for the motor fix.

Can you drive a car with a blown motor?

Simply speaking, Yes. It is possible for you to be able to drive even though your motor is blown or your car has a blown engine. However, it is not advisable to drive if you know that your car has engine issues. It is extremely dangerous to drive if your motor is blown. You may not only harm yourself and your vehicle, but you can also cause harm to other drivers.


In the previous section, you learned about the different symptoms you should watch out for in order to know if your motor is blown. Do not risk your well-being by driving a vehicle with motor failure. If your car stalls while you are driving, pull over to the side of the road immediately. Contact your trusted mechanic and have your vehicle checked as soon as possible.

Does insurance cover a blown motor?

Simply speaking, insurance does not cover for mechanical issues such as when your motor is blown. Insurance only covers for damages caused by an accident. For example, if your motor is blown due to a collision or accident on the road, then this damage will be covered. However, this is unlikely to happen because it is generally a part of the internal mechanical system of the vehicle. Insurance coverage is quite limited to car crashes, so you must be prepared to pay for other damages that are unrelated to accidents. In any case, it is unsafe to drive when your motor is blown. Make sure to get your motor fixed promptly.

What is the average cost to replace the motor?

The motor or engine is one of the major parts of any vehicle which also makes its replacement more complicated than others, not to mention pricier. Some engine replacement reaches a staggering amount of 4,000 to 5,000 dollars. In some cases, the cost of replacement if your motor is blown can be more expensive than the car itself.


The average cost for an engine repair varies from time to time. The cost will greatly depend on what kind of engine or motor issue the vehicle is experiencing. It is important to evaluate the condition of your car. Find out the specific repair that your car motor needs and assess how to solve the problem. For instance, your car might be suffering from a blown motor. A good question to ask is “How do you know if your motor is blown?”. This way, you will be able to draft what kind of repair your vehicle needs instead of jumping to replacement right away.


Careful consideration will be needed if you plan on replacing your car’s engine. If your motor is blown,  do not assume that it  automatically means that you have to get the whole thing replaced. There are a few factors that you need to take into account. These are just some of the questions that may guide you in evaluating the repair or replacement cost for your motor.


  1. How big is the damage and can it still be repaired?

Thoroughly inspect the motor of your vehicle. Finding out the answer to this question will be able to lead you to the right course of action to take in the long run whether you will replace or repair your car engine. The price range of the repair or replacement cost is in alignment with the type of damage in the motor. It may be concluded that your motor is blown but you still need to find out the reason that led it to such a state. If the root of the problem can be repaired then there will be no need for an engine replacement. Some symptoms can point you to the real issue of your motor or engine and some of those issues might only need minimal repair.


  1. How are you going to do the repair?

Whether you are planning to take the vehicle to a car repair center, call a professional mechanic, or do the work on your own, you must identify how the job of fixing the motor will be done. Obviously, replacing the motor by yourself will be the cheapest option for you. However, if you are not familiar with how to carry out the task, you will be left with the two remaining options. If you decide on calling a mechanic, be prepared for the labor cost that runs around 90 to 150 dollars per hour. The moment that your motor is blown, the decision of how to do the repairs or replacement is crucial since this will also determine the cost that you will be paying for to get the optimum performance of your car back.


  1. With what motor or engine are you going to replace the old one with?

This is another important factor that some people do not take into consideration as much as the other questions. The decision-making does not stop when you finally determine whether you will repair or replace your car. You must also know what parts, or if you decided to replace the whole motor, what kind of motor you are going to restore in its stead. There are a few options that you might want to think about. Replacing the old engine with a new one costs about 4,000-7,000 dollars. On the other hand, an old motor or engine that you will replace if your motor is blown can range anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000 dollars.


Finding answers to the following questions thus far can help you focus on the most important factors of replacing your motor. Make decisions not only based on the price of fixing the motor  but also on the overall effect of the repair to the car in the long run.


All things considered, internal mechanical problems such as a blown motor pose headaches to many car owners. Not only is it expensive to repair or replace a damaged car motor, it is also unsafe to drive if your motor is blown. In order to prevent further damages and losses, do not ignore the symptoms of motor damage such as knocking noises, decreased performance, and the flashing ‘check engine light’. Also, keep in mind that car insurances do not cover damages in the engine or in the motor. In the end, maintenance is the one thing that will save you from spending thousands of dollars on motor repair and replacement.