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How Do I Know What Tires I Need to Buy? A Detailed Guidance!

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If you haven't bought new tires, you might wonder, how do I know what tires I need to buy? This is step-by-step guidance on how to buy the right tires for your car:

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  1. Confirm that you need new tires
  2. Select the right tire for your vehicle
  3. Understand where to buy tires from
  4. Consider the extras
  5. Install the tires
  6. Maintain the tires

Your vehicle's tires are the first components interacting with the road continuously. Without perfectly running tires, you can easily deal with problems that could get you into major car crashes.

Therefore, it is important for you as a driver to understand that your tires are not designed to last forever, and they'll be a point of time we must replace them because of major problems.

The market is filled with tons of examples of vehicle tires, and sometimes without specific guidance, it can be overwhelming to buy new tires, especially for inexperienced drivers.

This article will provide detailed guidance that walks you through a step-by-step on how do I know what tires I need to buy? Read on for more details and go through all the steps before making any purchase decision or your next vehicle tires.

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How do I know what tires I need to buy?

Considering the overwhelming process, not everybody is a big fan of buying vehicle tires. However, if you understood the right steps to follow, buying your next tires would be as easy as a piece of cake!

Automotive experts put together a detailed list to help you and guide you through what you need to do to purchase the bus tires and avoid buying tires that could cost you lots of money and effort.

Let's say we also look at local motor experts recommended:

1.    Confirm that you need new tires

All this might sound very intuitive, but before you move forward and shop for new tires, you want to make sure that you need new tires. In other words, even if the tire might not look the best to you, they could still serve you for some time and you might need to wait a little bit before purchasing new tires.

There are a couple of things that you can do to determine and confirm that you need new tires, including:

Check the tire tread

The first thing you need to confirm is whether you have enough tire tread or not. The tire tread means how much tread you have in the tire, and you can check that using a couple of quick tests like the penny test. In the penny test, all you need to do is insert a penny inside a couple of your tire treads and confirm that they're not worn out completely.

As a rule of thumb, you want to ensure you don't see the top of George Washington's head. Otherwise, you'll need to install a new tire. Also, be prepared that you have to perform this test throughout the tire and not focus on one area more than the other.

Check the age of the tires

Even if your tired trap looks good, you want to ensure that your tires are not too old because they get to a point where they might get damaged prematurely. For example, if you know that you have a 10-year-old tire and it's super old, then some automotive experts recommend replacing it.

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2.    Select the right tire for your vehicle

Once you confirm that your tires are due for replacement, then we can get to work! The first and most important step is to confirm that you're buying the right tires for your vehicle.

Every car is designed to try, and every vehicle expects a different type of tire strength or size that you have to keep an eye for and avoid buying the wrong tire. That's why we encourage you to look at the following things when choosing your vehicle's tire:

Confirm that you're happy with your current tires

When your old tires are ready for replacement, it could be a great time to confirm whether you like your current tires or not. It might be the time to upgrade something that's cooler or probably that has more power and provides you with more strength to avoid getting damaged early on.

If you decide to go with something else, you might want to spend some research determining what inventory of tires it can slip from that works for your car. However, if you're happy with your attire, you're in good shape and can go ahead and buy the same type of tires.

Select the right type

After deciding whether you want to keep your current tires or switch to something else, we'd like to have like that if you decide to switch to something else, you want to make sure that you're buying the right thing. Otherwise, if you're driving a regular car that does not require ultra-high-performance tires, then why would you waste the money and spend extra on something you're not going to use.

Therefore, learn more and look through some guidance and your vehicle owner's manual to confirm the range of tires you can select to avoid paying for something you will not use.

Confirm the tire size

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying or shopping for tires is not looking at the current tire size. As we mentioned earlier, every vehicle is different, and you can easily end up buying your tire.

This mistake becomes more critical if you're shopping for tires online, so we highly encourage you to read through the details of the posted tires and compared to your vehicles owners manual before paying the money and wasting your time and effort.

Therefore, you need to consult your vehicle owner's manual or speak to your mechanic to confirm you're buying the right tire size. However, there are some details on what type of tire sizes are available, so you can narrow down the list and only focus on things that work for you.

Don't forget about the warranty

Another thing that many people might not focus on is the tire's warranty. Did you know that tires come with a warranty that you should focus on? We highly encourage you to focus on what type of warranty the company provides and how different it is from the other companies.

Spend time researching and take full advantage of the tires you're buying because it can be a significant investment.

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3.    Understand where to buy tires from

Once you're ready and have all the information you need, the next step is to decide where to shop for tires.

There are many available methods for buying new tires. For example, you can walk into any store that sells tires and decide what you want to buy. However, shopping for tires online is a big challenge because things can be a little vague, and many people might get scammed by buying from online sellers who are not legitimate.

That's why we highly encourage you to shop physically for tires, and even if it's going to take you some time, go to the location and receive multiple offers from different areas because you can save a lot on your next tires.

Some of the many places you can select farming code are warehouse clubs, online sellers, local tire shops, car dealerships, etc. Check which one works best for you, and depending on your goals and budget, one method could be better than the other.

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4.    Consider the extras

Did you know that when shopping for new tires, you might take advantage or get some extras? Talk to the seller, see what type of extras you can receive with your tire, and compare your options. For example, you might find options for filling the tires with nitrogen like in Costco. Also, you might have options for installing tire pressure monitoring systems, etc.

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5.    Install the tires

Finally, if you get the best deal when shopping for your tires, you want to keep in mind that tire installation is a process that requires some effort and needs tools. That's why you have multiple options to either buy the tires from a local shop and have them install them or buy them online and then have the shop install the tires for you.

Depending on your vehicle's value and the type of tires you're purchasing, we encourage you to evaluate both situations and see what makes more sense. If I got in many cases, if you're not a big fan of the overwhelming process of installing the components, then you might want to take a shortcut and have the professional install the tires for you.

However, suppose you have the required mechanical skill sets. In that case, if you have the right tools, you might be able to install a new tire yourself, but you got to be careful about how it's installed and want to make sure that everything is set up right, so you don't get yourself involved in major hazardous situations.

The other thing to keep in mind is that most automotive experts recommend performing a total alignment after installing new tires because there's a chance that you might cause some bias in how your vehicle is aligned. Therefore, if you don't have the experience doing that, you might want to go to your mechanic shop and have them perform the alignment.

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6.    Maintain the tires

Installing new tires is not cheap, and it's not something you have to do every couple of months. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the different recommendations on maintaining your tires and how to have them serve you if possible.

For example, you must keep up with your vehicle's tire pressure and confirm that it doesn't drop below a certain point that could cause premature damage. Also, if you notice minor wear and tear or something else on your tire, you should take it seriously and have your mechanic perform a quick inspection to determine whether you need to replace the tire or fix it.

Finally, before you move forward and install new tires, remember that you have an option to rotate your tires so you can take full advantage of the tires from all the corners and save a ton on tire replacement costs.

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Final thoughts

Buying new tires can be an overwhelming process, especially if this is the first time for you to do so. Therefore, you must follow a specific procedure to buy the right tires and prevent buying tires that will not fit or will not serve you well.

This article provides detailed guidance and provides a step-by-step procedure to help you answer the question, how do I know what tires I need to buy?

As you might notice, tire installation and tire shopping can be overwhelming. Therefore, if your car has major mechanical problems, it might be worth selling your vehicle rather than wasting time and effort trying to install new tires.

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