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How Do I Find Junk Cars for Sale by Owner? Here is Our Secret Recipe!

How Do I Find Junk Cars for Sale by Owner? Here is Our Secret Recipe!

If you are searching for “how do I find junk cars for sale by owner?” Here is our secret recipe based on our decades of experience in the junk cars field:

1-    Check your local junk car sellers

2-    Check on Craigslist for junk cars for sale by owner

3-    Allow people to find you on Craigslist

4-    Consider social media

5-    Check out junk cars for sales websites

6-    Look for junk car lead sellers like Cash Cars Buyer

Selling junk cars is an evolving business, and many people make thousands of dollars every month just by selling these junk cars that seem to be worthless. With the growing business, there are plenty of interested people who have many questions, and one of the most critical questions is “how do I find junk cars for sale by owner?”

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Before you start selling junk cars, you want to make sure that there are enough junk car sellers around your region, so you ensure and confirm continuous supply to your business. Otherwise, the process can be just a waste of time and won't make you the desired profit.

With our decades of experience in selling and purchasing junk vehicles around the nation, we know exactly where these vehicles are sold and how exactly to get your next junk car supply using our quickest and simplest secrets.

This article provides you with our secret recipe for finding junk cars around your area for the list money without spending much time and effort researching.

Are junk cars worth it?

Before we dive into the details and answer your question of “how do I find cars for sale by owner?” Let's step back and evaluate whether junk cars are worth it or not.

When purchasing a junk car, you can make a profit and many ways:

1-    Sell the car as a whole

There are plenty of available junkyards and junk recycling facilities that are always looking to purchase junk vehicles. Once you sell these vehicles to these facilities, you can make a good profit.

These junk recycling facilities typically will take the vehicle and pay you by weight. In other words, they will measure how heavy the vehicle is and will give you money for that. But, with that, they won't pay you on the nonmetal components, and the lighter the vehicle, the cheaper the offer. Thus, if you decided to go with your junk business and sell cars to junkyards, you want to ensure that you won't get paid for the nonmetal components. That's probably why some people prefer the second following auction when it comes to selling junk cars.

2-    Sell junk cars piece by piece

Other interested parties take it to the next level and scrap the vehicle to sell it as parts. With that, you can take the vehicle apart and list the valuable components on larger websites like eBay motors for people looking for parts replacements.

While this option is a little more complicated and requires more effort, it makes you more money because you will get value and paid for every component. The vehicle has many valuable parts that you can sell separately, and if there is a high demand around your area, you'll see that certain components can make you more money than the others if they are from brands with high demand.

Keep in mind that scrapping vehicles require certain procedures that need to follow what's specified by the Environmental Protection Agency to take apart the different components, get rid of contaminated fluids in certain containers, and prevent them from spilling into today's environment.

How do I find junk cars by owner? Where can I find junk cars?

Once you're ready to start your junk car business, the next step is to define the main sources of junk vehicles so you can supply your business continuously.

There are plenty of available options for you on how to find junk cars by owner. Let's take a closer look at your available junk car sellers’ options:

1-    Check your local junk car sellers

Typically, the junk art business relies heavily on the local supply. When you have a good idea about where junk cars are available, you don't have to worry about shipping the junk vehicles from different states that will cost you a lot of money on transportation.

Therefore, start by literally driving your vehicle around your neighborhood around your city or the zip code and check for any signs of abandoned vehicles or vehicles that might not interest private buyers. Then, you can discuss with the owners and provide them or not with an offer indicating that you're searching for “how do I find junk cars by owner?”

Another thing you can try that is a critical secret is to build your relationship and connections with local mechanics. Think about where will junk vehicles evolve from? Usually, a car owner will visit a certain local repair shop and asked to fix the vehicle. Then, when the mechanic doesn't want to fix the car, they will advise the owner to sell the vehicle as junk.

Imagine if you build your relationship with all available mechanics around your area; how many referrals will you get?!

2-    Check on Craigslist for junk cars for sale by owner

After you make good efforts to build your connection with available local junk car sellers by owners, the next step is to go online.

Craigslist is a treasure when it comes to selling anything. You will find some specific listing on Craigslist indicating “junk cars by owner,” which means that these are the people looking for junk car buyers and the real owners of the vehicles. In other words, it is not a company, and it's just private sellers who want to get rid of their junk vehicles.

Most junk cars sellers on Craigslist will not ask you for more than $500 for the vehicle. This is because the price does not necessarily indicate that the vehicles are in terrible condition. In fact, there are many junk cars For sale by owner on Craigslist that is in good condition and their owners think that the vehicles are not working because of one major mechanical problem.

When you search for junk cars by owners on Craigslist, it is important to follow the right subcategories. Typically, it will have to go for the listings on “for sale” and then select the category that says “by owner”

3-    Allow people to find you on Craigslist

If you did not successfully find junk cars for sale by owner on Craigslist, the next step you can do is create an ad or a listing asking people to reach out to you if they have junk vehicles.

One of the very critical secrets you need to keep in mind is using the right terminology when creating these ads. Typically, successful junk cars buyers will use terminology like “we buy junk cars for the top dollars” or probably something like “we buy junk cars free pick up.”

Creating these listings and ads helps people find you on Craigslist, and this way, they will reach out to you rather than spend the time and effort reaching out to them. As you are searching locally for junk cars for sale by owner while driving around, you are at the same time have some calls from people reaching out to you from Craigslist.

Keep in mind that with the large volume of people using Craigslist, many inexperienced junk cars buyers might fall into plenty of available scams. Thus, before you finish the deal and before you visit the potential seller, it is important that you do your due diligence and confirms that this is a reliable seller.

4-    Consider social media

Although Craigslist and eBay motors might be the biggest locations to find junk cars for sale by owners, you might want to try other websites like Facebook marketplace.

Facebook marketplace is growing significantly and will have many listings for people looking to sell their junk cars. So, try searching the Facebook marketplace for terminology like “selling junk cars” or looking for “junk cars buyers.” The nice thing about the Facebook marketplace is that you can filter the results by your area, which means that you can limit the number of people selling their vehicles depending on who's closest to you.

You can always increase the service radius whenever you think that the junk cars supply is not enough.

Also, some people might even post questions on their social media account looking for “how can I get the most money for my junk car?” Others might be nervous about their non-running cars thinking no one will buy them and say, “who buys cars that don’t run?”

Keep an eye for such questions and talk to your neighbors, family members, and workmates about your interest in buying junk cars for sale by owner. You will be impressed by how many non-working cars are sitting in their driveways collecting dust and rust instead of selling them.

5-    Check out junk cars for sales websites

Recently, there are plenty of websites that are launched focused on selling junk cars only. These websites are just starting, but they can be a great option if there are listings for local junk cars owners.

Try to search on Google for such websites and see what comes up. Keep in mind that if the website does not have the best authority, you need to spend additional effort checking the customer's reviews and preventing getting scammed by these websites.

You might even want to search for some questions and feedback from people who used these websites before. Quora is a great forum for posting your questions to get honest feedback from many people.

6-    Look for junk car lead sellers

Finally, if you need a reliable, trustworthy source of junk cars for sale by owners, you can always try junk cars lead sellers like Cash Cars Buyer. Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top rating companies in the nation that has been in the junk car business for decades now.

We advise you to reach out to our team and express your interest in purchasing junk vehicles. With our intensive experience in the markets, we received a massive supply of junk vehicles around the nation, and we provide the best offers when it comes to the best deals around your area.


Starting a junk car business requires a consistent, steady-state supply of junk vehicles close to your area. Without this supply, all your setup and planning might go to waste.

With our decades of experience in the junk vehicles industry, we can tell you that there are reliable sources for junk cars for sale by owners that we relied on for many years. Some of these sources include checking the local repair shops around your area and consider referrals, searching on Craigslist for junk cars for sale by owners, creating a Craigslist listing describing your business as “junk car buyers,” and finally, reaching out to junk cars lead sellers like Cash Cars Buyer.

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