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How Do Catalytic Converters Affect Junk Car Prices?

How Do Catalytic Converters Affect Junk Car Prices

If you're trying to junk a car with a catalytic converter in good shape, you might get a higher offer for your junk vehicle than someone else was trying to sell a vehicle with a bad catalytic converter.

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Selling a junk car is a great idea to make you some extra cash, free up space, enhance your neighborhood aesthetics, give you peace and mind, and more!

When you are looking for someone to buy your junk car, you must ensure making the maximum profit possible out of this junk vehicle. Sometimes it can be challenging to understand how much your vehicle is worth, and that's why you must understand which components will make you the most money and how junk car buyers think of your vehicle's value.

One of the critical things that play a major role in the overall offer you'll get for your junk car is the valuable components. More specifically, the catalytic converter is an important one that will make a huge difference in how much you'll get for your junk car.

This article provides the ins and outs to help answer the question, how do catalytic converters affect junk car prices?

What is the catalytic converter, and why is it important when selling a junk car?

Before we jump into the details to help you answer the question of how catalytic converters affect junk car prices, it is important that you understand what a catalytic converter is and why is it very important when it comes to selling a junk car.

The catalytic converter is an important element in any vehicle responsible for converting harmful gases into less harmful components that are safe to be released into the environment. The converter is located underneath the vehicle and is special because it's very expensive, although it's not huge.

The biggest reason for the high price of the catalytic converter is because of the precious metals it has. Certain metals in this converter can make a decent amount of money, and that's why there is an ongoing trend of catalytic converter thefts.

How will the catalytic converter become important when selling a junk car?

When you contact any junk car buyer, they'll ask you specific questions about your vehicle’s type and condition. These questions aim to get an idea about how much metal is in your car because they typically make money out of the metal components by selling your car as scrap metal.

However, some junk car buyers value additional components beyond the metal frame. For example, if your car has a working engine or transmission, you might get a higher offer than someone else trying to sell a vehicle with damaged components.

The same principle applies to the catalytic converter. In other words, if your car has a good catalytic converter in a good shape, your offer for a junk vehicle will be slightly different. The following section will provide you with additional details.

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How do catalytic converters affect junk car prices?

Since we mentioned that any potential junk car buyer would be interested in your catalytic converter, it's not surprising that your offer will be higher than someone else trying to sell a vehicle without a working catalytic converter.

The exact amount of offer difference will depend heavily on many factors, including:

1.    Your vehicle's type

Your vehicle type is the first and most critical thing that plays a significant role in how catalytic converters affect junk car prices. For example, suppose you're trying to junk a vehicle that has an expensive catalytic converter from a specific brand. In that case, chances are that your offer will be much higher than what you're expecting.

2.    Your area

Interestingly, your location will significantly affect how much you'll get for your vehicle with a working catalytic converter. Thus, you should review the current prices and associated tax deductions for parts sales.

3.    Customer demand

The customer demand for a catalytic converter might influence how much you'll get for your junk car if it has a working converter. For example, nowadays, in 2022 and potentially in 2023, there is a common trend for people stealing catalytic converters.

Any junk vehicle with a working catalytic converter will get a much higher offer than another vehicle without a converter.

Remember that certain vehicles from specific brands are targets for catalytic converter thefts. In that case, those vehicles might have a much higher offer for they're working catalytic converters than others.

More specifically, some types and vehicle brands are easy and more targeted for stealing catalytic converters than others. These vehicles will have lots of people looking for parts replacements because, typically, most customers prefer to purchase something other than a brand-new catalytic converter for these cars.

4.    Car parts supply

As you might already know, there is a whole change in the automobile market due to the shortage of car parts. In that case, chances are you'll get a much higher offer for your junk vehicle with a working catalytic converter because of the lack of parts supplies.

This also has to do with customer demand. Suppose there is a high demand for a certain vehicle brand catalytic converter and a shortened supply. In that case, junk car buyers will pay you much more for your vehicle if it has a working catalytic converter.

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Are all Catalytic converters the same?

No. As we indicated before, catalytic converters differ significantly depending on your vehicle type and brand. However, there are two broad categories that you'll see in all vehicles, including:

1.    Two-way catalytic converters

The first type of converter has a two-way, responsible for treating a specific type of harmful gases coming out of the combustion process. These typically exist in older vehicles because they don't do the required filtration and conversion to combustion gases before they are released into the atmosphere.

2.    3-way catalytic converter

In all recent vehicles, you'll most likely see the three-way catalytic converter. These converters are responsible for treating multiple harmful gases at the same time and breaking down the molecules to convert them into different types of gases that are safer to release into the atmosphere than the old original ones.

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How much can I make out of my old catalytic converter?

If you feel that the junk car buyer or the junkyard is not planning to pay you for the catalytic converter, automotive experts recommend taking out the converter and selling it separately on classified websites like Craigslist or eBay motor.

You must understand how much you're expected to get paid for this converter so you can stay paid and retain opportunities. Unfortunately, it's challenging to deal with exactly how much your catalytic converter will be worth because it depends on many factors:

1.    The converter type

Converters will have different prices depending on the brand and the vehicle type. For instance, if you have an old converter for a vehicle that uses a two-way catalytic converter, chances are you're getting paid much lower than someone else trying to sell a more sophisticated converter.

2.    The converter condition

Even if your converter works for you and it sounds in good shape, sometimes its quality is low. In other words, if this converter is still working but is very old, chances are that it will reach the end of its lifetime soon. Therefore, your price for this converter will be slightly lower than trying to sell another type of converter.

3.    The customer demand

Finally, as we mentioned, some customers are interested in purchasing catalytic converters for certain vehicle types. Therefore, depending on the customer demand, your offer will differ for this converter.

If you're still interested in knowing how much to expect for your used catalytic converter, experts indicated that the range should be between $300 and $1500. The price might change significantly but depend on scrap metal prices. So, together but accurate estimates, you might want to have a discussion with your mechanic or watch for the current scrap parts prices.

You can check on other posts trying to sell similar catalytic converters from the same brand. You'll know how much to post and ask for your catalytic converter, depending on what you see. Be careful to read through the details and understand the controversial conditions before making a decision on how much you want to ask for your catalytic converter.

If you want to sell the converter fast, you should drop the price slightly and be slightly lower than others. Otherwise, it might be worth waiting, especially if your car has much demand for catalytic converters.

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Recommendations when selling your catalytic converters separately

If you decide to take out the catalytic converter, you must understand that the process needs some experience. In other words, if you haven't done this before, you must leave it to a professional or bring some family member or friends to help you throughout the process so you don't cause damage to the other components.

Keep in mind that as you're taking out the catalytic converter, there might be chances that you will drop some fluid onto the floor or into the sediment. Any fluid coming out of the vehicle is considered toxic, which means it leads to some harm to the environment, the sediments, and your pets, if not your kids.

That's why you must choose the right location to do the job and ensure that you have the right skills and support to help you throughout the process.

If you feel the process is overwhelming, you can't check with a mechanic who can help you take out the converter for a very low price. Otherwise, you might be better by selling the vehicle as is to the junkyard or the potential junk car buyer without risking chances of negative consequences that you don't want to deal with.

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Are there any tools online to help me estimate my catalytic converter value?

Yes! There are several tools all lines that you can try and use to estimate how much you ask for your catalytic converter. Let's take a look below:

Each of these tools has its pros and cons, and we highly encourage you to test and try more than one simultaneously to get a sense of the accuracy of the tool outcomes. You will need basic information about your car, including the vehicle brand, model year, etcetera. The more details you have about your vehicle, the more accurate estimate is, but you can still get a sense of similar vehicles from the same category.

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Should I sell my Catalytic converter separately?

It depends. As we mentioned, you might get a fair offer for your vehicle by selling it to the right junk car buyer. This way, you save yourself the hassle and the effort of taking out the converter and hunting for a potential buyer.

On the other hand, you might feel that your vehicle is still worth more, and that's where you will need to evaluate whether you can go through the hassle of taking the converter out and posting it on classified websites. Some people might have the time and effort to do so, and therefore, they are encouraged to do that if they feel that their offers could be fairer when selling a junk car with a good catalytic converter.

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Final thoughts

The catalytic converter is an important component in any vehicle when it comes to pricing junk cars. If you're trying to sell a junk vehicle that has a working catalytic converter, it's important that you understand how much it will impact the overall Value of your vehicle.

Therefore, before you accept any offer from a junk car buyer, it is important to highlight that you understand that your offer should be higher than the typical junk car prices without working catalytic converters.

If you are interested in selling your car now and would like to get a fair offer considering that your car has a working catalytic converter, Cash Cars Buyer can always help you. We still accept your vehicle even if you don't have a converter or if your converter is in bad condition.

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