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How Can Frame Damage Decrease Your Vehicle’s Resale Value?

How Can Frame Damage Decrease Your Vehicle's Resale Value

If your vehicle experience frame damage, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is how can frame damage decrease your vehicle's resale value. Typically, people see your vehicle as dangerous, and you'll most likely receive a much lower offer from potential buyers because of the reduced safety and the expected high repair costs.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

You need to pay close attention to your vehicle's major components. These components are very expensive, and they cost a lot and have to do with your safety, and if they need to be in good shape, they can lead to significant consequences.

One of those components is your vehicle's frame, and there are many situations where you might deal with frame damage because of a major  Collision or a car accident. When your vehicle gets frame damage, the value of this vehicle becomes much lower than what it was before.

Understanding how to frame damage can decrease your vehicle's resale value is one of the most critical steps that you have to do before moving further and determining what to do with this vehicle. This article

What is frame damage?

Before we dive into the details about how frame damage can decrease your vehicle's resale value, you must understand the fact about frame damage and what it means exactly.

According to experts, the frame is the vehicle's main skeleton made of strong metal to help the vehicle maintain its structure and withstand major collisions. However, while the frame is strong enough during car accidents, it might get bent or twisted because of the forces surrounding the vehicle.

frame damage

How can frame damage decrease your vehicle's resale value?

Since the frame damage is very severe and might impact your vehicle safety, it's important that you understand your vehicle after the car accident before you move any step further with any potential repairs.

In most scenarios, insurance companies typically refuse to fix your vehicle if it has major frame damage. This is because they understand that no matter how much effort and money you put into fixing the vehicle, the vehicle will still suffer from problems; if anybody wanted to buy it in the future, they would mediately walk away if they knew that your car had major frame damage.

However, it came to like you shouldn't get too discouraged from fixing your vehicle because there are some instances where the damage is minor; with simple alignment and suspension repairs, your vehicle might get going again. Unfortunately, that's not the common situation all the time.

How to Sell My Car with Frame Damage

Then, how can frame damage impact your vehicle's resale value?

Since insurance companies refuse to fix the vehicle and might call it a total loss if it suffers from frame damage, there is a significant relationship between the frame damages and the value of your car. Therefore, if your vehicle is in good shape and suddenly got involved in a car accident, what this vehicle was worth will be different after the accident.

For example, suppose your vehicle was worth $10,000, and after a car accident, the frame damage was severe to the point that your insurance company decided to claim it as a total loss. In that case, your vehicle might sometimes not be worth more than $500! If you try even to sell it to junk car companies, they might not come to pick it up, and if they do, they do not typically pay you the top dollar unless you select a company that's known and willing to do that.

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How to tell if your car has frame damage?

Not everybody is aware of the fact that the vehicle is suffering from frame damage. Many might think the damage is external, and the problem is just in the external frames and bumpers. However, that's not true.

If you don't have previous experience on how to tell whether your vehicle has frame damage or not, you can check for the followings:

  • First, look for any uneven gaps between the hood, trunk, and doors.
  • Next, try opening and closing your vehicle doors and see if the doors are closed properly.
  • Take a closer look at the vehicle tires and see if they don't have the right proper alignment and whether they suffer from tire wear and tear that's not even.
  • Monitor the vehicle as you drive at something drivable and see if you hear any weird noises every time you perform any action, like a turn or even when driving straight.
  • Check for any clear and visible damages on the frame itself and see if you can detect whether they are major or minor.

If you notice any previous symptoms, your vehicle will most likely suffer from frame damage. If you're not comfortable confirming that, can have a conversation with your mechanic will confirm the issue. Your mechanic should immediately know whether your vehicle is suffering from frame damage or not; they might even provide recommendations about whether you should fix this vehicle or sell it instead.

Frame Damage on a Car

Can Frame damage be repaired?

One of the most common questions that we get from our readers is whether the frame damage is repairable or not. Unfortunately, as we indicated earlier, the frame damage is often not repairable, or even the mechanic might need complicated steps to fix the vehicle. However, if you're lucky enough and the damage was minor, you might get a chance to fix the vehicle, but it might not necessarily indicate that the vehicle is safe to be different.

Whether the damage is repairable or not, deciding whether to fix the vehicle depends heavily on your situation. According to automotive experts, you should not proceed with their repairs, even if the frame damage is repairable until you confirm that the repairs are worth it.

In other words, if you're a mechanic who suggested repairs beyond the vehicle's value or closes enough to the vehicle's value, that's where you should think twice before spending the money. Most automotive experts recommend a threshold of 75% of the vehicle's value as the maximum you should pay for any vehicle to fix it because otherwise, it becomes a waste of money.

For example, if your vehicle is worth $10,000 and repair costs are about $9000, that's not worth it unless you can confirm that the vehicle's value will become $15,000 or $19,000, which is never possible.

How To Fix A Rusted Truck Frame

What to do with a vehicle that has frame damage?

Getting involved in major car accidents is not rare; dealing with frame damages is also common. Therefore, you must decide what to do with the vehicle if you confirm that it has frame damage, especially if the vehicle is not repairable or if repair costs are close enough to the vehicle's value.

The good news is that even though the vehicle is damaged, some people might be interested in purchasing it. These will not be the typical private buyers looking for vehicles through classified websites like Craigslist or eBay motors. Instead, you will need to search for the right people looking for a similar vehicle to yours and don't mind purchasing it with the frame damage.

In general, automotive experts recommend the following choices for you to select from when selling a vehicle that has frame damage:


One thing to start with is looking into junk yards near you. These injuries typically accept your vehicle regardless of its cyber condition. The one thing to remember is that they might not pay the top dollar if you don't spend the time researching about them, and you might get dealing with some junkyards that are not legitimate.

Else come, you have to look into those junkyards and confirm that they have previous work and confirm whether the customers were satisfied with their service. You also might want multiple offers to confirm that you're receiving the maximum for your vehicle.

Cash for cars companies

Another thing you might want to try is selling your damaged car to access car companies. These companies are known for accepting all vehicles regardless of their cyber condition. For example, Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top-rated companies to remove your vehicle within one to three days only!

All you have to do is to give us a call and describe your vehicle type of condition. Our team will immediately provide you with an instant offer generated within 30 seconds. Then we will work with you to coordinate the pickup time and location. This time and location are based on your availability, and we can come to you anytime you want at the right location that's comfortable for you.

If you're interested in more details, call our team at 7737914363!

Donations to charities

Finally, if you're not looking to make extra money from your vehicle, you might want to donate it to a charity. The first thing that might come to your mind is your vehicle is damaged. Who will accept it, and why would a charity accept the damaged car? The short answer is that charities do not typically take the vehicle and drive it; they instead use its value towards their causes.

Frame Damage Meaning

Final thoughts

Dealing with frame damage is a significant problem and might require thousands of dollars in repair. It appears that's why every driver needs to understand the severity of the problem and what needs to be done for this type of vehicle.

It's also critical for any driver to understand how frame damage can decrease your vehicle's resale value. This article highlighted all the details to help you understand the impact of the frame damage on your vehicle's value and also provided other commendations about your options when your vehicle is damaged because of a frame issue.

If you're interested in getting rid of this vehicle today and would like somebody to pick it up immediately within one to three days, only, call Cash Cars Buyer at 773-791-4363

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