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Honda Odyssey Engine Replacement Cost – Watch Out For Broken Motor Mounts! 

Honda Odyssey Engine Replacement Cost – Watch Out For Broken Motor Mounts! 

The Honda Odyssey is a minivan manufactured and produced by Honda, a Japanese automaker, since the 1995 model year and has been on the market ever since. Although a popular vehicle in the Japanese domestic market and the United States, the expensive Honda Odyssey engine replacement cost in some model years dismayed car buyers from purchasing this vehicle. The average Honda Odyssey engine replacement cost ranges between $2,500 and $4,000 for a full replacement! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Worst Honda Odyssey Model Years

To understand why the Honda Odyssey engine replacement cost can be priced higher in some model years, we need to know the worst years of production. By avoiding these models, you can keep your costs at an all-time low. We recommend avoiding the 2002 model year since this year is often considered the least reliable, most problematic, and most expensive. 

2001 Honda Odyssey Engine Problems

The 2001 is known for its transmission issues, premature transmission failure, dangerous airbag defects, and a high Honda Odyssey engine replacement cost. The top engine concerns from winners focus on the exhaust manifold cracking, engine failure, the car idling and stalling, the check engine light turning on, the car burning oil, and the ECM failing.

Fix: Replace the Exhaust Manifold

To fix the cracked manifold, wonders will have to fork over around $700 for the Honda Odyssey engine replacement cost to purchase a new exhaust manifold and install exhaust shields at around 105,000 miles. 

2002 Honda Odyssey Engine Problems

The 2002 Odyssey had numerous issues, with owners complaining about the transmission failure and the engine concerns. The main engine problems focused on the alternator bracket cracking, the crankshaft pulley breaking, the car dying while driving, excessive oil consumption, and the car shaking at low speeds.

Fix: Replace Alternator Bracket

To prevent these issues from leading to a complete engine replacement, owners need to pay between $20 and $130 to replace the alternator bracket. The price varies greatly depending on the type of vehicle, the extent of the damage, and the repair shop. This problem typically arises at around 110,000 miles, with owners stating the bracket, serpentine belt, and tensioner pulley are susceptible to extreme damage.

2003 Honda Odyssey Engine Problems

Owners of the 2003 Odyssey complain about the check engine light on their dashboard, broken motor mounts, engine revving at high speeds, stripped head bolt ports, engine shaking while driving, unintended acceleration, and a cracked engine block. 

Fix: Replace the Transmission

Although the check engine light can come on for various reasons, in the 2003 Odyssey, owners often find that a transmission replacement is a culprit. Other reasons the check engine light can come on could be due to a minor issue, like a faulty gas cap or o2 sensor misreading, but in this case, owners will have to pay a hefty HOnda odyssey engine replacement cost.


The average price of repair cost is around $3,670 and occurs at nearly 100,000 miles, with owners complaining they have to change the transmission to stop the engine acceleration and performance problems.

2005 Honda Odyssey Engine Problems

The top categories of concern in the 2005 Odyssey dealt with the body and paint, steering system, and the engine. The most-reported issues dealt with engine mount failure, the spark plugs blowing out, excessive oil consumption, engine vibrations, crankshaft pulley malfunctioning, intermittent whining noises, and ticking when idle.

Fix: Replace Motor Mounts

The most common fix for the engine mount failure is to replace the mounts at around 109,000 miles. This brings the total Honda Odyssey engine replacement cost in the 2005 model to $1,110 on average.


The average cost for a Honda Odyssey engine mount replacement is between $1,106 and $1,158, with the labor costs between $196 and $247. The parts’ price is quite high for this fix, coming in at an average of $910. The engine mount’s purpose is to hold the engine in place, with this mechanism designed to prevent the engine and chassis from moving while driving. 

2006 Honda Odyssey Engine Problems

The 2006 Odyssey had numerous complaints regarding the steering, transmission, body and paint, AC and heater, and the engine. The most problematic engine concerns focused on the broken motor mounts, excessive oil consumption, compute failure, and oil leaking.

Fix: Replace Valve Cover Gasket

In the case of excessive oil consumption, the repair can sometimes be traced back to a leak in the valve cover gasket. In this case, you need to replace this part – a fix you can do yourself or at a local mechanic. By doing the labor yourself, you can reduce the overall Honda Odyssey engine replacement cost. 


The first step is to let the engine cool. Once the car is off and cooled down, lift the valve cover, remove the old valve cover gasket, install the new one, apply silicone to seal the gasket, and tighten the bolts. The total price for the replacement of the valve cover gasket will range between $90 and $350 depending on the price of the labor, which can range from $50 to $300.

2007 Honda Odyssey Engine Problems

The last production year of the Odyssey that contained severe engine concerns was the 2007 year, with the most problematic categories being the body and paint, steering, brakes, and engine. 


Owners complained of excessive oil consumption, check engine light on the dashboard, excessive engine noise while driving, cracked engine block, and random misfiring. 

Fix: Replace Spark Plugs

To fix the engine misfiring and spark plug breaking down, you need to replace the spark plugs. These parts are incredibly inexpensive when compared to the hefty Honda Odyssey engine replacement cost. Although you may have to replace several at once, the total price will still range between just $40 and $150 total.

2008 Honda Odyssey Engine Problems

The main engine concerns from owners focus on the cracked engine block, bad engine mounts, engine rattling when starting, excessive oil use, engine overheating, oil leaking, no oil, loss of power, and engine ticking at low speeds.

Fix: Replace Engine Mounts

To get rid of the loud and annoying rattling when starting, owners will have to pay $250 for the Honda Odyssey engine replacement cost to replace the engine mounts or the hydraulic motor mount at around 61,000 miles.

2021 Honda Odyssey Reliability

Although the Honda Odyssey engine replacement cost may be more than some drivers are willing to pay, it can be worth the hefty price in some cases. If your car is running well and you enjoy the way your 2021 Odyssey performs, then paying for the expensive replacement can keep your car on the road for many more years.


Taking the 2021 Honda Odyssey into account, this vehicle earned the #1 ranking in the Minivans category. This car model’s positives include the roomy and upscale cabin, the extensive list of safety technology and family-friendly features, the ample cargo area for storing luggage, and the powerful engine. 


The 2021 Odyssey’s negatives focus on the reduced functionality in having to remove second-row seats for max cargo space. In addition, some owners complain about the expensive Honda Odyssey engine replacement cost for the 2021 model when problems arise. 


The Car US News Scorecard gave the Odyssey an 8.7 out of 10, earning a 9.7 for critics’ rating, 8.2 for performance, 9.0 for interior, 9.8 for safety, and a 3 out of 5 for the JD Power Reliability rating. 

2021 Honda Odyssey Engine

The 2021 Odyssey comes with a 280-horsepower V6 engine that can produce plenty of acceleration and speed for driving down the highway. The minivan can accelerate quickly for a bigger vehicle and get up to freeway speeds without straining the engine too much. 


Even when carrying a full car of people and cargo, the minivan can still perform to the desired expectations. Owners are instructed to maintain the engine and bring the car in for regular maintenance to avoid an expensive Honda Odyssey engine replacement cost. 

Honda Odyssey Engine Replacement Cost

If you are looking to purchase a new engine for your Honda Odyssey, this typically costs between $2,500 and $4,000. However, if you want to buy a used engine, this will be slightly cheaper, coming in between $1300 and $1850 without the labor included. Adding in labor, the time needed to perform an engine replacement is typically between 15 and 25 hours.


In this case, the labor for the Honda Odyssey engine replacement cost will range between $1,200 and $2,000 on average.

The Bottom Line

To prevent having an extremely high Honda Odyssey engine replacement cost, we recommend doing some research on the most reliable and safest production years. By avoiding certain years, like the 2005-2007 years, you can avoid having problematic concerns that will only worsen over time.


Spending a few hundred dollars on replacing spark plugs or fixing engine motor mounts may seem like a lot at the time, but paying the price before it leads to engine failure will save you thousands of dollars on the total Honda Odyssey engine replacement cost.