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Honda Odyssey Air Conditioner Problems – Watch Out For Loud Noises!

Honda Odyssey Air Conditioner Problems – Watch Out For Loud Noises!

Drivers need to know the main symptoms for the Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems. By knowing the concerns in the 2007, 2010, 2012, and 2018 model years, car owners can keep replacement costs as low as possible. In addition, learning why your car is blowing hot air and the air conditioning system replacement costs can ensure drivers make smart decisions. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Honda Odyssey Air Conditioner Problems – Symptoms

  • Loud Noises

When the air conditioning is turned on in your vehicle, and loud noises come from the system, this is a clear sign or symptom that you have Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems. Like other parts of your vehicle driven and controlled by the engine belt, the air conditioner system has various interior components and is a complicated mechanism. 


The air conditioning system for the car is a sealed bearing to turn, running properly. If any of these internal parts wear down over time, or the air conditioner compressor’s internal bearings fail, noises will be produced. A leaking or damaged bearing will produce a loud, high-pitched, squealing, or grinding sound, while a seizing or damaged bearing can produce a low grinding noise.


Due to the mechanism and the tough internal components, it is usually the best solution to replace the entire air conditioner system by going to a mechanic. By replacing the air conditioner system, you can prevent further Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems.

  • High Cabin Temperature

One of the main signs of Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems is the air conditioning is no longer blowing as cold air. The hot air can usually be felt when the cabin temperature is higher than normal. A damaged or failing air conditioner system will not properly determine and regulate the refrigerant’s flow and transmission in the air conditioning system. 

  • Compressor Clutch Failure

Another sign of Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems is that the clutch is not able to move. The clutch on the air conditioner system is the mechanism that allows the pulley to engage and disengage from the power of the engine so that the air conditioner compressor is only rotating and turning when the system needs it to be. 


Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems means that the clutch can seize, which keeps the air conditioner compressor activated. In addition, the clutch can break, meaning the air conditioner does not receive enough power coming directly from the engine. 

  • Leaking Fluid

The last sign of Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems is that there is leaking fluid from your vehicle. The air conditioner compressor has its own internal bearings, which are supposed to prevent any fluid from leaking while it is pressurizing the refrigerant in the engine.

  • Air Conditioner Air Not Cold

One of the main Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems is that your air might not be as cold as it should be. If you notice that your air conditioner is working, but the air coming out of the vents is not blowing at the correct temperature, this could be the first clue you have the wrong freon for your car.

  • Freon costs around $150 for a Freon refill, while the average range is between $100 and $350 for topping off your car’s refrigerant. 
  • Foul Smell from the AC

Another sign of Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems is a bad smell coming from the vents. If you notice a smell like mildew coming from the air conditioning, this could indicate that you might have mold in the system. 

  • Adding professional mold removal costs around $600 to $2,000 when purchasing the correct kind of freon for your car. Removing the mold takes extensive labor time, special equipment, and certain types of chemicals. 
  • Unusual Sounds

 If you hear unusual banging or rattling sounds in the air conditioning system, this can be a clear symptom that the air conditioner needs service. The air conditioning system or the fan belt could be worn out or damaged or signify that debris or sludge is clogging the air conditioner fan. 

  • Inspecting and cleaning the furnace of your AC costs between $100 and $300, while the high-end range can go upwards of $500 if you include cleaning the entire AC unit. 
  • Liquid Under the Floorboard

Lastly, if you notice puddles or stains from the water on your car's floorboard under the dash, this is a very noticeable sign that your air conditioner is leaking and causing the Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems. By figuring out the correct freon for your car, you can determine if the car has a clogged drain hose. 

  •  If the drain line becomes clogged in your AC system, water can back up and overflow into the cabin of your car. Flushing the line or repairing the AC hose can cost anywhere from $75 to $250 in most vehicles

Honda Odyssey AC Not Blowing Cold Air

If you find that the Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems come from your Honda Odyssey AC not blowing cold air, the most likely cause of this is a lack of freon. 

What is freon?

Freon is a chlorofluorocarbon gas that is liquid when first confined and kept inside the car, but then immediately turns into gas when exposed to room temperature. 


Just like many other games, also known as CFC gases, freon has been used as a coolant in both refrigerators and AC systems in cars. Freon ever existed as a gas until 1930 and then was invented, replacing many coolants that were harming your vehicle.

Why do I need freon?

Your car’s air conditioning is a specific kind of closed system that depends on refrigerant to cool off the vehicle’s cabin area on warmer days. The refrigerant evaporates, keeping you comfortable while sitting in the interior of your car. When the temperatures begin to rise inside the vehicle, the fluid condenses again to recirculate through the system. You need to keep your freon at a high level to prevent the Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems. 

When should I replace my freon?

It is crucial to replace your freon coolant in the air conditioning system at regular intervals to heat and cool efficiently while also increasing your air conditioning system’s longevity.


Any AC system that was created and manufactured after 2003 probably runs on a safer gas instead of freon, known as Puron. Freon air conditioners are quickly losing popularity on the market today, although it doesn’t mean you can't use your vehicle air conditioning as it is. There are various freon replacement service stations that help you prevent Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems.

2010 Honda Odyssey Air Conditioning Problems

Drivers have made various complaints regarding the Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems in the 2010 model year. Car owners state the AC randomly stops working and makes odd noises when they have to change the temperature setting. 

  • Owners have to pay around $2,200 to replace the entire AC system or the compressor depending on the extent of the damage. Car owners have to pay for this replacement price at around 84,000 miles on average to fix the recurring Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems. 

2007 Honda Odyssey Air Conditioning Problems

The most concerning Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems in the 2007 model year all focus on exterior damage causing the air conditioning to turn off, the AC turning off sporadically, and the AC not blowing cold air. In addition, the NHTSA cited issues with the air conditioner electrical equipment that can cause the Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems.

  • Fixing the exterior damage due to an object hitting the front grill and turning off the air conditioning typically occurs at aroune 32,000 miles, with owners having to replace the AC condenser for an average repair cost of $790.
      • Owners report the air conditioning system was punctured by road debris, causing the Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems.
  • Repairing the AC not working typically costs around $2,580 to replace the compressor and other internal components at around 97,000 miles.
    • Owners state the air conditioning only works in some vents, the air conditioner progressively gets worse over time, and the driver needs to replace an entire compressor or the clutch to fix the Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems.

2018 Honda Odyssey Air Conditioner Problems

Drivers with the 2018 Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems need to learn how to diagnose their issues before they can solve the Honda odyssey air conditioner problems with ease. Car owners can check their air conditioning system in just 4 steps.

  • Check Temperature Fluctuation

If the air temperature is not coming out cool from your air conditioning system in your car when the ac compressor should be turned on, there is a good chance that the ac compressor has failed. If the air conditioning still works in your car and the cold air is coming out of the vents, you are experiencing Honda Odyssey Air conditioner problems.

  • Inspect the AC Compressor

You will need to find your AC compressor and inspect it for any rust, damage, oil leaks, paint damage, or anything else that has caused the bad AC compressor to harm the engine. With a lack of oil in the compressor, the AC compressor will not function well and can cause premature wear and tear, putting stress on various engine parts. The increased friction in the ac compressor can lead to erratic temperatures when the air conditioning system is turned on.

  • Check your Belts

Once the visual inspection is done on the ac compressor, you need to check your belts to ensure enough tension on the belt, and the belts are not damaged or have any holes or abrasions. If you find that the belt has any cracks or splits on the material, this can cause further damage to the ac compressor and cause the Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems.

  • Inspect the Clutch

The clutch is located at the front of the ac compressor. Ensure that the clutch has enough space and room to rotate and move within the system freely. As you turn the clutch’s hub, there should be minimal resistance or friction within the system, and the clutch should be able to move without any issue. A bad clutch can cause the Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems.

  • Find Refrigerant leaks

The air conditioning system is closed and should not leak, and the refrigerant also has to be at the proper level in order for it to run correctly. If you have a low refrigerant in your car, the low refrigerant means you leak into the system. The best way to test the system for leaks is with an electronic AC refrigerant leak detector tool that can help you or a mechanic detect small refrigerant traces that can cause the Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems. 

2012 Honda Odyssey Air Conditioner Problems

Compared to other years, the 2012 Honda Odyssey air conditioning problems are not as severe as other choices. The only complaints drivers had focused on the AC noise, AC system vibration, and the air conditioner having trouble being adjusted and regulated. 

Honda Odyssey Air Conditioner Replacement Costs

To prevent the Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems, you will have to do an ac compressor replacement after it goes bad or is showing signs of wear and tear.

Average Price of Air Conditioner Replacement

The component itself usually ranges from between $650 and $950, or even more in some cases. The labor costs will usually range between $150 and $200, meaning that the overall price will usually come in about $800 and $1,150 on average. 

Sample AC Replacement Costs


Regarding some of the more popular cars on the market, some average prices can give you a hint as to how much the car ac system replacement will cost your vehicle. 

  • For the 2014 Ford Taurus, the total estimate is coming in just below $900, which is over $500 less than the 2016 Tahoe. The parts cost comes in at $582, and the labor cost comes in at just over $310, with the average dealer price equalling just around $1,000. This car is one of the least expensive options when looking at the car prices’ air conditioner compressor. 
  • The 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe estimate comes in at around $1404, with the cost of the parts is $860 and the labor cost coming in at around $543. The average dealer price for the 2016 Tahoe comes in at just below $1600.
  • In addition, the 2010 Mazda CX-7 comes in at an estimate of around $1242, with the part cost being below $700 and the labor cost coming in at $543, with the average dealer price being around $1429 for the total cost. 
  • Furthermore, the 2006 Mercedes Benz SL600 comes in at just around $1600, being one of the most expensive in terms of the bad ac compressor replacement cost when compared to other vehicles on the market. The parts cost is around $900, while the total labor cost is just below $700, with the average dealer price coming in at $1827. 

The Bottom Line

Figuring out how you can prevent the Honda Odyssey air conditioner problems is crucial to keeping the repair and replacement prices as low as possible. By realizing the symptoms of a faulty air conditioner system, the problems in specific model years, and the overall replacement prices for your air conditioning and heating system, you can keep your car running at a healthy level.