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What is Honda B1 Service? 

What is Honda B1 Service? 

Honda is one of the leading vehicle manufacturers in the world. Back in 1946, engineer Honda Soichiro founded the Honda Technical Research Institute- which was located near Hamamatsu. Soichiro intended to produce and manufacturer efficient, sturdy and small internal-combustion engines. In 1948, the Honda Motor Company was formed- with the sale of motorcycles in 1949. Today, Honda stands as one of the leaders in fuel-efficient and reliable vehicles.  As the company continues to evolve, Honda offers B1 service to customers. The objective is to help vehicle owners adhere to maintenance of their Honda vehicles. In this post, we’ll focus on the Honda B1 Service and all that it offers Honda vehicle owners. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

How Can I Benefit From The Honda B1 Service? 

The Honda B1 service program- a program that offers a reminder to Honda owners- is a part of the Honda Maintenance Minder System. The Maintenance Minder System provides Honda owners a state-of-the-art replacement for recommended maintenance timetables. 


Thanks to the Honda B1 Service, there is no longer a need for Honda owners to guess when it is time to have your Honda vehicle serviced.  The Maintenance Minder has an algorithm-based computer system that tells Honda drivers that it’s time for maintenance. 


The alerts that the Honda B1 Service sends to Honda owners, reminds them to get their vehicle serviced- so that costly repairs can be avoided.  The primary objective of the Honda Maintenance Minder is to gauge and track engine oil life. Additionally, the Honda Maintenance Minder also regulates and monitors various engine operations such as temperature. Honda drivers can also count on the Honda Maintenance Minder to watch and evaluate speed and general vehicle usage. When the engine oil gets to a specific percentage, the service light will illuminate. Should the oil life reach 15%, then the oil in the Honda vehicle is too contaminated and needs to be changed ASAP.  In addition to the “wrench-shaped” light, drivers will also see a “main” service code coupled with a “sub-code” that will also illuminate. 


What is the Honda B1 Service Message? 

Should you only see the main code “A” on your Honda’s vehicle’s dash, then you only need to replace your vehicle’s engine oil. If you have the B1 code illuminate, then the following:

  1. it’s time to get your engine oil replaced. 
  2. You need a new oil filter. 
  3. it’s time to get our front as well as back vehicle brakes inspected and replaced if necessary. 
  4. Have someone evaluate your Honda’s parking brake adjustment.
  5. Be sure to check other parts of your Honda vehicle (i.e., fluid levels, brake hoses and more).  

Additionally, the “1” is the sub-code that tells drivers you need to rotate your tires. Let’s use an example. You are a Honda Accord owner. It’s also time to get your tires rotated as well as other maintenance. 

What Does The Honda B1 Service For My Car Include? 

The B1 service for your car includes:

Replacement of Engine Oil and Oil Filter 

The folks at Honda realize that your vehicle needs clean and fresh oil to keep your Honda in optimum condition. So, if you decide to forgo an oil change here or there, then you run the risk of doing tremendous damage to your Honda. Dirty engine oil can cause bad fuel economy, major engine damage and even loss of horsepower. With your B1 Service, your oil is replaced with fresh, clean and appropriate oil for your Honda vehicle. Honda vows to use only the highest quality of oil that is tailored to your particular Honda’s needs. Many Honda service centers use name-brand oils that have a reputation for quality and efficiency. Some include: Pennzoil, Castrol, Mobile1 and more. With your B1 service, your Honda techs will replace your oil filter with one that is approved by Honda. The techs will also tell you when your next oil change should be. 

Tire Rotation 

Honda knows that proper tire traction helps keep your Honda on the road in all kinds of weather. From snow, ice or rain, proper traction can make the difference between a safe ride and a possible accident. So, with your B1 service, you will receive a thorough tire rotation, as well as recommendations as to what you need for your tires. Should you need a replacement, your Honda techs will tell you so, ensuring that you have the correct tires for your Honda vehicle. 

Brake Maintenance And Brake Adjustments 

Your Honda B1 Service also includes complete brake services that help to ensure your Honda is always ready to stop should you need to. Your Honda’s brakes are the most important safety feature. So, your B1 service will include a thorough inspection and necessary replacement of the discs, drums, rotors and more. Honda has a wide range of brake components that include the brake shoes and pads, rotors, hoses, calipers, lines and more. Even if you need just a quick safety inspection of your Honda’s bakes, before a road trip, or a replacement of your entire brake system, you can count on your B1 service Honda tech to provide that for you.  


Additional B2 service includes: 

  1. a check of your drive belts 
  2. a replacement of the Honda’s pollen and dust filter 
  3. a replacement of your air cleaner element 
  4. any additional parts and components 


Now is the time for an inspection of the following items: 

  1. Steering gear box & boots 
  2. tie rod ends
  3. driveshaft boots
  4. all suspension components
  5. brake lines hoses and the entire ABS system
  6. all of your fluids and their condition 
  7. the Honda’s exhaust system
  8. The connections and the fuel lines 


How Can I Reset a Honda Maintenance Minder? 

Sometimes, a Honda tech may forget to reset your service minder.  If your Honda is equipped with Honda's Maintenance Minder function, you will see it display your Honda’s engine oil life as well as any maintenance requirements during mileage intervals. After you have your Honda serviced at a local service department, your Honda technician will generally reset the service minder. This eliminates the service-required notice that is located on the instrument panel information display. 


 So, if your tech forgets to reset the service minder, or it doesn’t go off, you can perform the following steps to reset the maintenance minder by yourself. The procedure to reset the maintenance minder is the same for each Honda that is equipped with the maintenance minder. Not Honda vehicles have the maintenance minder vehicle. You can take the following steps to reset my maintenance minder:

Step One

Insert your key into the ignition, and turn the ignition switch on. Don’t start the Honda.  

Step Two 

Next, depress the “Sel/Reset” button until the oil life indicator appears on your Honda’s display.

Step Three

Make sure that you press as well as hold the “Sel/Reset” button till your Honda’s oil life indicator light and maintenance code blinks.

Step Four

Press as well as hold the “Sel/Reset” button till you see the oil life indicator light set to 100, and you see the maintenance item code no longer visible. 


How Can I Maintain My Honda and Utilize My B1 Service? 

Whether you’re driving a 2016 Honda CR-V or a 2020 Honda Accord, you have a Honda that you want to keep running. So, how can you maintain it? Well, the answer is of course, regular maintenance. Some newer Honda owners will skip or forgo the oil changes, and other maintenance that is needed-because the car is still “new”. We all know that a “new” car can use some of its luster, and as a Honda owner, it’s your job to keep it running optimally. Below are some tips that you can use to keep your Honda running smoothly, and keep those high repair bills “out of sight”! 

Take Full Advantage of Your B1 Service/ Maintenance Minder System 

These days, our vehicles are run by computers. So, if you are getting alerts that you need maintenance on your Honda, you need to adhere to the alerts. Your Honda may make receiving maintenance on your Honda easy. Call and find out if your Honda offers pick up and delivery service. You don’t want to be a Honda owner who ignores the alerts and reminders you get.  Allow the Honda techs to perform the scheduled maintenance on your car now, to avoid the costly and surprising repairs later. 

Ask Questions and Learn How Your Honda Works 

As Honda owner, you want to be a Honda owner, who knows how your vehicle works. Do you have questions about an oil change? Ask! Do you need to know how tread is measured on your tires? Ask! The more you know about your Honda, the better you are as an informed Honda owner. 

Take Advantage of Your Local Honda Dealership 

Not only does dealership just sell cars, but they help car owners to maintain your cars. So, when you visit your Honda dealer, they know all of the “ins and outs” of one make of car: Honda. So, utilize them and allow them to service your Honda as it should be. Many scheduled maintenance procedures are covered under warranty. So, you may not need to pay any money.  

Replace What Needs to Be Replaced & Don’t Wait For Disaster To Strike 

As car owners, it is our job to replace parts that need to be replaced. It is also our job to avoid the hefty repair bills, with regular maintenance. When you see a Honda tech about your Honda, you are creating a relationship that helps establish a record and a history of what your Honda is, has received, and is due for. Don’t just buy a Honda, and never make a trip  to a Honda tech, to keep it running smoothly. Buying /leasing a car is one thing… the other component to that purchase is keeping the vehicle maintained. 

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