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Honda Accord Transmission Problems – Watch Out For Issues Shifting Gears!

Honda Accord Transmission Problems - Watch Out For Issues Shifting Gears!

The Honda Accord has a reputation for being a reliable car over the years. However, the Honda Accord transmission problems have deterred some users from purchasing this vehicle. Therefore, we are telling you the worst model years of hte Accord, the signs and symptoms to look out for, and how much you can expect to pay to repair the transmission! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Worst Model Years of the Honda Accord 

The Honda Accord has been an extremely popular model throughout the years. Despite the popularity, the Honda Accord transmission problems, coupled with high repair costs and a lack of reliability, has made some production years unsafe to purchase. The worst model years of the Accord are the 2003, 2008, 2009, and 2013. 

2003 Honda Accord Transmission Problems

The 2003 Accord is plagued by transmission failure and a consistent issue with the stereo backlight failing after minimal use. To prevent these Honda Accord transmission problems, we have one word of advice – avoid this model year. 


The worst categories of concern in this year are the transmission, interior accessories, body and paint, engine, and AC and heater. The NHTSA also cited a whopping 588 complaints regarding the transmission, stating that there were concerns with the torque converter, manual transmission, automatic transmission, gear position, and the levers and linkages. 


Regarding the Honda Accord transmission problems, the most common issue is premature transmission failure.  The most common solution is to replace or rebuild the transmission, contact Honda to assist with teh replacement cost, or join suit with other car owners and file a class-action lawsuit. The overall repair cost for this issue is around $2,720 and occurs at around 97,000 miles.


Owners who experience this Accord problem say that the transmission starts and stops while driving, the car wouldn’t move forward or in reverse, and the car makes loud noises during use before dying on the road. 


The second issue when looking at the 2003 Honda Accord transmission problems is the car not shifting properly. Owners have to pay over $2,610 to either replace the transmission or replace the torque converter solenoid and rebuild the entire transmission. The average mileage of this occurrence is just over 100,000 miles, with owners stating this problem is an 8.4 out of 10 on the severity scale.


The third most pressing issue regarding the 2003 Honda Accord transmission problems is  the car’s transmission slipping out of gear. Fixing this concern costs over $2,600 to replace the transmission, rebuild the transmission, or purchase a refurbished transmission from a Honda dealership at around 95,000 miles.

2008 Honda Accord Transmission Problems

The 2008 Accord suffers from various defects – all of which are quite serious. This model year has problems with the brakes, excessive oil consumption, uncomfortable,seats, and numerous Honda Accord transmission problems. 


The most pressing transmission concerns focus on the transmission jerking into gear, the transmission slipping, the car shuddering when changing gears, the car hesitating, the car having trouble shifting gears in cold weather, and early transmission failure. To fix the transmission jerking into gear, owners have to pay around $4,500 to replace the entire transmission – a hefty replacement cost at just 35,000 miles. 

2009 Honda Accord Transmission Problems

The 2009 Accord followed suit with the previous year – it had plenty of issues with the braking reliability, extreme oil consumption, dated interior, uncomfortable seats, and Honda Accord transmission problems. 


The worst transmission problems dealt with the torque converter shuddering, the transmission slipping, the transmission not working properly, and the car making a whining sound. 

2013 Honda Accord Transmission Problems

Although some of the issues from previous years were addressed and remedied, the 2013 year suffered from the starter failing at just around 36,000 miles, the OEM battery not providing enough power to the V6 engine, and the Honda Accord transmission problems. 


Owners complained about the car hesitating and slipping while accelerating, the car revving high when it is cold outside, the transmission failing prematurely, a noticeable downshift when coasting, rough shifting, and the transmission not engaging in some gears. 


To fix the hesitation and slipping, the most common solution is to replace the axle, replace the seal, update the PCM, and refill the transmission fluid. This is a fairly low repair cost at just $350 when compared to the more severe Honda Accord transmissions problems. 

1998 Honda Accord Transmission Recall

Back in 1998, Honda had to recall almost 35,000 units of their Accord sedan to fix a problem that prevented their automatic transmission from fully selecting and engaging the Park posinto. The die used to cause the transmission cover created issues with construction, preventing the metal piece that engages Park to actually stop the car. 

2004 Honda Accord Recall

Honda announced a recall in early 2004 that affected over 1 MILLION vehicles due to the prevalent Honda Accord transmission problems! The gear failure in certain Accord vehicles could result in transmission lockup, increasing the risk of a crash and dangerous driving conditions. 


In some minivans, SUVS, and passenger cars, certain conditions could result in an excessive buildup of heat between the countershaft and secondary shaft gears. If this occurs within the automatic transmission, it could quickly lead to gear breakage and other Accord transmission problems. 

2010 Honda Accord Recall

Honda announced another recall that directly related to the Honda Accord transmission problems. If the driver would take out the ignition key when the gear selector of their Accord had not been properly shifted to the park position, this could increase the irks of a crash and a dangerous situation for everyone around the vehicle. 


This recall affected over 550,000 vehicles, with Honda forced to recall certain model year 2003 Honda Accord cars, Honda Civic two and four-door cars, and 2003-2004 Honda Element vehicles. 

2011 Honda Accord Recall

In 2011, Honda Accord had to recall 2005-2010 Accord model year cars that contained the automatic transmission. Produced between mid-2004 and the end of 2010, this specific kind of car had a damaged secondary shaft bearing that could break and cause further Honda Accord transmission problems.


According to the Honda recall, certain driving styles like aggressive driving, frequent stopping and starting, and speeding up in tight spaces, could lead to the outer brace on the ball bearings to fracture. If the outer metal band on the ball bearing breaks, this could turn on the Check Engine Light on the dashboard.


Furthermore, the ball bearing could break and cause the dislodged part to stick in the space that engages the ‘Park’ position, leading to the car potentially rolling away after being shifted into Park. If this happens, it will cause serious safety issues and further aHonda Accord transmission problems. 

Can I drive with a transmission problem?

Although you may think that some of the HOnda Accord transmission problems are not severe enough to require immediate attention, not fixing the transmission or engine is a crucial mistake that can lead to your car completely breaking down. If your Honda Accord can still chug along, turn on, make it up a hill, and accelerate, you might think that it’s fine and you can address the issues later.


However, that’s not always the best solution depending on the frequency and severity of the Honda Accord transmission problems. There are numerous expensive and important parts that are moving together and working together in the transmission, and if something is not working as it should, continuing to drive on a faulty transmission could damage another part irreversibly.

How often do I need to replace the Honda Accord transmission?

The lifespan of a Honda Accord transmission depends on the maintenance schedule, the condition when it was first installed in the car, and the prevalence of seriousness of any noticeable Honda Accord transmission problems. With factory design issues also contributing to some problems, the low end of the replacement schedule will be at around 130,000 miles.


If you take better care of your Honda Transmission, then you can expect your car’s mechanism to last upwards of 180,000 miles on average. A high-quality transmission replacement can last longer than 180,000 miles if you fix the Honda Accord transmission problems soon as you notice them, you stick to a routine maintenance schedule, and the factory design flaws have been corrected.

How are Honda Accord transmission problems diagnosed?

When trying to figure out how to diagnose and fix the Honda Accord transmission problems in your car, you need to have the right tools, knowledge, and experience to look in the right places and repair or replace the correct parts. If this doesn’t sound like you, bringing your car to a local mechanic can help save your transmission before it is too late.


A good mechanic or local transmission repair center will know how to connect your Honda Accord toa computer and diagnostic tool to figure out which diagnostic trouble codes have been stored in your car’s internal computer- the electronic control module. Once the mechanics know what problems to look for, it will be much easier for them to visually find the Honda Accord transmission problems. 

Honda Accord Transmission Repair Cost

The average transmission repair cost for replacing your Honda Accord transmission is between $1800 and $3400, while the second most expensive choice is to purchase a remanufactured mechanism for between $1300 and $3400.


The other options are to save a bit of money and buy a rebuilt transmission for between $1100 and $2800, or to buy a used or salvage transmission for between $800 and $1500. 

The Bottom Line

Figuring out what model years of the Honda Accord that are safe to use can help you keep the transmission repair cost at an all time low – no more worrying about the Honda Accord transmission problems worsening over time! 

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