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Honda Accord Car Won’t Start – Anti Theft Not Working

Honda Accord Car Won’t Start – Anti Theft Not Working

The Honda Accord is a well-built car. In fact, The Accord is such a good car that is continuously makes many of the “most stolen car” lists. So, when your Accord gives you issues and the anti-theft mechanism goes awry, what can you do? What do you do when your car won’t start? 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Reasons Why Your Honda Accord Won’t Start 

While there are a lot of reasons that your Honda Accord won’t start, we have the top three most common reasons that your car will refuse to crank. The trio of reasons include: 1. A dead battery, 2.  An issue with your Accord’s alternator, and 3. A failed starter. 

How Does A Mechanic Perform A No-Start Diagnosis Then Fix It? 

When a mechanic seeks to correct a no-start issue with your Honda Accord, it generally involves the mechanic replacing the battery, starter or the alternator. Your mechanic will also then evaluate any connections and clean anything that needs to be cleaned. Your auto professional will also look at your Accord’s ignition system and fuel system. He or she will then repair anything that needs repair. A proper diagnosis will take some time, because there are so many potential reasons that your Accord won’t start.  


Repair Systems For a Honda Accord That Won’t Start 

Check out some of the symptoms of a Honda Accord that won’t start. 

Battery Replacement 

You may just need to replace the battery in your Honda Accord. Your Accord’s battery will be considered dead when there it not sufficient charge to start the engine and/or run any electrical components of the Accord. Generally, the first sign of a dead battery in an Accord, are lights that are dimming in the interior. 


Fuel Pump Replacement 

If you have a fuel pump that is leaking, or begins to make lots of noises, then it’s time to visit a mechanic ASAP. Your faulty fuel pump may not be able to create sufficient pressure in the fuel system. 


Starter Replacement 

Your Accord may have starter issues. When you turn the key to your Accord, the starter solenoid will click, but the engine of your Accord will fail to rotate. 


Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement 

When your Accord’s ignition switch lock cylinder fails, then you have a situation in which your ignition can’t be turned. Or you have to do some real wiggling, shaking or work to get it to work. This should not be something that takes tremendous energy on your part.  Once your ignition lock cylinder is faulty, you may find it impossible to insert your key, turn your ignition, or to even remove the key from the Accord’s ignition. If your key fails to turn, you cannot obviously drive your car.  Is the key stuck and refuses to come out? Then you have to contend now with theft. Regardless of the issue, you want this fixed ASAP. 


Crankshaft Position Sensor Replacement

When your Accord’s computer system senses the engine is out of time, your check engine light will illuminate and the engine will be on the way to failure or stalling. If you do have an engine that is running, then it will be running poorly, as well as getting terrible fuel mileage. 


How Do I Turn Off The Anti Theft System On My Honda Accord?

It may be possible that you may reach a point in which your Accord’s anti-theft system fails to function properly. Is your remote dead or do you have a dead battery? If your Accord’s battery being dead causing the key to lose its memory? Did you damage the immobilizer chip in your key or even damage your car door lock? 


If your anti-theft system isn’t working as it should, then you need to shut off the system so that your Accord can resume normal operation. If you have a damaged door lock, then you may need to hire a locksmith to fix this issue. Damaged immobilizer chips as well as dead batteries can cause your Accord’s anti-theft device to stop working properly. Check out three ways you can shut off your Accord’s anti-theft/alarm system. 


Evaluate The Key and The Cylinder 

Many times, your Accord alarm will start to go off if the battery that is in your key fob is getting low. This should serve as a warning so that you don’t get locked out of your car.  Once you Accord alarm starts to blare and go off, then switch the battery that is in your remote. Then wait a couple of days to see if this remedies the issue. If it doesn’t, then you have to go further to fix the issue. So, you can check to see if there is damage to your door lock cylinder.  You can find your door lock cylinder on the inside of the door where it fastens to the body of your Honda Accord. If there is visible damage there, then you may have found the reason that your car alarm keeps going off. Your Accord may be “thinking” that someone is attempting to open the door. Don’t forget to check under your door handle- this is a place where a potential thief may try to punch a tool though the open locked car door. Is the area damaged? Then this is why your car alarm is going off. 


 Your Honda Accord Key Fob 

One of the most common ways to get your Accord’s anti-theft system to go off, is by utilizing your key fob. Just press your Accord’s alarm button, and by doing this, the alarm system should turn off- given that you are in close proximity to the vehicle. Even just a little tap or a bump on your Accord, can get your car to “thinking” that someone is trying to steal it. So, should this be the case, you can then press the alarm button on your remote and then reset it. My times, however, your Accord’s anti-theft system is faulty and is being set off or is being triggered for another reason. If it wasn’t not due to someone or something bumping the car, then, you may have to test some other things. 


Turning the Ignition 

Another step you can take to remedy your Accord’s anti-theft system is to turn the Accord’s ignition on. So, how do you do this after your Accord won’t start when the anti-theft system is engaged? Check your vehicle’s dash and see if you have your anti-theft light on. If it is, then place your key into the ignition and turn it in the direction of the “on” position. This position will activate such accessories in your car such as your radio and lights.  After you do this, wait about fifteen minutes. After your fifteen minutes has passed, then you want to evaluate your anti-theft light. Did it go off? You can now then turn the key back to the off position and then take it out. Wait a few moments, ensuring that your system was reset. After that, you can put your key back in and you can then start your Accord. Your car should start right up. But if it doesn’t, then you may have a battery that has been drained, due to your radio, lights and other accessories having been on. You can easily identify a dead battery. Now, if you try all of this and the car doesn’t start, or the alarm goes off again, then you may need to obtain an obd2 scanner to remedy the issue. You may also need to head to a Honda dealer or a mechanic that specializes in Accord vehicles, to fix the issue. 


Disconnect Your Battery 

Another thing you can try should your alarm continue to go off, is to disconnect your Accord’s battery. 

Once you go under the hood of your Accord, and you begin unplugging the battery, you can reset our alarm/anti-theft system. This may be beneficial in resetting the system. Just carefully disconnect both your negative as well as your positive battery terminals. Then, wait a few moments. After waiting, reconnect your terminals and see if this helped to fix the issue.


Is the Wheel Locked? 

Sometimes your Accord’s anti-theft system will still engage, the alarm will not go off, but you still will not be able to start your car. This may be due to your wheel is locked.  This may happen if your Accord’s steering wheel was bumped too much after you turned the Accord off. If your steering wheel is locked, you will not be able to turn the key. Just nudge the steering wheel a little bit. This may do the trick in disengaging and then you will be able to turn your key and crank up your Accord. 


What Is The Average Cost Of A Honda Accord Antitheft System Diagnosis & Testing Procedure? 

The general cost for a Honda Accord antitheft system diagnosis and testing procedure can fall between $40 and $60. 


When Should I Get My Accord’s Antitheft System Tested? 

Attempting to start your Accord (or any vehicle for that matter!) with all of the computers and technology we have, should not be an issue, but it can be. So, when you have any part of your antitheft system fail, the vehicle won’t start. Some problems will cause the alarm to go off at random. So, when you have those random bouts of the alarm going off, you need to get your vehicle tested. Sure, it may be a small issue, but you never want a small issue to turn into a larger one. 


Can I Drive My Accord with Its Antitheft Issues? Even For Short Trips? 

Generally, your Accord’s anti-theft system should be repaired before you operate your vehicle. Some anti-theft failures may allow you to drive your car, while others may not allow the car to crank. But you don’t want to go any length of time, without your anti-theft system not operable. Additionally, you don’t want to have the system working, then not working, then working again- and you risk being locked out of your car.