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Highest Paying Junkyards: How To Get The Most Cash For Your Scrap Car?

Highest Paying Junkyards

According to recent statistics, these are the highest paying junkyards in the US:

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  1. Pull-a-part
  2. Pick-n-pull
  3. LKQ
  4. Ecology auto parts
  5. U-pull-&-Pay

Junkyards are great opportunities for getting rid of any vehicle that doesn't work or is in bad condition. But, of course, not every junkyard is the same, especially regarding the price and amount of money they're willing to pay you, including whether they provide a free towing service.

If you plan to sell your vehicle to a junkyard, you must familiarize yourself with the highest paying junk yards in the US. These are known, and much research has been done to help you understand which one to focus on while providing details about their main pros and cons.

This article helps you get the most cash for your scrap car and details the highest-paying junk yards in the US. Let's read on for more details!

What is a junkyard?

Before we dig into the details about the highest-paying junk yards in the US, it's important that I was yourself with the concept of a junkyard. It's not like a car-buying company, a private buyer, or a dealership you might be familiar with.

Junkyards are considered the last resort for any vehicle that doesn't work or is unwanted. These junk yards are made specifically to collect your vehicle and pay you what it deserves; in some instances, they might provide a free towing service.

Depending on the junkyard type, you might hear the term scrap yard, slightly different from a junkyard. The scrap yard involves a recycling facility or is connected to a company that takes your vehicle and uses the metal component for other purposes.

Therefore, by selling your car to a junkyard, you're not only getting rid of an old vehicle that's been taking up space in your backyard but also helping the environment by reducing automobile waste.

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How do junkyards make money?

Another important piece of information you must understand when searching for the highest-paying junk yards is how they make money. By having a good idea about how they make money, you'll know immediately which junkyard will pay you the top for your vehicle because they can be different.

Depending on your junkyard, typically, you pay money for your vehicle weight. They are interested in the metal components in your car. However, some specific types of junkyards might also be interested in any working component in your vehicle where. They can sell it separately for those looking for replacement parts.

Therefore, it's important for you as a car seller to understand whether this junkyard will be interested in the car's metal component or everything. In other words, if you know, they're only interested in the metal components; you might need to consider selling the car parts separately and making some extra money.

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Highest paying junk yards in the US

As we indicated before, there is no standard price for your vehicle value in any junkyard. It will depend on which junkyard you're reaching out to and the amount of research you put into convincing them to increase the value of your vehicle and pay you more.

However, some junkyards seem to be much more than any other, and that's where you have to look for those and see if you have anyone close to your area. Let's take a look at the list of the highest-paying junk yards in the US:

1.   Pull-a-part

This junkyard is located in 12 states, allowing you to find them and see if they are willing to buy your car. Of course, you want to ensure they are close enough so you don't have to worry about the towing service. But, the nice thing about this junkyard is that its offers are really good and allow people to come and remove the parts they're interested in buying.

2.   Pick-n-pull

Pick-n-pull is another example of a great junkyard that you'll find not only in 12 states but also in the 50 states! So come, you don't have to worry about whether it will be close to your area, but you still need to research and confirm that you can reach them.

3.   LKQ

LKQ is a big junkyard with 500 locations around the US and Canada. It's considered a major car provider of recycled parts. That's why they will be interested in purchasing your vehicle regardless of its cyber condition. They're always looking to add more cars to their inventory, and many people find great deals at these junk yards.

4.   Ecology auto parts

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly junkyard, you might want to consider ecology auto parts. This is the one that is located in California, and it's first and most important mission is to protect the environment and provide you with great offers.

5.   U-pull-&-Pay

Finally, this junkyard is another example for those interested in the highest-paying junkyards in the US. It allows you to sell your vehicle without concerns about its type or condition. You must call them and confirm that they're willing to purchase your car because, depending on their inventory, they might be interested in other types of vehicles.

How Much Junkyards Pay for Junk Cars

Factors that affect the price of your scrap car

Now you have a good idea about the highest-paying junkyards in the US, there are some additional recommendations that we would like to share with you to be able to get the highest price for your junk vehicle because it depends on your effort.

You need to understand the different factors that affect the price of your scrap car because this helps you narrow down the list and focus much better to get a sense of the real true value of your vehicle.

According to automotive experts, these are the common factors that affect the price of your scrap car:

1.   Your vehicles make, model, and year

When reaching any junkyard, the first question to ask you is what're your vehicle's make, model, and year. Once they have this information, they will run it through a database to help them compare your vehicle price to the nearest actions around your area.

This tells you that your vehicle type is a critically important component regarding how much the junkyard is willing to pay you. That's why you need to search around and see whether this junkyard is interested in purchasing your vehicle and is looking for these particular vehicle types.

2. Your vehicle's condition

The other thing is that the junkyard will immediately ask you about the vehicle's condition. More specifically, they'll be interested in whether there are any missing components in your car and whether your vehicle was involved in a flood or Fire damage.

It's not surprising that the vehicle condition is a critical component in evaluating your scrap car value. But, of course, this depends on whether the junkyard is willing to pay for the active components in your car or is only interested in the metal part.

3.   Your vehicle's weight

The junkyard will be interested in the vehicle's weight in both scenarios. In other words, if you're trying to sell a big SUV vehicle, you'll see that you're getting a much higher than someone else was trying to sell a small sedan.

4.   The current price of scrap metal

Finally, and on some occasions, the price of scrap metal might significantly affect how much the junkyard is willing to pay you. That's why when the scrap metal price goes up, they will be willing to pay you much more than when the trend is going down.

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Tips for getting the most cash for your scrap car

After understanding the main factors impacting your scrap car value, you also need to understand that there are some things that you can do on your own to still get the top dollar from the highest-paying junkyards in the US. Here are some recommendations:

1.   Do your research

2.   Remove the valuable parts

3.   Clean out your car

4.   Get multiple quotes

5.   Negotiate the price

6.   Choose a reputable junkyard

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Final thoughts

Selling a car to a junkyard is a great idea because you guarantee that the junkyard will pick up your car and buy it regardless of its cyber condition. However, finding the highest-paying junk cars can be challenging, especially if you don't have experience in this field.

This article summarizes automotive experts' recommendations about the highest junk yards in the US. It also provided some tips and tricks to help you boost the value of your junk vehicle and get the most out of these junk yards.

If you want to sell your car fast and for the most money without worrying about dealing with any junk yards, you might want to reach out to Cash Cars Buyer at 773-791-4363. Our team is willing to provide you with the full money your vehicle can make in your region, and we'll remove your car for free within one to three days only! So give us a try today!

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