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Does Headlight Restoration Make a Difference? It Absolutely Does!

Does Headlight Restoration Make a Difference? It Absolutely Does!

If you're planning to perform headlight restoration and you're asking yourself, “does headlight restoration make a difference?” The short answer is yes, it does make a difference, and, in some instances, it can make a huge difference!

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The headlights are very important components in our vehicles, and over time, these headlights might get dull or discolored. One of the very common methods to get rid of these issues is to perform headlight restoration. However, does headlight restoration make a difference? Let's read on for more details!

What does it mean to perform headlight restoration?

If you're looking for whether headlight restoration makes a difference or not, you'll need to understand what goes into the restoration process and what does it mean exactly.

When we use the term headlight restoration, we refer to the process of going back to the headlight lenses and cleaning them up or restoring them using certain products to enhance their performance.

One might ask, what type of performance does the headlight provide and what could impact its performance?

Well, the headlights are essential components in your vehicle because they are the ones for writing you with full visibility to the road, especially if you're driving during the night or foggy days.

Over time, these headlights become either dirty or dull or probably discolored over time. When this happens, it indicates that you'll need to perform some restoration and clean them up to have them provide a clearer vision and enhance your safety.

There are many reasons why these headlights could go dull or discolored. For example, continuous exposure to UV radiations or some light in general impacts the clearance of your headlight lenses, and you'll notice that the more you leave it in the sun, the duller it gets and the more discoloration you'll deal with.

Another potential reason for headlights discoloration is the environment you are continuously driving. For example, if a lot of debris or contaminants or probably dirt is in the surrounding where you drive your car, you might deal with some headlight issues.

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Why do you need headlight restoration?

By now, you should have some guesses about why headlight restoration is needed. Typically, there are many benefits you'll get from performing headlight restoration, including:

1.    Increase your safety

The first and most important benefit you'll get from performing headlight restoration is enhancing your safety. Imagine if you're driving in a foggy or cloudy area where you can't see in front of you. What will happen if the headlights are not clean and clear? Well, you'll have limited visibility, and by performing simple processes like headlight restorations, you'll see a huge difference and visibility, and that's where you will have better safety not only for you but also for the other people driving around you.

2.    Enhance aesthetics

As the headlights get dull and discolored, they impact the vehicle's overall look. Have you ever looked at a car and noticed that it's very old even though it's not? One of the very different reasons could be that the headlights are not clean or dull.

By performing the headlight restoration, you'll notice a huge difference in how the vehicle looks, and you will feel that your car looks newer even if it's a little bit old.

3.    Save money

Although it might sound a bit weird that you're saving money by performing headlight restorations, it is a fact that you'll be saving money by restoring your headlights. Think about ignoring the problem for a long time; you'll end up needing to install a new headlight.

Installing the new headlights is way more expensive than performing the headlight restoration continuously. Therefore, by performing this restoration between now and then, you extend the lifetime of the headlights and save yourself a lot of money.

4.    Maintain the original headlights

When the headlights go bad, you'll have to find parts replacements, and typically, their original parts are not cheap. That's why many drivers think of saving money by installing aftermarket ones. However, the aftermarket headlights are never like seeing the quality of your original headlights.

Therefore, automotive experts typically encourage you to perform headlight restorations to keep your original headlights as long as possible and enjoy the top performance of your vehicle using the components that this vehicle is designed for use.

5.    Save money on labor costs

When you prevent premature headlights damages by restoring them, you don't have to deal with the expensive labor costs, especially if you get your vehicle fixed at a dealership.

Labor cost is a huge component in all car appears in general, and if you could save some money by preventing these headlights from going bad and needing to go to the dealership, that's a huge plus for headlights Restoration.

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Does headlight restoration make a difference?

Of course, it does! You'll see a huge difference immediately after you perform the restoration. However, keep in mind that the difference will not be the same if you haven't restored your headlights for a long time.

For example, think that you did not restore the headlights for a couple of years and look at the difference once you clean them up. Then, consider checking the scene vehicle after performing a second restoration within a year; you won't see that major difference spot. You'll maintain the space ability and extend the lifetime of the headlights.

Therefore, the short answer is restoring your headlights is extremely beneficial and will make a huge difference in your vehicle's safety, visibility, and overall look.

What are the different headlight restoration techniques and methods?

Restoration techniques differ significantly depending on your budget and the status of your headlights. However, there are some top methods that many automotive experts recommend that are not very expensive, and many of them we can do at home using household products:

1.    Headlight restoration using toothpaste

One of the very common techniques you can implement is to clean the headlights using toothpaste. There are many step-by-step tutorials online and YouTube videos to help you through the process.

In general, you won't need many tools, and it won't take you much time to take care of this method and clean the headlights yourself.

While this is a great and simple method to clean the headlights, it might not be the optimum method, especially if you're dealing with a significantly dirty or degraded headlight situation. That's when you might want to consider other methods that involve heavier chemicals or probably reach out to a mechanic.

2.    Headlight restoration using baking soda and vinegar

Many of us use baking soda and vinegar for various purposes around the house here. Did you know that you can still use the same combination to clean the headlights?!

This method has been proven to be very effective in restoring the headlights, especially if you're dealing with minor to moderate problems in the headlights.

Again, like the toothpaste, using a baking soda engineer might not be very effective for all types of headlights, especially if you're dealing with significant issues where you need to consider other stronger methods indicated in this list.

3.    Headlight restoration using restoration kits

If you got to the point where your headlights are really in a bad situation, you might want to consider investing in a restoration kit. There are plenty of restoration kits available online many of them are available on Amazon.

These kits come in a very user-friendly format where you can use them without needing any professionals. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials that could be available for certain products and walk you through the process. But typically, the product itself should have clear instructions for you to apply it and clean the headlights.

Keep in mind that since the art hundreds of examples of headlight restoration kits, it is critical that you read through the details carefully. For example, experts recommend looking at each product's main pros and cons and comparing it to your vehicle's headlights status and budget. You don't want to purchase the most expensive kit if you're dealing with a minor issue, and it will have much budget.

Similarly, you can't rely on every small quantity to clean a large headlight. However, you can always purchase smaller quantities to test them before purchasing larger quantities and wasting money.

4.    Consult a mechanic

There might be a point where whatever you try to use does not help you to restore the headlights. That's when you have to talk through mechanics and hear what other options are available. Unfortunately, your options can vary significantly, and the price will vary significantly. Therefore, you must get multiple quotes from many mechanics and compare the prices before investing in the headlight restoration.

We still encourage you to test and try the mentioned methods before because they are free of charge and you can use household products rather than spending money hiring a mechanic for a simple job.

The more you restore your headlights, the easier the top kits. For example, if you had to hire a mechanic this time to restore your headlights, you must restore them continuously between now and then to do the job yourself without needing a professional.

Headlight Restoration

What are the top five headlight restoration kits?

As we indicated before, it can be a little bit tricky for inexperienced drivers to select the best headlight restoration kit. Therefore, we would like to walk you through the top five headlight restoration kits as of 2022 to help you narrow the list down and select the one that would probably work for you:

1.    3M Headlight Restoration Kit

If you're looking for a headlight restoration kit that involves all you need to use without purchasing any other products, then you should consider this one!

This headlight restoration kit has many positive reviews from multiple customers who used it and found very effective results. In addition, the price is very affordable, and the brand itself is known to be very reputable.

Although great teachers will purchase these headlight restoration kits, they still don't have drawbacks. For example, some customers complain that it's a one-time use solution and might require a lot of effort to be applied until you see good, not good results.

2.    Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit

The second restoration kit is also featured because of the reputable brand. It does have a lot of positive reviews, and it comes with a lifetime warranty! What's better than that?!

However, it also requires a long time until you find very effective results.

3.    Rust-Oleum Wipe New Headlight Restore Kit

If you're looking For a restoration kit with a lifetime warranty, consider this one! According to the company, you can achieve 100 carwashes protection for your vehicle's lenses using this kit.

Some customers complain that it's not simple to use and might take some effort to be applied.

4.    Mothers lens Headlight Renewal Kit

This kit is another example of an all-in-one headlight restoration kit. You don't have to worry about purchasing any other products to clean your headlights, and the price is very affordable considering the value.

Unfortunately, you might need a drill to get the best results, and even the company claims it comes as an all-in-one kit, it doesn't have the tape.

5.    Meguiar's 1-Step Headlight Restoration Plus

The last headlight restoration kit highlighted in this list is very easy to apply and comes with a bottle of cleaner and polisher.

Unfortunately, if you want the best results, you'll need to use a drill, and their kit doesn't come with the sealer or the protectant.

Headlight Restoration

Final thoughts

The headlights are critical, especially if you drive continuously during the night or in foggy areas. However, as we use the headlights, they get dull or probably discolored, especially if we keep the vehicles outside-facing UV radiations with other harsh external factors that could impact their quality.

Many automotive experts and manufacturers recommended performing simple processes to restore the headlights and clean them up. You'll see a huge difference by restoring your headlights, especially if you haven't restored them for a long time.

It's critical to note that if your car has major problems, it might not be worth your time and effort restoring the headlights and focusing on such minor elements. Instead, you might want to evaluate the situation and see if you’re willing to sell your car instead and purchase a better vehicle that doesn't have any problem.

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