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Bad Blinkers? Here are the Hand Signals to Use When You Turn

Hand Signals to Use When You Turn

You are on your way home from the grocery store with a bag full of your favorite foods. You approach your cul-de-sac and put on your turn signal listening for the familiar clicking noise that lets you know you're almost home. 

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Unfortunately, you do not hear that noise. Your turn signal is not working. You realize you will have to get it fixed, but you have to get home somehow and it may be a day or two before you can get to a mechanic. Fortunately, there are hand signals you can use in lieu of turn signals. They can serve as a temporary solution to the problem of not having any turn signals.


What are the basic driver hand signals?

People have been using hand signals since the dawn of time. We wave hello and goodbye and give one another the thumbs-up when we approve of something that another person has said or done. Driver’s will often express displeasure with another driver’s skills by extending a specific digit in frustration and there are certain municipalities in which this hand signal  is illegal.


There are three basic hand signals that you should know in a situation where your turn signals have ceased to work or your brake lights are out..


I'm Stopping

If you are driving down the street on way to your mechanics to get your brake lights fixed and you noticed that traffic ahead of you is at a standstill, you may wonder how you can stop safely. If you stomp on the brakes, you may cause a rear-end accident.


you must let drivers behind you know that you are slowing down and coming to a stop. You do not want to surprise them. 


Extend your left arm out of your window and put your arm down with the palm facing rearward and extend your fingers. This will let drivers behind you know that you are decelerating,


You will want to maintain this position until you come to a full stop. Make sure to look in your driver-side mirror to ensure that people behind you are slowing down. Then put your arm back in the car.


Turning Left

If your turn signals aren't working and there is any way to avoid turning left, you should avoid turning left. Left turns cause lots of accidents even if the turn signals are working. If you must turn left be sure to use the appropriate term signal.


Put your left arm straight out the window with its palm forward. You may also want to point the fingers of your left hand to the left. You should only retract your arm after you have started to turn. 

Turning Right

To make a right turn, extend your left arm out of your window and bend your elbow. Hold your hand up and point your palm forward. hold the position until you've started your turn. 


If you know how to ride a bike, you should have no problems with these hand signals. Other drivers should know what these hand signals mean as well.


What Causes Turn Signals to Go Out?

There are a few different problems that may cause a car's turn signal to go out. It can cost as much as $400 to get your turn signal fixed. There are a few common causes of the problem.


You may have a broken flasher module. The flasher module is the component that powers the turn signal system. A strip of led connects the flasher to the turn signal system. The no generally will stop working when the light is damaged.


A blown fuse can also cause a car’s turn signals to go out. Fuses protect electronic devices from getting too hot. They protect a circuit by melting when too much energy goes through it. 


Oxidation occurring on the bulb sockets may cause turn signals to fail. When dirt and rust get into your car, it can prevent the blinker socket and the bulb from connecting.

There may be a problem with the turn signal switch itself. When your car was initially put together, the signal may have been wired incorrectly. The switch may be stuck in a certain position. Fixing wiring in any car is skilled work and will require a trained mechanic to fix the problem.


Non-working turn signals may also be caused by a burnt-out bulb. This is the least expensive problem to fix and you should consider yourself lucky if this is the issue. 

Turn Signal Laws in the Different States

Using a turn signal is always a good idea. It lets other drivers and pedestrians know exactly what you intend to do. You should always signal before you turn and continue to signal into the turn. You should always use your turn signal to change lanes and turn the signal off as soon as you complete the action.


National law requires that all cars be equipped with working turn signals and that they must be employed whenever you are going around a corner or changing lanes. 


Although you must always use a turn signal when changing lanes, there are some states where it is legal to change lanes in the middle of an intersection. 


Even though it is a federal law, some state laws allow drivers to turn without giving a signal in certain cases. In Georgia, for example, you do not have to use a turn signal if you are in a turn lane.


Drivers in the states of Iowa and Rhode Island are notoriously bad at giving turn signals. Iowa law excuses people from using turn signals when no one else is observed to be around or be affected by the action of the turn or lane change.


 “Iowa Code 321.314 establishes a turn signal is required in certain situations for a turning maneuver “if any pedestrian may be affected by such movement” or “any other vehicle may be affected by such movement.”


If you need to get your turn signals or brake lights fixed, you will have a couple of choices as to where to take your car for repairs. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Taking Your Car to an Auto body Shop

Going to an auto body shop is absolutely the most popular way of getting car repairs done in the country. Not only are auto body shops less expensive than dealership mechanics, you will also have the opportunity to talk to the mechanic who is working on your car directly.


Chain auto body shops tend to give discounts on certain services to their loyal customers such as free oil changes and tire rotations. If you are looking for a reputable auto body shop, you can go to the AAA website. The organization provides a list of approved mechanics all over the country.


Be sure to ask your mechanic what kind of training they have had and if they are certified in your particular make and model of vehicle. They should also be able to provide you with several references.


Taking Your Car to The Dealership

If you take your car to the dealership mechanic, you are likely to pay much more than you would if you took it to an auto body shop. However, the dealership mechanic will be specifically trained in your make and model of vehicle. This may be significant if what is wrong with your turn signal has to do with wiring. 


A dealership will have all the necessary parts on hand to fix your car. You will never have to wait days on end for a part to come in. If they are going to keep your car for the entire day, a dealership can rent you a car right there on the spot. A dealership mechanic will charge you by the job and not by the hour, so you will not feel surprised at the bill.


Bad blinkers are not the most expensive thing that can go wrong with your car, nor are they the cheapest. There are some cases in which your car may be so old that it is simply not worth getting it fixed. 


If you decide to buy a new car, you will have several options for getting rid of the old one.


Use Your Car as a Trade-In

When you go to buy your new car, the salesperson at the dealership will be authorized to give you a trade-in allowance for your old vehicle. They are unlikely to give you the amount of money that the car is actually worth. They will rely on your being too lazy to do your homework and see if you can get more money for it somewhere else. 


A dealership may also give you what seems like a very good price for your old car. Just remember to read your final offer very carefully line by line. Unethical dealerships will often tack the money they give you for a trade-in allowance right back onto the final price of the new car. It is best not to tell the dealership salesman that you have a trade-in until you are given a final price for the new car.


Sell Your Car Online

You can always try to get rid of your car on one of the many car sales websites you will find on the internet. These companies will charge you a monthly fee to lists pictures and the specs of your used car on their site. It may take months to sell your car this way because of all the competition that you will have. 


Once you do get an interested buyer you will have to take time out of your day to show them the car. They may decide not to buy the car at all or they may decide that they want to haggle with you over price. They may only be interested in buying a part or two of your car. If you part out  your car,  you will be stuck with the body of the vehicle on your property and you will have to pay to get it towed away.


Selling your car online can be very dangerous, many criminals have found their victims on online bulletin boards and sales websites. 


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