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Tips on Getting Estimates After Car Accident Damages – Don’t Accept Delays From Your Insurance Company! 

Transmission Problems After Front End Accident

Getting into a car accident is neither an expected or welcomed event. You can feel stressed, confused, and even have disbelief about the collision. So, in the aftermath of the car accident, you now have the task of getting estimates to get your car fixed. Check out our tips for getting estimates after car accident damages, while remaining hopeful about your particular situation. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

“OK- What’s the Great Advice for Getting a Repair Estimate After a Vehicle Accident?” 

Check out these great pieces of advice for getting estimates after a car accident. 

Take Time to Do Your Research 

The first thing on your list, to ensure that the estimates you obtain to get your vehicle fixed, are from well-established as well as reputable collision repair shops. You want these body shops to have a great history of expertly repairing cars after collisions. Before you call a shop for an estimate on the fixes for your car, you can go online and read the reviews and comments that folks leave. These days, customers have nothing to hide. So, they will be brutally honest about their experiences with companies. Try to get at least three to four estimates. And you also want to make sure that each estimate has a detailed explanation and breakdown about all repairs. 

Don’t Assume A Huge Estimate Means A Shop Is Overcharging for Work – Tips on Getting Estimates After Car Accident Damages

Estimates for accident repairs can run a full spectrum of costs. But don’t assume that one high estimate means the body shop is overcharging you. If your claims adjuster from your car insurance company is recommending a shop where the estimate is lower than other estimates you’ve gotten, then you may want to be a bit wary. Not all body shops perform stellar work. So, as we stated in our point above, do your research and find out about the body shops that your car insurance companies recommends and the ones that they don’t.

Ask About Parts – You Want Only the Best for Your Car! 

After you have a few estimates, you want to ensure that all brand-new and genuine OEM parts are being used to fix your car. Who wants to get a car repaired with a bumper bought at a scrap yard? Lots of car insurance companies will authorize the body shop to utilize reconditioned and refurbished parts. They have also been known to authorize a body shop to use aftermarket and used parts. Your car doesn’t deserve a second-hand passenger door. So, ask about the parts that are being used and take issue with any parts that are not new.  If you find that your insurance company wants to use parts that are after market, used or old, then contact a car accident attorney and discuss the matter with him or her. 

Ask for a Call If New Damage Is Discovered – Tips on Getting Estimates After Car Accident Damages

If new damage is discovered on your car, then ask for the body shop to call you ASAP. 


Should your body shop find any additional damage, the manger or owner there will call your insurance company to get the authorization to fix those damages too. You want to know about ALL damage- new damage and the damage from the accident that you just had.  Unfortunately, some repairs will substantially decrease a vehicle’s value and safety. 

Watch Out for the Low-Ball Estimates 

Are you working with an adjuster? Then watch as they may direct you to get your car fixed at a body shop that will be willing to fix your car lower than the estimates you received. You want to watch out for some of your adjuster’s recommendations. Many times, body shops that do sub-standard repairs on a car, do “wheel and deal” with insurance companies so that they can get more referrals. This means that the quantity of cars fixed is more important than the quality of each repair. You don’t have to get your car fixed from the body shops that your car insurance recommends. So, as we stated previously, get at least three or four sound estimates to get your car fixed. And read the reviews! 


Don’t Accept Delays from Your Insurance Company! – Tips on Getting Estimates After Car Accident Damages

While your car insurance adjuster may have a large caseload, you may not get the prompt service you desire. For example, winter time may be a busy time for your car insurance company, as the business is seeing an uptick in accidents and claims. But if more than a week as gone by and you have not heard back from your insurance company, then call them. Don’t accept delays from your insurance company. Accidents happen and that’s why they’re in business! 


Maybe you are able to afford the repairs yourself. So, if you have two estimates that you are deciding between and you want to go with one or the other, then you may opt to get your car fixed and pay for the repairs out of your own pocket. Whew! Now you have your car fixed and you didn’t have to wait on your car insurance company to approve the estimates and body shop! Now you can ask to be reimbursed for the repairs.  Oftentimes, your car insurance company may reimburse you, but give you the money back from the lowest estimate.  But nevertheless, you have your car repaired, and you took matters into your own hands! 


You Are in Charge! – Tips on Getting Estimates After Car Accident Damages

Getting estimates after a car accident can be difficult, time-consuming, and stressful. But there are a number of great body shops who are willing to do a good job for you. 

Just remember: 

  1. Remain as patient and calm as you can. Try to work with your car insurance company as much as you can. 
  2. Never allow anyone to drag his or her feet. You didn’t ask to be in an accident. The car insurance company and the body shop should be working with you, in a reasonable time frame, to get your car fixed. 
  3. If anything in your gut doesn’t sit well, acknowledge it and talk to the appropriate party to get that situation remedied. You are in charge and you deserve only the best! 


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