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Fuel System Cleaning Cost – Everything You Need To Know!

Fuel System Cleaning Cost

Over time and after months of use and driving your vehicle, you are going to have to get some cleaning done on your fuel system to ensure it runs properly and safely for many more years to come. Your fuel system can get clogged and become dirty over time, which can cause other parts of your car to misfire and work incorrectly if you do not fix this issue. By knowing how much the fuel system cleaning cost will be for your wallet, you can determine the best method on how to proceed with your car. First, we need to go over a few key issues and compnents of the fuel system in order for you to make the bet decision about if you are willing to spend the average amount on the fuel system cleaning cost for your car. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Having a clean fuel system can provide many benefits – we are going to go over the benefits of having a clean fuel system, the process of fuel system cleaning, and the cost of fuel system cleaning, which generally runs on average at about $80 for the entire fuel system cleaning to be done. 

What is a Car Fuel System?


The function of the vehicle fuel system in your car is to store the fuel safely and supply the proper amount of fuel to the engine when needed. The engine intake system is the location of where the fuel is mixed with the right amount of air, atomized, and then vaporized, in that order specifically.


After this process occurs, the air and fuel mixture will be compressed within the engine cylinder and then ignited to produce ample energy or power to let the vehicle run. Although fuel systems will change depending on what car you have and what engine you have in your vehicle, all systems are the same in one aspect – they must supply enough fuel to the combustion chamber and control the amount of fuel that is supplied in relation to the proper ratio of air provided. Without the proper ratio of air to fuel mixture, the fuel system will not work properly.


After this, the fuel is stored in the fuel tank to be used consistently throughout the driving of your vehicle, when the fuel pump draws fuel from the tank. The fuel then travels through the fuel lines, which must be clear during the fuel system cleaning, and then delivered through a fuel filter to the fuel injectors. The fuel filter is a key process in the fuel system cleaning process, since it has to filter out the correct amount of fuel and any debris or particles within the liquid. 


When the fuel is delivered, the laser conditions required for providing complete combustion within the fuel system is atomization and the spray pattern of the fuel. Atomization can only be accomplished correctly by an injection of pressure which occurs with the diameter of the holes in the injector. 

How Do I Know I Need Fuel System Cleaning? 


There are a few basic symptoms on any and every vehicle fuel system that show signs of wear and deterioration and can let you know it is time to finally fix your fuel system and have it cleaned, despite the fuel system cleaning cost. If you do this, even if it costs a lot of money you will be saving thousands in the long run if you initially pay for the fuel system cleaning cost. 


The symptoms are difficulty of the engine starting, like a sputtering or shaking when you try to turn on the engine. The second sign is a slow or hesitancy felt during acceleration, meaning it takes longer to get up to the right speeds, which you will often see during highway driving. 


The third sign of deterioration of the fuel system and the necessity for fuel system cleaning cost is that you might stall while driving, which can be very dangerous if not taken care of, since you could stall out in the middle of a moving road. The fourth symptom is intermittent power loss, meaning your vehicle can shut off during driving, causing all electronics and the engine itself to stop working. The fifth symptom is that the dashboard lights may turn on, showing there is an issue in your vehicle, and it usually is the Check Engine Light illuminated on your dash, showing the fuel system cleaning cost will be more plausible than a damaged engine. 


The sixth sign that your fuel system cleaning needs to occur sooner rather than later is rough idling with your engine. What is idle, you ask? Rough idling can mean anything from a minor problem to a severe issue. The average sedan can have an idle speed of anywhere between 600 to 1000 RPMs, so you need to check this number out if your car feels like it is damaged or idling incorrectly. A few reasons for a rough idle is the incorrect set idle speed, damaged spark plugs, electrical parts failure, oxygen sensors are dirty, the airflow sensor is not working, or – as we are talking about now – the fuel filter or fuel pump is clogged. 


The seventh sign that your fuel system cleaning cost is immediately necessary is excessive engine smoke. The eighth sign of fuel system damage is noticeable fuel odors, whether it be from fuel or gasoline itself, coolant leaking, other liquids leaking, or odors coming from combustion processes, like burning smells. The ninth and final sign that your fuel system cleaning cost needs to happen right away is decreased fuel economy or a lower miles per gallon than what is normal for your vehicle. 

What is Fuel System Cleaning?


Now that we know the signs that your fuel system cleaning needs to happen in your car, you need to know what this process entails, and the fuel system cleaning cost. Your car has a fuel system, which can build up deposits of carbon and other materials and debris the more you drive it, the longer you own it, and the more wear you put on the vehicle. 


While the engine is running in your vehicle, combustion is consistently taking place over and over again, leaving behind different kinds of deposits that have a tendency to stick to the insides of the fuel system. The sticking of these deposits and debris can leave behind debris, and clog up the fuel system and dirty the fuel, causing it to be less efficient and lowering hte fuel economy. 


The mechanic will need to take some of the fuel system parts out in order to clean them properly, while other components of the fuel system can stay in place, making the fuel system cleaning process a bit easier and faster. The complexity of this process really depends on how accessible these parts are within your certain make and model of vehicle, with some cars requiring a longer fuel system cleaning process, and some requiring higher fuel system cleaning costs. 


The basics of fuel system cleaning include the following steps. First, the carbon deposits need to be cleaned from the intakes and the manifold, ensuring there is no debris stuck inside or any soot. Next, the exhaust valves need to be cleaned and rid of buildup, making sure that the valves can be used smoothly. 


Third, the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor need to also be cleaned of deposits, ensuring the fuel system cleaning process can continue by making sure every single component is free of debris and buildup. Fourth, the pistons and combustion chamber will then be cleaned. Next, the idle bypass circuits and throttle plates will then be cleared of buildup.  After that, the fuel system cleaning is complete and you can move on to the fuel system cleaning cost from your mechanic. 

How To Save Money


If you are an experienced technician or have experience working with cars, you can attempt to do this fuel cleaning system process yourself. If you have some experience, it is not a bad idea to do the work on your own to save some money on labor costs. However, if you are not sure exactly what to do or have never worked on cars before, you should definitely leave this up to the professionals and mechanics, since you have the potential to damage your fuel system and other parts if you don’t do any of the repairs or replacements correctly. 

Sample Fuel System Cleaning Costs


In order to determine how much you are going to spend on the fuel system cleaning cost for your car, we have some sample costs from various cars to give you an idea of how much you will spend. For example, most cars will cost between $50-$80 for their fuel system cleaning cost. Since auto service professionals do this service frequently for many people, the process is fairly quick and only takes a few hours at most. If you need a fuel filter replacement, then you can expect an additional $50 to be added on. 

Fuel Pump Repair Cost


A huge part of your fuel system is the fuel pump. A fuel pump injects your fuel at high pressure which then sprays your engine’s combustion chambers, but can fail due to human error, like contamination and driving regularly on a low gas tank. Fortunately, this part of your fuel system can be repaired – however, it isn’t a very low number. The average cost to repair a fuel pump ranges between $750-$1900

When To Get Fuel System Cleaning 


You can have a fuel system cleaning done on your car around every year or every few months, and receive a benefit for just a minimal amount of fuel system cleaning cost. You don’t have to wait for there to be an issue with your engine, transmission, or fuel, before you decide to go into a mechanic’s office. However, make sure if you are experiencing the aforementioned symptoms that you take your car to an automotive shop ASAP.

Where To Get Fuel System Cleaning?


If you are unsure of where to go to get your fuel system cleaned and get minimal fuel system cleaning cost, you can try a few local automotive shops near where you live. If you want to save some money, you can go to Pep Boys and use the 1-step full-service fuel package, which provides you with a concentrated fuel injector cleaner.


To step this up a notch and really get rid of all of the debris in your vehicle, you can use the 2-step fuel injection service package, using in-tank fuel system cleaner, fuel injection system cleaning, elimination of engine knocks, reduction of rough idle, an inspection of fuel lines, and concentrated fuel injector. This will run you a little more, coming in at a total fuel system cleaning cost of around $50. 


The final choice you have from Pep Boys, and from most auto body shops, is the 3-step fuel injection and throttle body service package, complete with injector throttle body service, restoration of smooth idle, in-tank fuel system cleaner, fuel injection system cleaning, elimination of engine knocks, an inspection of fuel lines, reduction of idle, and concentrated fuel injector. This process runs you at around $90 for the full fuel system cleaning cost. 


Choosing what fuel system cleaning process you want is key to making sure your vehicle can continue running smoothly and efficiently. By knowing what you are getting yourself into with the fuel system cleaning cost, you can make the best decision for you and your specific vehicle. 


If you have any of the aforementioned symptoms on your vehicle, like engine knock, rough idle, or engine having trouble accelerating, then you should look into getting a full fix with your fuel system cleaning, and ensure that the problem does not get worse. If the problem worsens, you might need to pay for something bigger of a fix in the long run, like repairing or replacing the engine, transmission, or the entire fuel system completely. 


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