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Front Wheel Alignment Cost: The Ultimate Guide

Front Wheel Alignment Cost: The Ultimate Guide

A front wheel alignment cost ranges from $50 to $75. On the other hand, if you were planning for a four-wheel alignment cost, the price ranges from $100 to $150.

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Have you ever noticed that while driving, your vehicle leans toward one side more than the other? What about hearing some dragging noise as we drive coming from your vehicle's tires? Well, this is all related to improper wheel alignment. 

Wheel alignment is one of the most common maintenance that you need to perform regularly to maintain proper contact between your vehicle's tires and the road.

Without the right wheel alignments, you will notice significant uneven premature wear and tear in your tires, and your driving quality will be affected significantly. 

Wheel alignment job can be divided into two types: front wheel alignment and rear wheel alignment.

Depending on which job you're planning to do, you can get different alignment costs. Also, the cost can differ by the type of warranty you have, along with the labor cost.

This article focuses on How much does a front wheel alignment costs? We will walk you through all details you need to understand what wheel alignment means and what happens exactly during the wheel alignment. We will also highlight the main factors affecting the wheel alignment cost to help you get the job done efficiently, quickly, and for the lowest price.

What does wheel alignment mean?

Your vehicle's alignment is one of the very common maintenance that you need to do frequently. Some people might refer to it as the tire alignment.

During wheel, alignments come at all because the wheels are adjusted to certain angles to ensure they have the same pointed angle, and the tires are connected to the road properly.

With proper wheel alignment, you enhance your vehicle's tire lifespan by reducing uneven tire wear and premature damages. Also, good wheel alignment impacts the wheels and tires themselves and impacts the entire suspension system along with your driving capabilities.

Therefore, the first thing you will notice if your vehicle doesn't have the best alignment is the improper driving experience, and the vehicle will be bend towards one side. 

More specifically, during any wheel alignments, you're a professional mechanic, ensures fixing the following angles and restoring them to the factory specifications:

  • The camber angle 

The camber angle represents the vertical tilt of your vehicle. If the camber angle is not set correctly, you'll notice that your vehicle's wheels are tilted when you look at the vehicle from the front or the back.

  • The caster angle

The caster angle is not associated with their wheels, and it is associated with the steering axis itself. The mechanic adjusts this access along a theoretical vertical straight line. Any issues with the caster angle can be seen from your vehicle's side.

  • The toe angle

The last angle adjusted within your vehicle's alignment is the toe angle. This angle is related to any lateral tilt, which you can see either from the center of the vehicle or from the top. 

Wheel alignment is not an easy job, and it requires a certain level of mechanical skill sets and specific tools with a certain precision. Therefore, wheel alignment is one of the jobs you can do on your own unless you have a certain level of mechanical skill sets and all necessary toolsets. It is recommended that you get the wheel alignment done at a repair shop in most scenarios, even if it will cost you some money. 

Front-wheel alignment cost

Determining the wheel alignment costs differ significantly depending on whether you're doing a front wheel alignment or a four-wheel alignment.

Also, the price can differ by the location you get the job net. For example, a front-wheel alignment cost at Walmart is not the same as a front wheel alignment cost at a professional dealership. 

According to automotive experts, a front-wheel alignment cost ranges from $50 to $75. This alignment is referred to as the two-wheel alignment.

On the other hand, if you were planning for a four-wheel alignment which means that you do both front and rear wheel alignments at the same time, expect to pay between $100 and $150. 

How often is wheel alignment needed?

As we mentioned earlier, your vehicle's wheel alignment is not a one-time job. It is frequent maintenance that you have to perform within a certain time frame. 

While this time frame might be specific for your vehicle type, most automotive experts suggest that you need to perform wheel alignment within six months or 6000 miles, whichever comes first.

You never want to wait for 10,000 miles without getting your vehicle wheels aligned. 

Some automotive experts suggest that whenever you do a tire rotation, have their professional mechanic look at the wheels and confirm that you don't need a wheel alignment.

Whenever you install a new tire, it is recommended that you have the mechanic take a look at the alignment and make sure that the installed tire did not mess up the alignment. If it does, you need to have your vehicle aligned immediately to prevent damaging the old tires. 

A good place to start is your vehicle's owner's manual. In your owner's manual, you will find some information about the frequency of performing a wheel alignment. If you don't have a copy of your manual, you can always request a hard copy from your professional mechanic or download a soft copy from the Internet. 

How to tell if your vehicle needs a wheel alignment?

Luckily, some symptoms are indicating that your vehicle does 4-wheel alignments. Therefore, it's recommended that too if you notice any of the following symptoms, you must take your vehicle to a personal mechanic immediately and have the wheel aligned properly:

  • Your vehicle moves towards one side

If you're driving, you notice that your vehicle is leaning towards one side; whether it's the right or the left, there might be an issue with your vehicle's wheel alignment. 

Your vehicle might make turns unintentionally 

Even if you're driving your vehicle straight and you're not turning the steering wheel anywhere, you might see that the vehicle tends to make a turn. If that's the case, your vehicle might require wheel alignment if there is no other problem.

  • You will hear dragging noises from the tires

Once the wheels are not aligned properly, the tires will not be attached to the road with the same power, and also, each wheel will be pointing towards a different direction. As a result, you will start noticing some dragging noise coming from your vehicle's tires.

  • You will notice uneven premature tire wear 

As a result of the wheel alignment issues, your vehicle leaned towards one side more than the other. Thus, one side will have more tear and wear Than the other one.

If you look at the tires, you will notice that one side of the vehicle has more we're as the threads are not as clear as the other side, which indicates that your vehicle's wheel alignment needs to be taken care of. 

While the mentioned symptoms indicate that the vehicle requires wheel alignment, all of them might also indicate additional problems related to the tires themselves or the entire suspension system.

Thus, the best method to confirm whether they mentioned symptoms related to wheel alignment is to reach out to a professional mechanic and have him inspect the vehicle to get you a more accurate answer. 

Factors affecting your front wheel alignment cost

Many factors affect the wheel alignment cost, including the type of wheel alignment you're looking for, the type of warranty, your vehicle's type, and the labor costs.

As we mentioned earlier, performing A2 wheel alignment is different than performing a four-wheel alignment.

Also, some limited warranties might cost you way less than lifetime warranties.

Finally, labor is a major component in determining how much you should pay for your vehicle's wheel alignments. Since the process requires certain equipment and a certain level of mechanical skill sets, the professional mechanic is not always available, and depending on the place you get the job done, the price can add up significantly. 

How much does a wheel alignment take?

In general, if you are planning only to perform a wheel alignment, the process might take you about one hour. However, it is very common that the professional mechanic is not only performing wheel alignment; They will usually do some extra repairs like removing any damaged components and the vehicle's tires.

Thus, it is recommended that you allow some extra time for these additional items to be taken care of. 

Keep in mind that this process is also affected by how busy your professional mechanic or whether you have an appointment with a dealership to get the job done as they focus on your vehicle only other than hopping between multiple jobs. 

Front Wheel alignment cost at Walmart 

Front-wheel alignment cost at Walmart is one of the most frequent discussion points that we receive from multiple customers.

This is because Walmart is one of the biggest companies that usually provide relatively affordable items that people like to purchase.

The great news is that Walmart provides wheel alignment, which is relatively lower than the current market value, and according to the current pricing, to get a front-wheel alignment at Walmart, it might cost you between $30 and $65. However, if you plan for a four-wheel alignment, the price can bump up to $50 to $95. 

Is it worth performing wheel alignment on my car?

You own it is not a very expensive job, and it is usually less than $300. Thus, since it's related to safety features, you usually recommend that you perform it immediately.

However, if your vehicle has other mutual problems like an issue with the transmission or the engine, you might need to evaluate the situation and make sure that it is worth performing a wheel alignment at this point.

Probably, your vehicle might be at a point where it's not worth spending a penny getting it repaired or having it running.

As a rule of thumb, if repair costs reached 75% or more of your vehicle's value, you don't need to try repairing this vehicle because it is not worth it.

If that's the case, you might need to get rid of this vehicle and use its price towards another vehicle that's in good condition. You can get a good used vehicle at a reasonable price, better than driving this car. 

What if it's not worth the alignment? What are my other options?

Did you get to a point where your vehicle is not worth performing any repairs; Whether it's wheel alignment or anything else?

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