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Front End Collision Damage – Watch Out For Faulty Transmission and Engine Problems!  

Front End Collision Damage – Watch Out For Faulty Transmission and Engine Problems!  

No car owner wants to get in a car crash. However, experiencing front end collision damage or rear end structural damage from hitting an object, getting sideswiped by another car, or getting in a head-on crash with another vehicle is almost inevitable as a driver. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Front end collision damage can, unfortunately, be widespread, causing internal issues to the engine, transmission, body, structural components, and the steering and driving mechanisms. In the grand scheme of things, all of these components are crucial to the functioning of your car.


The impact of a front end collision crash can end up being far reaching, causing damage underhood to suspension components, exhaust hangers, engine mechanisms, and transmission components. The front end collision damage costs can be quite expensive, showing the importance of analyzing your vehicle and diagnosing the problems before it is too late!


Let’s see the top three concerns that can come from front end collision damage, collision damage prices, what can affect the total repair and replacement prices, and if the front end collision damage can harm your transmission beyond repair. 

Top Three Front End Collision Damage Concerns

When looking at the hefty repairs and replacements that can come from fixing front end collision damage, drivers need to be aware of three concerns and results that can occur from driving recklessly. 


Front end collisions can be some of the most damaging – for your car and your wallet – types of collisions on the road. There are numerous crucial components and internal car mechanisms located in the front of your vehicle that can become damaged after hitting an object or getting hit by another car. 


If you have been involved in a crash and suffer from front end collision damage, you may be wondering the extent of the damage your car has. Here are three of the most common types of problems that can occur when trying to fix front end collision damage. By being aware of the most severe and widespread issues, you can help reduce the front end collision damage cost. 

Body and Frame Damage 

One of the most frequent issues and common concerns that focus on front end collisions is body damage. The body and frame damage can range from a few minor scratches, cosmetic damage, dents, dings on the door, to major frame damage that can render your vehicle basically useless.


Typically, the speed at which you are traveling and the size of the item, whether it be an object in the road, a structure on the side of the road, or another vehicle while driving, can affect the total front end collision damage sustained on your car. 


Keep in mind that it is also important to note that body and frame damage can be difficult to determine in terms of the overall repair cost and procedure time. Most newer cars have foam or material that can pad and protect the harsh impact of a front end collision. 

Damage to the steering and driving mechanisms 

The steering mechanism, like the steering column, and the driving systems, like the brake and gas pedal, is crucial to keeping your car on the road, keeping the vehicle in control, and ensuring you do not sustain any front end collision damage. 


As you know, your vehicle consists of different drive and steering components that help your car drive straight or turn while you move the steering wheel. If the driving mechanism no longer works properly, it means you can’t keep your vehicle on the road and stay in your lane, which can lead to a much higher front end collision damage cost. 


The driving mechanisms, like the CV axles, transaxle, and driveshaft, all work together in tandem to prevent any safety concerns or performance issues. The impact from a car accident or a fender bender can end up leading to front end collision damage that can lead to a high repair cost

Engine and transmission problems

The final category of problems that can be caused by front end collision damage include potential engine and transmission damage that can lead to hefty repair prices. The impact of a front end collision can sometimes be so severe and harsh that it pushes the frame and structure of the front of your car backward, causing internal damage to the manor components that let your car run effectively! 

Prices of Front End Collision Damage 

Let’s look at the most common estimated costs for auto body repairs. By recognizing five different accident scenarios and car repairs, you can keep an eye out for fair prices at local dealerships or mechanics to determine the best prices for front end collision damage. 

  • Dented Front Bumper

If a car reverses out of its parking spot too quickly as you are driving by in the parking lot, this can result in a dented front bumper.  Bumper repair prices vary depending on the severity and location of the damage. If the bumper dent is severe, you will have to ask the mechanic for a quote on the front end collision damage.  

    • Pricing to replace a bumper ranges from only a few hundred dollars on the low-end spectrum to thousands of dollars on a luxury or high-end sports performance car.
  • Today, the average price of the dented bumper repair is between $350 and $450 for most vehicles on the market. 
  • The most common collision repair cost examples for a dented bumper range between $350 and $450 for most middle-of-the-road vehicles, whether they are new or used. Even if your bumper is completely cracked, you can still look up the best steps for fixing front end collision damage. 
  • Cracked Front Windshield

  • Repairing one small crack will set you back around $110, while it will cost upwards of $400 on more expensive cars. 
  • Some owners can pay upwards of $1,000-$2,000 on their windshield for more extensive damage from a high-speed rear-end collision. Keep in mind the front end collision damage process often involves replacing the entire front glass window. 
  • Paint Scratches or Chips

  • Suspension Damage

  • A full-suspension replacement when adding up the rear-end collision repair cost is around $5,000. 
  • You may also need to replace other parts that could be damaged in an accident or rear-end collision. Some of these fixes include repairing the strut and shock absorbers for between 4488 and $597, performing a wheel alignment for between $115 and $302, and replacing the ball joints for between $225 and $285. 
  • Front End Collision Damage

When looking up the steps to addressing the front-end collision damage, you will find that vehicle structural damage and malfunctioning parts typically occur from front end collision damage or accidents with other cars.

  • When paying the front end collision repair cost, drivers can expect to pay upwards of $10,000 for a bumper that has been severely bent in a crash. 
  • In this case, if you rear end the other driver, the accident is your fault, and you can expect your insurance to pick up most of the bill.

What contributes to the total front end collision damage repair cost?

When looking at the average price for front end collision damage repair cost examples, there are certain factors and methods you can use to lower the total cost of repair. A front end collision or a sideswipe process can be quite minimal depending on the total repairs, or it can be quite extensive depending on the severity of the issues.

Extent of Damage

One of the most important factors that go into determining how much the total cost of the front end collision damage will be is the extent of the damage, the location of hte problems, and the seriousness of the replacement parts. Although more severe damage leads to higher repair or replacement costs, this is not always true. In some cases, severe problems could be isolated in one spot and result in lower front end collision damage. 

Damage Location 

If the damage is spread out over various components, the total repair cost will be higher across the board. When looking at the average collision repair cost examples, sometimes minimal damage spreads over the entire front of the vehicle and can end up costing more. 

Type of Vehicle 

Furthermore, the make, model, and year of your car is crucial to determining the cost of the front end collision damage. If you need to replace an internal mechanism in the vehicle, the more uncommon, rare, or luxurious the vehicle is, it will cause a higher repair cost. Rare parts are harder to come by, regardless of location, and often in higher demand, resulting in higher collision repair cost examples. 

Labor Costs

Lastly, the total cost of the repair is dependent on the labor costs. The labor prices typically range from about $75 to $150 for their work depending on the seriousness and complexity of the fixes. You can ask for an estimate of the entire length of the repair process before paying so you can get a quote on the collision repair cost examples.

Can Front End Collision Damage Hurt My Transmission? 

Your car’s transmission is extremely important to the performance and safety of your vehicle. When you increase your car’s speed or screech on the brakes, the transmission has to shift gears accordingly to make sure power is transferred correctly to the rest of your vehicle. 


Regardless of whether your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission, front end collision damage can harm this internal component in most cars if not treated properly and quickly. 

  • Watch out for leaking fluid

To determine the extent of your front end collision damage, drivers need to keep an eye out for leaking transmission fluid. This is one of the first signs something is wrong under the hood of your car. If you notice a puddle of red liquid, this shows your transmission is not working properly. 


Get your front end collision damage checked out as soon as possible to ensure the fluid is not harming any other components. 

  • Make a note of the shifting concerns 

Since the transmission mechanism is in charge of controlling the gear shifting, front end collision damage can cause problems shifting according to the performance changes. You might hear unusual sounds when you accelerate or decrease your car’s speed, hinting at durability issues with your vehicle’s transmission.

  • Bring your car to a mechanic

The final step in diagnosing the extent of the rear end collision damage is to bring your car to a mechanic as soon as you notice any performance or structural issues. Any indicators, signs, and symptoms of faulty transmission problems should be checked out by a professional or technician to prevent any further repair costs. 


The longer you wait to fix your transmission, the worse the problem will get. If you hear gear grinding, experience delays in shifting, or feel problems while accelerating your vehicle, these are all clear signs that something is wrong with your transmission due to the front end collision damage. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, determining the extent of the rear end collision damage can help you save money on the repair costs. By fixing the transmission concerns before they worsen, you can prevent the damage from causing expensive repair and replacement costs throughout your vehicle. 


Drivers need to know the top three categories of concern to look out for when analyzing the repair prices of the front end collision damage after a crash or accident. In addition, by being aware of the factors that can increase the total repair cost, such as the location of damage and the extent of the damage, can help drivers diagnose and fix the internal issues without spending a fortune.