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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave That Junk Car on Your Property 

How To Get The Best Price For Junk Cars

How can you get a junk car removed for free? Believe it or not, there’s a way! Let’s face it: junk cars are not pretty to look at. If you have a broken-down, rusty and unused vehicle taking up space in your garage, yard or driveway, it can draw attention in ways that are quite unwelcoming. Not only is the junk car just ugly to look at, the vehicle can also cost you money, and post a long-term risk to your health and those around you. Let’s examine the reasons why it’s just not cool to leave an unused junk car on your property.  

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Why Leaving An Unattended Junk Car On Your Property Is Never a Good Idea 

Take a look at why it’s just not a good idea to have that junk vehicle on your property. 

Just a Plain Eyesore 

As we stated earlier, there is no cosmetic appeal or beauty in a junk car that sits in a field, a garage or a driveway. Ugly items around us tend to bring down a mood. That junk car stares in your face as a constant reminder that you have to get rid of it.  Another aspect to think about are children in your neighborhood. If your junk car is in a field on your property, then chances are that it will attract the children that are in your neighborhood. We all know that kids are always playing outside, looking for the next big thing to play with. For some, a junk car serves as a great play area. You may need to check with your state and see if there are rules and regulations that surround a junk car being left visible on your property.  In some states, a homeowner could be seen as a liable party if a kid becomes injured playing with a junk car on a specific property.


Fluids That Are Leaking 

Did you know that even though your junk car may not be running, it could still pose as an environmental hazard? Lots of junk cars may not start up but they can still contaminate the environment. How you ask? Junk cars tend to leak fluids. While vehicles are known to leak fluids, unused and parked cars tend to leak a lot more. Those excessive leaking fluids are also varied in nature. Those same fluids can leak from the car, and find their way into local water supplies via streams, rivers and lakes. Those fluids can also be poisonous to humans and even prove to be fatal. 


Decrease In Property Value 

Another reason to get rid of that junk car is the fact that junk vehicles contribute to the devaluation of a person’s property. You may also find that the people on your block and your neighbors may hate looking at that junk car. Many folks in a neighborhood tend to call county and city leaders to get assistance with people who leave junk cars in a driveway or in front of a home. Not only does that junk car detract from your property value, but it may also detract from the property value of the folks that live near you. So, you have a bunch of unhappy folks who are making it their mission to get rid of that junk car. Since you have folks who are now upset at the decrease in their home values because of your junk car, you may soon receive letters in the mail from county or city leaders asking you to remove the junk car. You may also risk facing fines and fees for leaving that junk car out as well. 


Visitors Who are Not Welcomed Nor Wanted

Need another reason to get rid of that junk car? Think about all of the insects and animals that will make that junk vehicle a home. From mice, to rats, raccoons and other vermin, those animals that may currently carry their own diseases—may find refuge in that junk car. 

There is also the possibility that certain folks who pass by, may have “sticky fingers”. Those “sticky fingers” can get to work lifting precious parts and metals out of the car and selling them for profit. Your junk car will attract a wealth of unwelcomed and unwanted visitors and attention that you just do not want. 

Paint That is Eroding 

Vehicle paint that is exposed to the harsh environment elements will begin to erode. From snow, to sleet, sun radiation and more—that paint will begin to flake away. Soon, the paint will begin to bubble, clump, fade, change color and more. With all of these painting problems, this will further devalue your vehicle, making it far more difficult to restore or even resell. Even though paint damage may not be a huge factor to a vehicle that is undrivable, the peeling paint will be very unsightly, causing your community and surroundings to look unkempt. 


A Violation of Law of Torts

Did you know that there is a Law of Torts that your junk car could be violating? The U. S. Law of Torts states that a landowner could be held accountable should an object on a property attracts and injures other parties – even if they are trespassing. This rule does apply to just about anything that poses a threat or a hazard. Under this law, a junk car is included. 

How Can You Get a Junk Car Removed For Free? 

When it comes to getting a car removed for free, you can contact Cash Cars Buyer. We offer FREE junk car removal as well as host of other FEE-FREE services that you can take advantage of. Not only do we have a vast network of junk car buyers ready to remove that junk car, but we also offer fair market value for each vehicle that we buy. 

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If you have a dented, scrap or junk car, it is time you consider selling it for fast cash. Our process is hassle-free, fast, efficient and convenient. Our process also ensures that you have some awesome money in your possession right away.  


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Getting your old and unwanted car sold is a hassle-free and simple process. You never have to come out of pocket to sell your dented, rusty and old vehicle. Our process also involves minimum documentation, ensuring that you sell your car in a decent amount of time. 


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We here at Cash Cars Buyer make selling a junk car quick, fast and easy. Check out the steps you need to take to turn that old and dented clunker into fast cash! 

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How Can You Get The High Cash For Your Junk Car? 

When you have a junk car to sell, you have variety of options you can take to get the money you need. 

Selling Your Junk Car To A Junkyard 

One way to get the high cash that you want may be to sell your car to a junkyard. First, you never want to enter a junkyard without knowing the value of your junk car. Sites such as Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds can provide you with a good value for your car, so that you can price it according to its conditions. Secondly, you want to be sure that you know the full condition of your car as well as any good assets that your car may have. For example, does your old car still have a good set of tires or rims on it? Do you still have a great sound system or great GPS system in the car? You want to point out these items to your junkyard, so that you can get that high cash for your car. While many junkyards do business on the “up and up”, many junkyards are nothing but “scam yards”. This means you have to ask the correct questions and add up if it will be feasible to sell your car. Be careful of low-balling, lies, deceit and hidden fees. These are far too common practices at many junkyards. 

Selling Your Junk Car Privately Online 

Maybe you’re thinking that the high cash for your junk car lies sale of your car online. You may think about sites such as Autotrader, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and even Instagram. While some of these sites are free, most charge a fee. For example, to sell your car on Craigslist will cost you $5.00. Autotrader has several packages that you can choose from, based on your car selling needs. After you choose the site that you want to sell your car on, there are additional duties that you have to take care of. 

  • Photos– your car ad has to have sharp, crisp and detailed photos of the car that you wish to sell. Your car photos must tell the story of your junk car. 
  • Ad Description– another component to a successful online sale of a car, is the ad description. You have to take the time to provide a plethora of details about your car, so that you offer potential buyers great reasons why they should buy your car. 
  • Patience – After you post your ad, you have to allow for potential buyers to come and see your car. You also have to have patience as folks view your ad and make up their minds to purchase your car or not. It can be downright frustrating dealing with the public when working to sell a car. You have to decipher who is serious and who is not. 

Cash Cars Buyer – #1 Free Junk Car Removal Service / Tow Off Vehicles 

Choosing to sell your junk car should not be a chore. We here at Cash Cars Buyer get that and we are here for you! We offer a FEE-FREE way of selling your car that will leave you all smiles when it’s all said and done. Whether you live in Los Angeles, or Lincoln Nebraska, we can come to you, evaluate your car and then pay you on the spot! 

FREE Junk Car Removal – No Title Necessary 

Perhaps you are a bit apprehensive to sell your car because you cannot find the title. Did you know that Cash Cars Buyer will purchase that old van, sedan, pickup truck or crossover even if the title is missing? In most cases, the lost title is not an issue for us. We just ask that you have your car registration as well as a valid, current and government-issued ID! So, the rundown to sell your car without the title is to: 

  • Locate your car registration.
  • Locate your ID. 
  • Set them both to the side and then click here to obtain your FREE online offer
  • Call us so that we can make you a guaranteed offer on your car. Love what you hear? Great! 
  • Tell us the best day and time to come to your location so that we can pick up that car and pay you right then and there! 

What’s The Best Place To Sell a Car Online? 

These days, you can do lots on line. Whether you want to take a course, learn a new skill or even homeschool your child, you can do it all online. You can also buy a multitude of items online too. You can even sell a multitude of items on line as well. We here at Cash Cars Buyer are a part of the online revolution. 

You can get rid of that eyesore in a matter of days. With our junk car selling method, you could even see money in your pocket the same day that you seek your online offer. We waste no time providing stellar junk car selling services from coast to coast. So, why not get rid of that junk car that is doing nothing but taking up space on your property? Contact Cash Cars Buyer today and exchange that old unwanted car, for some fantastic and wanted cash fast! Click here to get started now! 

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