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Ford Fusion Won’t Start All Possible Causes & Solutions! 

Ford Fusion Won't Start

According to automotive experts, “While there are a variety of reasons your Ford Fusion won't start, the most common 3 are a dead battery, an alternator problem, or failed starter.”  

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There is no convenient time where your Ford Fusion won't star. It might happen right before you drop the kids to school or before your important doctor appointments. 

We all agree that the situation is frustrating, and without proper knowledge about how to go around starting problems with the Ford Fusion, one can get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

While there are tons of possible reasons for your Ford Fusion won't start, you can narrow the list down into three main reasons, including issues with the battery, the alternator, or the starter. While this short list when most likely to resolve your problem, we need to keep in mind plenty of other things when dealing with Ford Fusion starting issues.

To make your life easier, you need to keep an eye and ear for certain symptoms associated with your Ford Fusion won't start issue. Some of these symptoms can directly pinpoint the actual culprit causing the problem.

This article provides you with all details in all possible scenarios associated with your Ford Fusion that won't start. We will list these scenarios along with their solutions. We will also add any tips and tricks to get your Ford Fusion going temporarily so you can reach a professional mechanic whenever possible. 

Ford Fusion won’t start just clicks

When your Ford Fusion won't start, but you still hear some clicking noises, the problem is most likely related to an electrical issue.

The first thing you need to do is to check the battery. The battery is responsible for sending the electrical charge to the starter, which then is sent to the engine to get the vehicle started 

When the battery is not holding the charge, the vehicle won't start. You might still hear some clicking noises due to a drained battery that can make the clicking noise but not start the vehicle.

Something else to consider is the battery connection. Sometimes when the battery connections are not tightened enough or corroded, the electrical current will not reach the starter or the engine, and therefore, your Ford Fusion won't start. 


The best solution for you in this situation is to jumpstart your vehicle to get it going temporarily so you can reach the professional mechanic. Before the jump start, make sure that all connections are not loose and there are no signs of corrosion around the battery terminals. 

If the jumpstart did not work, this indicates that the problem is not related to the battery for sure.

Unfortunately, if the jumpstart did not help you, you only need to tow this vehicle to the nearest repair shop and install the new faulty parts. 

Ford Fusion cranks but won’t start

When you're a Ford Fusion, cranks won't start come other problems new structure related to the engine; something is happening in the combustion system.

For example, the engine might not be receiving the required amount of fuel at the right time. Or maybe the engine is not receiving this park with the right frequency at the right time as well.

Thus, the main culprit behind this problem would be the fuel system, including a clogged fuel filter or a failed fuel pump. Also, a bad spark plug might prevent creating the spark at the right time so that the engine can burn the air-fuel mixture.

In some scenarios, a bad ignition coil might also cause the problem and prevent the engine from starting even if it cranks initially. 

In other scenarios, the security system in your Ford Fusion might be causing the problem. If the security system raises an error in some cars, it might disable any fuel from reaching the engine or probably affected the ignition system. 


Unfortunately, starting problems related to engine issues does not have a quick or simple workaround. The only solution for you is to bring your vehicle to the nearest repair shop and have your mechanic inspect the problem to confirm the culprit.

Once the culprit is confirmed, you need to install the new faulty component. In some scenarios, you can clean the fuel filter if it's clogged. 

Problems related to security systems or internal computers might be resolved by troubleshooting or resetting the system. 

Ford Fusion won’t start anti-theft

Your Ford Fusion won't start in some situations, and you will see the anti-theft message blanking on the dashboard. This indicates that the vehicle's computer got confused and disabled the starting process, assuming that someone is trying to steal a vehicle.

In short, this issue with your Ford Fusion is more related to a programming component rather than a mechanical one. 


In these situations, customers indicated that the best solution was to have Ford reset the ignition switch. In the ignition switch, there is a sensor that detects the key and the key fob. When this sensor goes bad, your Ford Fusion won't start, and you will see the anti-theft message on the screen. 

Ford Fusion won’t start after getting gas

When your Ford Fusion won't start after you fill the gas will, the problem is most likely related to 1 system. Likely to be the fuel pump.

When the fuel pump is bad, it will not send any fuel to the engine; therefore, the fuel tank will stay filled, and the engine will not start.

When there is enough fuel in your fuel tank, if your pump will remain cold all the time on the other hand, when there is very low fuel in the fuel tank, the fuel pump came gets very hot, and therefore, it might fail. 


While it's very hard to pinpoint the actual problem when your Ford Fusion won't start after filling gas, if the mechanic confirmed that the issue is coming from a bad fuel pump, you have to install a new one, and that's your only one solution.

Sometimes there might be issues with the fuel cap or solenoid sensors that you might also need to check and replace if necessary. 

Ford Fusion won’t start lights flashing

Your Ford Fusion won't start in some scenarios, and you'll see that the dashboard for the lights is blinking or flashing. In that scenario, the issue is related to a drained or bad battery.

The battery might be at a stage where it can't hold the charge, and it can just start some of the lights but not continue supporting them.


If you're looking for a temporary solution with a bad battery, you can jumpstart the vehicle. However, automotive experts never recommend starting the vehicle as a final and permanent solution because it can affect the electrical components in modern vehicles.

, your permanent solution for this problem would be to take the vehicle to a professional mechanic and install a new battery.

There are situations where the new battery might also cause the same situations. When the new battery is immediately installed, it won't reach its full capacity, and it will need a couple of days before it performs properly.

Thanks, if your battery is new, you might need to wait for some time until the battery reaches full capacity before complaining about the starting issue in your Ford Fusion. 

Ford Fusion won’t start any lights

According to automotive experts, when your Ford Fusion won't start, and there is no light, the battery might be completely dead, and it doesn't have any small voltage. Also, bad connections might prevent any electrical current from reaching the engine, and therefore, your Ford Fusion won't start, and none of the electrical components will work.


The first step for you to resolve this problem is to inspect the battery connections. Ensure that all connections are not loose and ensure no corrosion signs on these connections.

If there are any corrosion signs, you might need to detach the battery and clean up the corrosion, so the battery works well.

If the battery connections are not in bad condition, the next step is to test the battery. You might need to perform a voltage test to make sure that the battery still does the job and the voltage does not fall below or higher than a certain threshold specified by your vehicle's owner’s manual.

Another thing you can do is jumpstart the vehicle. In most scenarios, the jumpstart skips the battery's job and provides the initial current to get the vehicle started. If the jumpstart did not work, this is an issue with the Ford Fusion battery. 

Ford Fusion won’t start in cold weather

According to automotive experts, “In cold weather, engine oil thickens and doesn't flow as well. Moisture in the fuel lines can also freeze and cause a blockage, causing the engine not to start.”

That cold weather is a completely different situation that affects your vehicle's overall condition. It will affect the vehicles fluids what are it's the oil or the fuel in most scenarios.


Therefore, your best solution here is to ensure that your vehicle's temperature does not drop below a certain level. Also, you might need to use some fluids and edit your fuel tank to prevent fuel from freezing in the fuel lines.

If you got stuck in cold weather and your Ford Fusion won't start, you might need to jump start the vehicle temporarily so you can reach the nearest repair shop.

At the repair shop, the mechanic will define whether there are any mechanical issues in your vehicle causing the problem. Otherwise, it's just that winter can cause starting issues to any vehicle, even though a Ford Fusion.   

Ford Fusion won’t start any key detected

If your Ford Fusion is saying that no key was detected and still doesn't start, the problem is most likely related to the key fob battery.


Your vehicle does not see any key around, and this is because the key fob battery is bad or is drained. 

You might need to check your vehicle's owner’s manual to see whether there are any backup solutions or workarounds to get the vehicle started.

You might also need to check any hidden slots around the steering column as they are not obvious the first time you first check. 

Another solution and confirmation would be to use a second key and try to see what other vehicles started or not. 

If you tried another key and looked for any workaround solutions but did not confirm that the problem is coming from the key fob, you might need to check the battery itself and the battery connections. Also, your mechanic might be able to scan the computer of your vehicle to determine whether there are any errors indicating issues with the internal sensors. 

Ford Fusion won't start: the bottom line 

Dealing with starting issues can be very tough, especially if you're an inexperienced driver or driving in cold environments.

As a driver, you need to familiarize yourself with all potential reasons your Ford Fusion won't start. Some of these reasons might have simple workarounds to get the vehicle going, while others require immediate attention from a professional mechanic. 

According to automotive experts, “While there are a variety of reasons your Ford Fusion won't start, the most common 3 are a dead battery, an alternator problem, or failed starter.”

If your Ford Fusion starting problem requires very high repair costs, you might need to evaluate the situation and think about selling this vehicle instead of wasting a lot of money.

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