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Everything and More You Need to Know About the Ford Bronco GOAT System

Ford Bronco GOAT System

Ford has launched a breakthrough in outdoor driving with their latest models of the Ford Bronco, it is, the Ford Bronco GOAT system.

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These amazing vehicles are built for those who have patiently waited for this legend’s return to the great wild. It features a unique set of all the best that a Bronco has to offer to create an ultimate driving adventure.


In terms of what is going under the hood, Ford Bronco is going with an all-forced-induction engine. The base engine is the 2.3 liter EcoBoost four cylinder, which will have an estimated output of 270 hp.  

The Ford Bronco GOAT System

If you ever wondered what GOAT means, it stands for Go Over Any Type of Terrain, and this is definitely what Ford Bronco is built for. 


Generally, the GOAT acronym stands for Greatest of All Time, and thinking about the incredible features of Ford Bronco, this acronym does not seem out of place. 


Ford Bronco has created a great spark in the automotive scene in numerous ways imaginable! This astounding off-roader is fully equipped with features that enthusiasts have been asking and waiting for all along. One of its awesome features is the GOAT mode. This system is essentially the Bronco’s driving modes that make it a remarkable off-roader.


For better understanding of some technical automotive terms, let us make some clear definitions. GOAT Modes adjust the vehicle’s steering feel, braking calibrations, transmission shift points, and throttle response.


The term steering feel can be quite self explanatory. This variable adjusts what it feels like to control the vehicle through the steering wheel. Car manufacturers can adjust this by adjusting the friction on the steering column so it feels easier or harder to make a turn.


Transmission Shift points refers to how the transmission controls how much engine power is being transmitted to the rest of the vehicle’s drivetrains and wheels. Shift points happen when the automatic transmission shifts between gears. For instance, driving in lower gear will help you accelerate quicker, but will also burn fuel fast since the engine is working harder.


Braking calibrations controls braking and torque vectoring, the lowering and raising of the amount of torque applied into the wheels. 



Throttle response is your go-fast variable and is completely about how fast the engine can increase its power output based on the instructions the driver gives through the gas pedal.

The Ford Bronco’s GOAT system consists of eight different modes that the driver could select. The GOAT acronym was first used on the first generation Ford Bronco which was nicknamed GOAT (Goes Over Any Terrain). Ford has gotten almost everything perfectly in this vehicle and it will be so exciting to see what they have in store in the coming years. 


The eight GOAT modes of the Ford Bronco include:

  • Normal
  • Eco
  • Sport
  • Slippery
  • Sand
  • Baja
  • Mud
  • Rock Crawl


Most of these functions can be manually chosen through a series of individual buttons located above the infotainment screen. These are protected by a waterproof silicone membrane. 


The Normal Mode is the vehicle’s default setting for each ignition cycle. This is the baseline for daily driving and commuting. This means that whatever mode you selected before turning off your Bronco, it will switch back to Normal Mode once you start the engine again. Ford describes the Normal Mode as the ideal balance of excitement, class, comfort, and convenience. Probably, this is about getting as much speed while still maintaining competitive fuel economy. In the Normal Mode, you should be able to tackle rough road surfaces with utmost comfort. 


The Eco Mode maximizes the miles per gallon rate. However, as opposed to Normal Mode, you cannot select the four wheel drive with high range. The Eco Mode is included in every trim of Ford Bronco, and it is for the use of the responsible driver. If you do not have to get to your destination that quickly, the Eco Mode is the perfect mode to use. According to Ford, this mode helps deliver maximum fuel efficiency. How much gas you can save while using this mode depends largely on how you drive and the road conditions. 


The Sport Mode is also included in all trims of Ford Bronco. This is the opposite of Eco Mode. This mode is ideal when you need a little more exhaust rumble, better acceleration, and more dynamic steering. The Sport Mode increases throttle response, which gives a sportier exhaust sound and steering feel. This is made possible by the transmission gears holding longer in comparison to the other modes. Increasing the span of time in lower gears before shifting can get you up to highway speeds quicker and might make pulling out into tight areas in traffic even much easier.


The Slippery Mode is the perfect set up when you drive on snowy or frosty roads. Snowy and slippery environments require a different set of optimizations from normal driving conditions. This mode lowers throttle response and optimizes shifting for slippery roads. This mode is especially helpful for icy outings and snowy commutes.


Mud Mode speaks for its name.This mode engages 4×4 lock to enable the vehicle to keep going even if one of its tires cannot get traction.


Sand Mode was developed for driving on sand. According to Ford, this mode will help the vehicle drive out from deep sand or snow. This setting allows the driver to change from 4H to 4L for more torque when driving at slower speeds. 


The Baja Mode enhances more rapid driving in loose sand, and is meant for high speed driving off a beaten road in 4 High.


Finally, the Rock Crawl Mode engages both the Rear Differential Lock and the 4×4 Lock. It also adjusts the transmission and throttle response. These adjustments may be centered around keeping as much torque as possible while in the low range to provide more power into a slower wheel turn. With this, it is less likely to lose traction. The Rock Crawl Mode can be the most useful mode for novice off-road drivers, as it would get the onboard computers to work and make real-time decisions about disconnecting the front sway bar, locking the differentials, and disengaging traction control.

Other Cool Features of the Ford Bronco 2021

Aside from the amazing GOAT modes of the Ford Bronco, its latest model is also packed with amazing cool features. Let us go over some of these cool features.


Slide-out Tailgate Tray

This feature is especially useful for stacking a bunch of gear. Ford has made this an attractive feature to look at with FORD stamped into it. The tray is placed underneath the cargo hold. You can slide it out for all sorts of convenience. 


Removable Roof

What better way to enjoy the outdoors while driving than to feel the air and sun in your skin! With Ford Bronco’s open air experience, you can just snap the roof, push and lift it away. The vehicle comes standard with a soft top with the option of having hard tops or dual tops. Four-door models come with an exclusive detachable hard top middle panel to provide a second row open air experience without having to remove the rear cap.


Wide Seating

The Bronco seating offers a lot of elbow room for passengers for more comfort during the fun and adventures.The second row seats can also be folded down in a snap to make more room for action gear. 


Removable Doors

Not only can you remove the roof of the Ford Bronco, you can remove the doors, too! These removable doors are a really cool feature especially when you drive off-road. The Bronco comes with protective door bags where you can safely put the doors and store them in the compartments, fully protected from any forms of damage.


FordPass Performance App with Off-road Navigation

This cool new feature is Ford’s navigation system which has over 1,000 trail maps and off-road trail guides. Having this amazing feature means you do not need any internet connection to navigate your journey. It works on both the 12-inch and 8-inch touch screens. 

Here’s more. You can also record your adventures using the Ford Bronco’s cameras and share it to whomever you like. What makes it different from using a GoPro to record is the telemetry and mapping that can be saved on top of the footage through the Bronco’s app.This feature is similar to many sports cars and supercars which makes the Bronco absolutely rad!

Flood Lights and Grab Handles

The split glass rear liftgate which comes on all Bronco Sports models is particularly handy when you want quick and easy access to the rear cargo area. When the entire liftgate is raised, you will notice the various useful gadgets that are handy for camping. It also includes two directional flood lights that can run without any accessory power. These flood lights can illuminate the area for approximately up to 45 minutes. The two massive grab handles on the liftgate help raise or lower the liftgate and can also be used to hang sports gear.

Trail Sight Tie Downs

These little metal doodads at the front corners of the Ford Bronco front fenders are useful to help the driver judge better where the corners are when tackling tight off-road trails. They also include two holes and a slot. These holes are sized to accommodate the S hooks for most standard bungee cords. These trail sights serve as secure anchor points for tethering roof loads. 

Infotainment and Connectivity

Ford Bronco’s newest in-dash Sync 4 software will power the 8-inch or 12-inch touchscreen which is embedded in the middle of the dashboard. The setup allows on-air updates and can connect smartphones wirelessly. The infotainment system supports Apple CarPlay and  Android Auto. You can also upgrade the unit with other desirable options like built-in navigation.

Excellent Interior

Ford Bronco's cabin, just like the rest of the vehicle, goes on a modular approach. It includes the basic fixed items like the seats, GOAT modes, steering wheel, and a touch screen spanning up to 12 inches from corner to corner. 

There is also a built-in device rack to easily attach gadgets without having to use suction cups into the windshield. There are large grab handles located on the center consoles to give both drivers and passengers something to hold on to. 

The cabin is also equipped with functional pieces, too. It has a marine-grade vinyl upholstery and passive/active drain plugs in rubberized floor. These are especially helpful so that you would not worry about getting wet on the trails when driving with your doors and roof off. 

How much does a Ford Bronco 2021 cost? – Ford Bronco GOAT System

After almost two decades, The Ford Bronco has finally made a comeback and is ready to ramble across the country’s off-road trails and paved surfaces alike. This amazing vehicle will start at $29,995, it just has a few dollars difference in comparison to the 2020 Jeep Wrangler Sport model.


There are other Bronco models which are a step up from the base model. These models include upgrades like LED fog lamps and aluminum wheels. Prices for other variants range from $34,880 – $60,800.



The Ford Bronco is one of the most awaited vehicles to launch in 2021, and why not? With all its amazing features and superb performance, off-road enthusiasts will gladly spend their money on this spectacular vehicle. Its extremely cool Ford Bronco GOAT system is considered one of its best features, allowing the driver to get the most of their driving experience, may it be in normal driving mode or exciting off-road adventures. 

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