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Express Oil Change Prices: 2022 Update

Conclusion: Finding the Best Deal

Express Oil Change prices range from as low as $44.99 and as high as $76.99. Princes differ significantly depending on what type of oil you're looking for.

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Your vehicle's oil is one of the most critical fluids that you must maintain all the time. Not only must you maintain the quantity, but also you must maintain the quality.

As a driver, you'll know how important it is to perform oil changes between now and then and depending on what's specified in your vehicle owner's manual.

Choosing the right location to perform the oil change is as important as changing the oil itself. Many people choose to change their motor oil at Express Oil Change.

Express Oil Change is a profound company that provides affordable oil changes and great services.

This article walks you through some details about why to choose Express Oil Change for your next oil change and how much it will cost you to perform an oil change at Express Oil Change. It also provide you with some extra details on the importance of performing regular oil changes to your vehicle.

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Why choose Express Oil Change?

Before we dive into the details about the Express Oil Change prices in 2022, you must understand why you should choose Express Oil Change among all the other competitors around your area.

  1. High customer satisfaction

The best and most important feature of Express Oil Change is that it's one of the most affordable choices in the nation. People have been using this company for oil changes for decades now, and customer satisfaction is incredibly high considering all the provided services once your performance oil change.

  1. Additional inspections

In addition to oil changes, Express Oil Change company has the top mechanics who can perform additional inspections on your vehicles and confirm that there are no problems in your car.

It might sound that these inspections are something anybody can do; however, with the mechanics' experience, they can detect early problems and let you know about them before they even happen.

In other words, if the mechanic could detect an initial sign of a potential problem, he can save you a ton of money compared to waiting until the problem happens. Therefore, most automotive experts recommend inspecting your vehicle between now and then so you can detect the problems as early as possible.

In most scenarios, if you can detect the problem early, you will most likely resolve the problem without needing to install major components, which is a huge plus!

  1. Convenience

The great thing about Express Oil Change is that you don't necessarily must book an appointment one time for the oil change and another one for the inspections.

You can get all these things done in one location. For example, you can make only one trip to the oil change location and get the other components inspected.

Therefore, if you're busy, this can be extremely convenient for you. You don't need to waste your time waiting to get your car at different locations and finding an appointment in areas far from you.

Check Oil Light

Express Oil Change prices: 2022 update

The following table provides a detailed list of the current Express Oil Change prices. Keep in mind that this list is broken down by your desired oil type because not every oil will have the same price and the same quality.

Oil type Express Oil Change price
Conventional oil $34.99
Valvoline high mileage oil $44.99
Duramax full synthetic oil $59.99
Valvoline synthetic oil $69.99
Mobil 1 synthetic oil $74.99

As you might notice, prices can differ significantly if you go from a conventional to the maximum top-quality synthetic oil. However, it's not an easy choice to go from top to lowest quality to save money.

In other words, the recommendations must come from your vehicle's owner's manual about what oil can be used and how much you can go down to save on oil change prices.

The following section will provide details about the different types of motor oils in the field of oils, and which is most suitable for your car.

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What are the different types of oils?

In the automobile world, there are different types of motor oils, and each type has its quality and composition. Let's look at some of the most common ones that you will encounter:

  1. Conventional oil

The first and most common type of motor oil you will encounter is conventional oil. Unfortunately, this oil is the basic type of oil, and it does not have the maximum quality and the top characteristics that will protect your vehicle long-term.

While conventional oil is the cheapest motor oil you will find in the market, it requires frequent oil changes, and if you miss one, you could easily deal with some complications that get more serious if you continuously miss the oil changes.

Automotive experts mentioned that if your manufacturer did not require choosing a higher quality motor oil, you should be fine with using conventional oil if you change it when required.

  1. Synthetic oil

If conventional oil is the lowest quality motor oil, consider synthetic oil the top-quality motor oil. It provides you with create character 6 to help your vehicle stay protected for a very long time without needing frequent oil changes.

The biggest drawback of synthetic oil is the price. Several people indicated they could not afford it because it's very expensive compared to their regular conventional oil.

  1. Synthetic blend oil

Considering the price of synthetic oil and considering the quality of conventional oil, companies came up with an innovative way of mixing both oils to create what's known as synthetic blend oil.

This oil provides great quality characteristics but is not as expensive as synthetic oil. It is also great and better than conventional oil because you don't need to change it as frequently as the typical conventional oil.

  1. High mileage oil

Finally, considering this stress on vehicles with a lot of mileage, I don't want if experts came up with a new type of motor oil designed specifically for high-mileage vehicles.

This oil provides your car with additional characteristics that help protect the sensitive components as they age.

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What additional services does Express Oil Change provide?

While the companies name indicate that they only perform oil changes, Express Oil Change also checks other extra services that you can enjoy, including inspecting:

  • Lights
  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Air filters
  • Belts
  • Engine hoses
  • Suspension system
  • Wiper fluid
  • Windshield wiper

All these services are great additions that you can enjoy driving safely without any problems. For example, if you're stuck and the spring season when there is heavy rain, and you realize that your windshield wipers are not working properly, Express Oil Change can be a great place to consider when you perform your next oil change.

In addition to inspecting these components, Express Oil Change provides additional services beyond inspection, including:

  • Brake system replacement and maintenance
  • Emission test and certification
  • Check engine light diagnostics
  • Fluid refilling
  • Fuel system inspection and cleaning
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Tune-ups
  • Headlights replacements
  • Transmission inspection and services
  • Wiper blade replacements
  • Tire rotation

Of course, the prices for these services differ significantly depending on your vehicle's type and model. Therefore, if you would like more details, you can call them or check their websites to see if they have detailed information about the prices by vehicle type.

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Why do I need to perform an oil change?

One might wonder why it is important to perform all the changes between now and then. The short answer is because of the importance of oil for your motor.

If you're driving a vehicle equipped with a combustion system, there is much heat generated between the internal moving metal components. If you don't use oil to lubricate these components, this extra heat can damage the engine.

That's why it's critical to maintain the right amount of oil to reach the different components around your engine and properly lubricate them. However, oil does not last forever, and there will be a point when you must change it because it gets very dirty and is ineffective in lubricating the engine.

Once the oil reaches a point where it's very dirty, then you must perform the oil change. Your mechanic will take out any old oil and replace it with a fresh one. During the oil change process, your mechanic inspects the oil filter and other components to ensure they are in good condition. In most scenarios, your mechanic will change the oil filter as well.

Seafoam in Oil

Should I use conventional or synthetic oil?

As we showed earlier, there are different prices for conventional versus synthetic oil, and one might think that choosing conventional oil means saving on oil changes. However, that's not always straightforward and might result in trouble.

You must understand that if your vehicle owner's manual requires synthetic oil, you cannot simply go with a lower-quality oil because this introduces damages and causes internal problems that will cost you way more than the price of synthetic oil.

On the other hand, if your car does not require synthetic oil and you decide to be generous and use a good one, you got to be very careful because not every vehicle is compatible with synthetic oil.

For example, if you're driving a very old car not designed to accept synthetic oil, you're introducing troubles that could completely damage the engine. That's why it's critical to consult your mechanic and check whether you can use higher quality and stronger oil for your old engine.

Change Oil Light

Can I go back to conventional oil if I use synthetic?

If you decide to go with synthetic oil and your vehicle is OK with using it, that's a great idea because you don't must worry about frequent oil changes, and your vehicle will be protected most of the time.

However, if you decide that you no longer can afford the synthetic oil or would like to go back to the conventional oil for whatever reason, that's not our problem because both oils are fine interacting with each other, and you shouldn't have any problem.

Remember that synthetic blend oil is simply a combination of both synthetic and conventional oil. Therefore, there is no problem with switching back to conventional oil when you use synthetic oil. But, of course, you want to make sure that you don't go down in quality if your vehicle manual requires using synthetic oil.

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Final thoughts

An oil change is one of the basic maintenances that you must perform for your vehicle regularly. Depending on your vehicle type, the desired oil might differ and require different costs.

Since Express Oil Change is one of the most profound companies for oil changes, we focus this article on why you should go with Express Oil Change for your next oil change, along with the current Express Oil Change prices as of 2022.

If you realize that your car has tons of problems and it continuously consumes more oil than it should, there might be an internal problem in the vehicle causing this issue. If you figure the problem is very expensive to fix, it might be a perfect time to sell your vehicle and buy a better one.

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