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Engine Problems Ford Escape: Engine Failure Trends Requiring $4500 On Repairs! 

Engine Problems Ford Escape

Since debuted in 2001, “engine problems Ford Escape” has been trending! Despite the great popularity of this vehicle, the excellent safety rating, the good marks of reliability, and the newly redesigned SUV, there are tons of reported engine problems Ford Escape.

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If you're interested in purchasing a used Ford Escape, you need to familiarize yourself with these trending engine problems Ford Escape. Our team conducted an in-depth review of all available customer complaints and highlighted each problem, the associated mileage, and expected repair costs.

With our expert opinion, we recommend that you perform a pre-purchase inspection of your used Ford Escape before making a final decision. Your professional mechanic can help you decide on a Ford Escape in good condition.  

This article has also helped you stay away from specific Ford Escape model years associated with the most reported engine problems. Also, if you are a current owner of a Ford Escape, you can decide when it's the right time to get rid of your vehicle instead of wasting your time trying to make it work. 

Engine problems Ford Escape – “ we can't recommend the 2006 Ford Escape to anyone except your worst enemy.”


According to carcomplaints.com, customers noticed a clear trend in engine problems associated with the Ford escape.

Based on hundreds of customer complaints, automotive experts concluded that the worst model years for Ford Escape were 2013, 2005, and 2006. These model years were ranked the worst because they were associated with significant engine problems.

More specifically, carcomplaints.com mentioned that the 2006 Ford Escape was the worst model year not because it received the most reported complaints but because most engine problems required very high repair costs and occurred at the early stages of the vehicle's lifetime. 

“With solid trends of engine failure — $4,500 to fix at 85,000 miles avg — AND transmission failure — $3,000 to fix at 75,000 miles avg — we can't recommend the 2006 Ford Escape to anyone except your worst enemy.”

To take a closer look at these years, let's see How Indian problems changed along the worst years of Ford Escape. 

  • Engine problems Ford Escape: 2006 model year 


It's not surprising for the 2006 port escape to receive the worst ranking based on engine problems because the top reported problem by customers was engine failure.

Other engine problems reported for the 2006 Ford Escape were gas pedal lockup, metal fatigue in a Rod, unintended acceleration, excessive oil usage, oil leaks, etc.

The worst thing about engine problems 2016 Ford Escape is that they required extremely high repair costs of around $4500! Moreover, these complete failures occur at around 70,000 miles. 

Customers, we're extremely frustrated! Take a look at these two 2006 Ford Escape owners and what they had to say about their experience with engine problems Ford Escape: 

  • Engine problems 2006 Ford Escape owner #1: “ Save your paperwork, though…recall might happen, someday!”


This customer seems to have a lot of valuable information to share here: he mentioned that Ford had used the same PCM component of the 2005 vehicles in 2006. Keep in mind that the 2005 PCM had previous serious problems, and it seems like Ford did Not do anything towards that and get the problem resolved.

In 2006 Ford Escape XLT with a 3.2 L engine experienced a sudden engine not running right after entering the traffic. When he took the vehicle to the dealership, they informed him that there is a serious problem with the PCM and must install an improved PCM.

To make things worse, the dealership mentioned that he could not find or use a previously owned PCM because rebuilding is not an option. Repair costs were about $2500 to get the PCM piece replaced.

The customer is still hoping for some recalls to take care of all repair costs. 

  • Engine problems 2006 Ford Escape owner #2: “ My grandfather, now on disability, no longer have a car to get around after his engine blew at only 52,000!”


This poor grandfather ended up without a car after sudden failure to his 2006 Ford Escape engine at around 52,000 miles.

The vehicle started with excessive oil consumption, and the owner had to top it off every time he has to run the vehicle. Unfortunately, one day when the owner tried to start up the vehicle, it made weird loud banging noises and then shut it down immediately.

After several attempts to get the vehicle moving, there was no hope, and the owner ended up taking it to the dealership. When the dealership took a look at this vehicle, they informed him that he has to pay about $6000 for a new engine. Otherwise, the vehicle is worthless.

Unfortunately, this poor grandfather ended up with his vehicle sitting in his driveway, although he had difficulty paying it off. 

  • Engine problems Ford Escape: 2013 model year 


A significant spike in reported engine problems Ford Escape complaints were noticed in the 2013 model year.

Tons of customers reported significant problems with the engine ranging from engine stalling, check engine light illuminating frequently, engine failing, and finally, engine on fire.

The most-reported repair costs we're at least $2000! The engine failure was reported at around 50,000 miles, which is considered early on a vehicle from a manufacturer like Ford!

Let's see what these two customers had to say about their experience with engine problems Ford Escape for the 2013 model year: 

  • Engine problems 2013 Ford Escape owner #1: “ I think Ford needs to make this a recall on these vehicles. I have had Fords forever, but I think it's going to be time to look into a Honda!”


This long-term loyal Ford customer seems to give up on this company and might switch to Honda. He had a terrible experience while driving his 2013 Ford Escape at around 48,000 miles.

While the customer was driving in the middle of the rainstorm, the vehicle did not want to move after pressing the gas pedal multiple times. The owner indicated that the problem could be very dangerous, and he was lucky enough that the street was empty.

The owner mentioned that immediately after the problem occurs, a check engine lights and laminated add an error on the screen said service engine now engine fault. The owner thinks that the problem is related to the throttle, but he's not sure.

After deep research, the owner discovered that engine stalling is a common problem in the 2013 model year, and Ford must take immediate action to recall these vehicles and get the problem resolved free of charge. 

  • Engine problems 2013 Ford Escape owner #2: we have now reached a point where they cannot figure out why this is happening and have no idea how to fix it!”


Another owner of a 2013 Ford Escape SE 1.6 L engine at about 100,000 miles reported several complaints about the vehicle not running at all.

This vehicle shut down did not happen suddenly; The owner noticed a significant drop in the coolant level followed by extreme engine temperature.

He had to take it to the dealership and several repair shops. The owner ended up replacing the coolant level sensor assembly, which cost him more than $1500.

Unfortunately, even with all repairs, the problem occurs again. After getting in touch with Ford, old customer service mentioned that they have nothing to do with the problem and he has to visit the dealership one more time.

The driver filed a complaint to the National Highway Transportation Safety Board and found several other people filed the same complaint.

The owner ended up without getting his problem fixed as he can't pay more for significant car repairs.  

  • Engine problems Ford Escape: 2005 model year 


Although 2006 was reported as the worst model year for Ford Escape, it seems like the problems started in 2005.

The engine shut down was ranked right at the top by looking at the reported complaints from multiple 2005 Ford Escape customers. In addition to engine teardown, several customers complaint engine cutting in and out, gas pedal sticking, engine locking, motor blow up, and others.

In general, most engine problems 2005 Ford Escape repairs cost at least $2500 on average. These problems occurred mostly at around 80,000 miles. 

Again, let's listen to real stories from actual customers experience with engine problems 2005 Ford Escape: 

  • Engine problems 2005 Ford Escape owner #1: “I am now relatively convinced that I will not be persuaded to buy another Ford in the foreseeable future!”


Despite the regular maintenance and oil change every 3000 miles, this customer had no luck with his 2005 Ford Escape XLT 3.0 L V6 engine.

The driver was a couple of yards away from his house when his vehicle suddenly shut it down. The engine died, and the driver couldn't get it to work again. Even after taking the vehicle to the repair shop, the mechanic could not get it to turn over.

Since the vehicle was already 120,000 miles, the owner was already decided to get a new vehicle. However, he got disappointed that the engine failed before any previous warning signs. He could not take advantage of selling this vehicle and make some money to use it as a down payment to his new vehicle.

In the end, the owner decided never to purchase any vehicle from Ford answer just that Ford needs to keep up with other foreign competitor models. 

  • Engine problems 2005 Ford Escape owner #2: “Why can't ford be held accountable for these and fix them at no charge!”


This owner had ongoing problems with blown up ignition coils in her Ford Escape LX 3.0 L engine. While the vehicle was around 145 thousand miles, she took good care of it and performed all required maintenance on time.

The engine shut down completely without any previous warning signs, and she had to continuously replace the ignition coil more than five times with him for two to three months.

The owner decided not to continue paying for this vehicle, replacing the ignition coils, and getting rid of it. 

Ford Escape related recalls 


With the hundreds of reported complaints about engine problems Ford Escape, Ford decided to recall several model years.

According to repairpal.com, there are about 12 engine-related recalls for the Ford escape vehicles. 

Ford recalled several vehicles from the 2014 model years due to a problem with the 1.6L GDTI engine. They mentioned that the engine might experience an oil leak causing the engine to overheat. Affected vehicles were asked to visit the closest Ford dealership and get the problem resolved free of charge. 

Ford also recalled several vehicles from the 2013 model years due to the high number of reported complaints associated with the engine problems. Most affected vehicles had issues with wiring slicing to the manifold. This problem might cause the engine to hesitate or stall, and all affected vehicles were asked to visit the closest dealership to get the problem resolved free of charge. 



Ford Escape is a great vehicle and has tons of fans between Americans and worldwide. Despite the great features coming with this vehicle, tons of reported complaints were associated with engine problems Ford Escape.

These problems ranged from engine shutting down, engine stalling, check engine lights frequently illuminating, engine hesitating, and excessive oil consumption.

It's very important if you're planning to purchase a used Ford Escape to keep, and I can stay away from the 2005, 2006, and 2013 model years. 

If you already own one of these mentioned Ford Escape model years and you think that you're paying a lot for repair costs, we can help you! We are interested in your vehicle and guarantee to buy it despite its condition.

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