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What’s The Average Amount of Money For An Engine Fix Price?

What’s The Average Amount of Money For An Engine Fix Price?

You have a car that needs engine repair. Sure, you’ve taken the route of shopping for another vehicle. But you still want to repair the car that you have. Will the engine repair cost be more than the car is worth? Let’s examine the average engine repair cost as well as the best solution for you. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

What are the Common Signs That My Engine Needs To Be Fixed? 

Regardless of the make or manufacturer, vehicles are designed to last for hundreds – even thousands of miles. This is of course incudes regular and routine maintenance. Occasional repairs should also be added into the mix- for vehicle longevity. When we as car owners pay attention to how our vehicles are operating, it’s vital to head to a mechanic’s shop before more expensive and extensive repairs are needed. Below are some of the most common signs of engine trouble. 

A Decrease in Fuel Efficiency 

You could have a decrease in fuel efficiency for a number of reasons. But the moment you notice any kind of decrease in your car’s fuel efficiency, you want to head to a mechanic as soon as you can.  Most of the time, a tune up will restore your car's miles per gallon or MPGs. But there is a possibility that there is yet some other underlying engine issue. 

Fluid Leaks 

Should you ever find that you have fluid leaking from the front of your vehicle, then you need a mechanic or an auto tech to look into that issue. Fluid leaking from a car should always be cause for concern. Your vehicle utilizes a number of fluids to operate. Your car also needs to maintain the proper amount of each fluid in order to run optimally.  Whether it’s coolant leaks, oil leaks or some other kind of fluid leak, you want that leak looked at and taken car of ASAP. Other kinds of fluid leaks can be detrimental to the health and longevity of your engine. 

More Prevalent Exhaust Smoke 

Have you noticed an increase in exhaust smoke? Do you see more colored smoke coming from the back end of your car? If this is the case, then you can almost bet that there is some sort of malfunction or trouble inside the motor. Blue smoke typically indicates that oil is being burnt quickly inside of the motor. White smoke generally indicates that there is a coolant leak in the interior. Black smoke indicates that there is too much gasoline that is being burned at a high rate. 

The Check Engine Light Illuminates 

Once your vehicle’s check engine light comes on, you want to make sure that you head to a mechanic’s shop so that you can receive the proper and correct diagnostics. While lots of items and issues can trigger a “check engine light” coming on, you don’t want to ignore the light. The longer it stays on, the more damage harm you are doing to your car.  

“Hitting” or “Knocking” Noises 

When you hear knocking noises in your car, those noises can be found toward the hood of the car.  Knocking or hitting noises generally indicate that your vehicle may have worn out engine bearings. Engine bearings are the moving components of the motor that can wear out, due to poor lubrication or high mileage. If you don’t service your engine bearings fast, your car could succumb to engine seizure.

Is It Better To Rebuild Or Replace An Engine?

In most cases, engine rebuilding can save you time and money compared to a full engine replacement. Of course, the decision to have an engine built or an engine replacement will depend on the particular engine issue you are having. Depending on your particular circumstance, a rebuilt engine may be able to save you almost half of what you would spend on an engine replacement job. Your decision to rebuild or replace your engine will also depend on the parts that are needed to fix our engine. 

What if I need My Engine Replaced? 

Depending on the make and model of your particular vehicle, the general cost of a full engine replacement can cost you thousands of dollars.  The average engine replacement can cost anywhere between $3000 and $4000. You can just about double that amount for a foreign (European) or a luxury vehicle. It’s important to keep in mind that the rarer that the vehicle and the engine are, the more expensive a full engine replacement will cost you. The decision to replace an engine is a good one that you can feel confident going ahead with. A replacement engine will not only add more years to the life of your car- but it can turn a once problematic ride, into a reliable and awesome one. Should you ever sell your car with the replaced engine, you can add a few more dollars to the asking price. Don’t forget to provide proof that the engine was fully replaced at time of sale. A full engine replacement can also save you money on smaller parts that would have been needed along the engine repair journey. From filters, belts, coolant and hoses, you’ll come out on top with a full replacement- as opposed to fixing one aspect of your engine at a time. 

 What If I Decide to Have My Engine Rebuilt? 

A general engine rebuild job can cost between $2,500 and $4,000. This cost includes labor and parts. 

This kind of engine repair may just include a replacement of seals and bearings and seals. Of course, the auto mechanic has to physically remove the engine and re-install it. That certainly requires some work. 

Both engine replacements and rebuilds can be helpful in the longevity of your car. But in order to find what you truly need, you have to get your vehicle properly diagnosed. A certified mechanic and engine specialist are your best bet. You don’t want to spend money that you don’t have to. Additionally, you don’t want to pay for engine repair that outweighs the value of your car. 

There may be issues that point toward an engine rebuild. There may also be issues with your ride that point toward an engine replacement. For example, if you’re experiencing a failed knock sensor, then you may think that your engine is on its way to blowing up. A failed knock sensor can be caused by low oil level. So, even though you have a failed knock sensor, your engine may not blow. It may just have low oil levels. Here’s another scenario that proves you need a proper diagnostic of your car: timing-related sensors can cause your ride not to crank up at all. Some electrical issues with your car may mean that you need a new engine wiring harness- instead of an entire engine rebuild. Imagine paying for an entire rebuild when you only needed a new engine wiring harness… not a pretty picture, eh? 

What Are Signs I Need A Full Engine Replacement? 

Check out some of the symptoms below that may indicate you need an engine replacement: 

  1. If the engine cost of the engine rebuild equals an engine replacement or more, then it may be ideal to just replace the entire engine.  
  2. If there is a hole on the side of your old engine, then that engine cannot be rebuilt. A complete engine block replacement is needed- and in theory, that’s the entire engine. 
  3. Many older cars do not offer rebuild kits. But you could find a used engine – which could be your only choice. 

“I Think The Cost To Repair My Engine Outweighs the Value of My Vehicle” 

If spending money on an engine repair will leave you financially “upside down”, then you have a lot to think about. If fixing your engine is more than what your car is worth, do you really want to repair the engine? Spending money on rebuilding an engine is one of the most expensive repairs ever. Many times, it’s just to your advantage to sell your vehicle- bad engine and all. 

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What’s The Process Of Selling My Car With The Bad Engine? 

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Step Three 

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