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Emergency Car Tools That Belong in Your Trunk: Your Ultimate Guide!

Emergency Car Tools That Belong in Your Trunk: Your Ultimate Guide!

Many people drive their cars everyday and they spend much of their time driving. This means that it is likely that they will get to experience an emergency situation while they are driving their cars. Plus, cars tend to break down or experience problems when you least expect it. That is why you need to be always prepared and keeping emergency car tools that belong in your trunk is one of the ways you can prepare for such situations. Keeping emergency tools may just save your life or your car when you experience any roadside emergency or if you get stranded somewhere. The emergency car tools that belong in your trunk include jumper cables, hazard triangles or road flares, tire pressure gauge, flashlight, tire inflator and sealer, tow strap, jack and lug wrench, socket and screwdriver set, duct tape, portable fire extinguisher, and first aid kits.

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Emergency Car Tools That Belong in Your Trunk: What Emergency Materials are in the Trunk of the Car?

Although you are hoping that you won’t ever have to experience car breakdowns, mechanical problems, or car accidents, it still pays to be prepared since these issues can really happen and you won’t really know when and where it will be. May it be a dead battery, a flat tire, an accident, or perhaps an inclement weather that has left you stranded somewhere, any of these things can happen at some point. One of the preparations you can do is make a list of emergency car tools that belong in your trunk, purchase them, and store the said tools in your car at all times.

Having emergency car tools that belong in your trunk is a good back up plan in case something happens. The right emergency tools or items in your trunk allow you to fix the problem yourself and prevent further damage. This can also make sure that you are always prepared and protected while you are waiting for help or assistance to arrive.

What are the emergency tools that belong in your trunk? It include:

  • Jumper cables

Jumper cables are one of the emergency car tools that belong in your trunk. This will be very useful when you suddenly find yourself dealing with a dead or dying car battery. A car battery can die anytime and anywhere and jumper cables with heavy duty clamps can help you get back on the road, given that you can find another driver that is willing to help you.

When a car battery dies, you won’t be able to start your car. But with jumper cables, you can ask for help to jumpstart your car so you can drive to the nearest auto service shop. Jumper cables are easy to use. You will just have to attach your cables to the other driver’s car positive and negative battery terminals and follow the instructions. You will have to learn how to jump start a car and be familiar with the engine of your car.

Make sure that you choose a good set of jumper cables. Go for the ones that have heavy duty cables with superior and durable spring loaded clamps and a cable length of more than 10 feet. It is better to buy high-quality ones that are more serviceable and can be used with various types of cars and trucks. When you purchase one, make sure that you will read the instructions that came along with it and familiarize it.


  • Hazard triangles or road flares.

When your car breaks down and becomes stranded, may it be on a busy highway or a countryside road, you will want other drivers to spot you, especially if it happens during nighttime. Hazard triangles or road flares can give advance warnings and will make other drivers become aware of your location and avoid collisions. This can also alert them that you are in need of assistance.

It is said that drivers should carry three reflective triangles and place them in three locations when your car breaks down. You need to place them where they can be easily seen by other motorists.

  • Tire pressure gauge.

Tire pressure gauge is one of the emergency car tools that belong in your trunk. It is used to measure tire pressure. You need to have this tool since you don’t want to deal with an underinflated tire since it can cause problems and can compromise your safety.

Checking the tire pressure of each of your tires regularly can help ensure that your tires are always at their safe, working condition. It also prevents underinflation and tire blowouts, helps extend your tire’s tread life, and improves your car’s fuel economy.

You can’t really choose what time of day your car breaks down. It can happen during the daytime where everything is bright, but it can also happen at night. Although smartphones today have built-in flashlights, you would want a more handy one when you need to check or repair something in the dark. Flashlights can also help you during daylight when you want to take a closer look at some car parts located in some less accessible areas of your car.

You can purchase a flashlight that is equipped with a magnet on its side for easier use, especially when you need to work on your car using both of your hands. You should also pack extra batteries to make sure that you will have a continuous source of light for many hours whenever you need it.

Knife is considered one of the emergency car tools that belong in your trunk. This is because, sometimes, you need to cut, separate, or get rid of something. Like road debris or rope that made its way into your axle and has wrapped around it and some other things. Knife is also known to be a basic tool that can be used in various ways. It can come really handy when you get stranded somewhere. You can open food containers with it or cut small wood to make an emergency fire.

  • Tire inflator and sealer.

While most cars have a spare tire in case one of their tires becomes flat, it can happen that the spare tire is faulty as well. It is for this reason why a tire inflator or sealer is one of the emergency car tools that belong in your trunk. With these tools, you will be able to fix your flat or punctured tire immediately and continue driving. Just keep in mind that this is only a temporary fix. You should have your damaged tire checked and repaired as soon as possible.

  • Jack and lug wrench.

When you need to change your tires, you will need a jack and lug wrench to make the process easy. Without a jack and lug wrench, changing the tire yourself will not be possible even if you have a spare tire. .

  • Tow strap.

Having a tow strap as one of the emergency car tools that belong in your trunk can be very useful, especially if you know that you will be driving on rural roads, deserts, or mountains. Driving on these challenging surfaces can get your car stuck, even if you are driving a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Tow straps will also come in handy when your car suddenly breaks down, leaving you stranded somewhere. Tow straps are known to be super strong and are capable of towing or hauling, moving a  disabled car in short or medium distances, assuming that there is a passing driver who is willing to help you. Having this emergency tool in your trunk can also allow you to help other stranded drivers.

When you use a tow strap, you need to make sure that you know or do the right tie down and tow points of your car. You will usually find this information in your owner’s manual. If you have placed your strap improperly or have attached it to the wrong part of the car structure, it may cause further damage to your car.

  • Socket and screwdriver set.


A good set of sockets and screwdrivers can come in handy when you experience some vibrations, odd sounds, or other issues while you are driving. These issues might be caused by some loose car parts since a car is made up of a lot of parts or components that work together. Hose clamps that have slipped or battery terminal connections that are loose can also cause some problems and a simple tightening can easily fix them.

  • Duct tape.

Duct tape is known as a very useful tool that is capable of fixing a lot of things. It can be used to temporarily fix hoses and other car parts, or patch up a damaged body work just until you reach the nearest auto repair shop.

  • Portable fire extinguisher.

Since cars have some flammable liquids, they are susceptible to catching fires in the event of a severe collision. It is for this reason why you need to store one in your car in case of an emergency.

  • First aid kit.

Accidents can happen while you are driving. Some accidents can cause some damages to your car and injuries to you or your passengers. A first aid kit stored in your car can come in handy in these situations. In some countries, having a first aid kit all the time is required by their law.

First aid kits usually include gauze pads, band aids to cover small cuts, safety pins, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointments, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, cotton swabs, Antihistamine in case of allergy attacks, and pain relieving medications such as Ibuprofen and Aspirin.

  • Drinking water.

Although this is not technically a tool, you need to have at least two or three gallons of drinking water stored in your car for emergency use. We all know that water is very essential. You can drink it to stay hydrated in case you get stranded somewhere and you can also use it to clean or rinse. You can also use water to add into the cooling system of your car when it is overheating when you are out of coolant.

These are the emergency car tools that belong in your trunk that can help you survive and get through any emergency situations. However, there are also some emergencies that will require people or residents to stay in their vehicles or flee from possible disasters. When this happens, you won’t really have the luxury of time to get all that you need. This is why you also have to prepare a car emergency kit for this.

Aside from the emergency car tools that belong in your trunk listed above, you will also need to pack these things.

 Non perishable food or snacks.

Having food or snacks in your car can help you survive. You can keep food in your car that doesn’t need refrigeration like dried fruits, granola bars, or nuts.

Blankets can help you stay warm when you are stranded somewhere cold. It can also be used as a bandage or sling when someone gets injured.

  • Rain ponchos.

Rain ponchos can protect you from the weather when you have to go out and assess or fix your car.

  • Folding shovel.

Having a folding shovel in your car is useful during winter. It can be used to dig your stuck wheel out of snow, clear paths, and a lot more.

Emergency car tools that belong in your trunk can help you survive emergency situations. You just have to plan and prepare so you can protect yourself, your passengers, and your car in an emergency. Of course, you need to familiarize or learn to use the tools so you will know what to do in the actual emergency. When you are prepared, you will be able to think straight and not panic. You will have a peace of mind knowing that you have all the needed emergency car tools which can help you get through it. It can also help you prevent further damage to your car. Make sure that you make a list of emergency phone numbers so you can call for help immediately.