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10 Electric Vehicle Maintenance Tips: Extend the Lifetime of Your Electric Car

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Here are the 10 electric vehicle maintenance tips that help you extend the lifetime of your electric car:

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  1. Inspect the battery regularly
  2. Consider the cooling system
  3. Check on the brake fluid
  4. Rotate your tires
  5. Align your wheels
  6. Replace the air filters
  7. Check the air conditioning system
  8. Inspect the windshield wiper fluid
  9. Wash the bottom portion of the vehicle
  10. Familiarize yourself with the EV charging station maintenance

With the increased gas prices, many people are now considering investing in an electric car. Electric vehicles are amazing not only from the economic perspective but also from the environmental perspective, where it prevents and reduces the number of emissions harming the environment.

Since electric vehicles are still new, there is a lot to learn about them, and the longer we own them, the clearer the image will be about what to expect and how to maintain these vehicles.

Experts are monitoring the situation closely. They are doing lots of research to help current electric vehicle all owners extend the lifetime of their vehicles as much as possible.

This article provides you with 10 electric vehicle maintenance tips to help you enjoy your electric car for the longest time without dealing with major car repairs.

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10 electric vehicle maintenance tips

Although the research is still going, automotive experts were able to summarize the 10 electric vehicle maintenance tips that should work for you and should extend the lifetime of your car, assuming that you're following the recommendations in your vehicle's owner's manual.

Keep in mind that these recommendations are just tips, which means you should not rely on the tips and get surprised to deal with major problems because depending on your vehicle’s quality and mileage, major problems will occur.

Let's take a closer look at what automotive experts recommend:

1.    Inspect the battery regularly

Unsurprisingly, the battery is the first thing you have to keep up with in any electric vehicle. The battery is the core component, and if it's not working, you don't have an electric car.

There is lots of information about what exactly to do to maintain the battery and prevent major complications in your electric car. The first thing that you should start with is your vehicle's owner’s manual. The manual should have details on electric vehicle manus tips regarding battery protections and replacement.

It is also critical that you understand the main symptoms of a failing battery in your electric car. Once you see any of these symptoms, you should not ignore them because the more you wait on the problem, the more critical it gets in, and the higher the repair costs.

2.    Consider the cooling system

Believe it or not, electric vehicles still have a cooling system! Although this system doesn't have to deal with a very hot engine, there is an internal thermal management system to maintain the vehicle and prevent overheating.

The system works automatically, and you typically don't have to worry about topping off the coolant or dealing with any of these simple issues in the gasoline cars. However, you have to follow a specific type of maintenance to confirm that this system is working properly to avoid dealing with overheating problems related to your electric car.

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3.    Check on the brake fluid

Even if you're not driving a gasoline car, you should still maintain the brakes. The brakes have to do with your safety, and if there is no sufficient brake fluid, it means that you won't be able to stop your electric car, and you will put yourself in life at risk of a crash.

Therefore, we highly encourage you to look into the vehicle's owner’s manual and determine what you have to check on the brake fluid and whether you have to replace it completely. At some point, this fluid cannot get dirtier, which means it will collect a lot of debris and contaminants as it runs in the system. The dirtier the fluid, the harder it is for your car to operate, and the more challenging it is for you to control your car and stop it when you need it.

Check again with your vehicle owner’s manual and consult your mechanic about when to flush or top off the brake fluid.

4.    Rotate your tires

Like the brake fluid check out, you also need to consider tire rotations. Although electric cars operate differently and might not be very harsh on the suspension and the tires, you still need to consider tire rotation.

The manual should have exact details on the tire rotation frequencies to help you use your tires as much as possible and prevent the need for replacing the four tires at the early stages.

If you don't already know its tire rotation, it is a very simple process where your mechanic changes the locations of the tires to take full advantage of each one of them. Typically, your car will be caused somewhere else at certain times more than others, and some of the tires will be in great condition. Therefore, to avoid getting in a situation where you have to throw out a tire because it was not used by the car and wasn't wearing out evenly, you should rotate the tires frequently.

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5.    Align your wheels

Wheel alignment is also necessary maintenance to help you extend the lifetime of your electric vehicle. Therefore, we decided to include wheel alignment in our electric vehicle maintenance tips list.

These electric vehicles are designed precisely and expect certain vehicle performance and wheel alignments. If the alignment is messed up, the vehicle will work harder than it should, and therefore it will consume more energy and could cause some issues in the way The electric battery maintains the charge.

Even if it doesn't sound like an important deal for you, you must perform tire rotations and realignments on time to prevent these complications.

6.    Replace the air filters

Although there is no engine air filter in your electric car, you still need to replace the air filters that prevent dirt, road dust, and debris from getting inside the car and impacting your health. This becomes extremely critical if you have respiratory problems or someone riding with you always has to breathe clean air.

Replacing the filters is not complicated, and it's something that many drivers even do on their own without needing to hire a professional. The filter itself is very cheap. There is no strong reason for you to delay air filter replacement, especially if you'd like to enjoy your electric vehicle as long as possible, and you don't want to have to deal with issues in your comfort as you're driving this car.

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7.    Check the air conditioning system

Air conditioning is extremely important in your electric vehicle, especially if you're driving in hot environments. It eventually maintains a cold or vehicle and prevents the battery from dealing with extreme heat temperatures.

Although the air conditioning is supposed to maintain the interior environment temperature, it does have some impact indirectly on the other components in your car.

There is nothing more frustrating than driving your beloved electric vehicle during the extremely hot summer without having a working air conditioning system.

8.    Inspect the windshield wiper fluid

In addition to the previously mentioned maintenance, you also need to keep up with your windshield wiper fluid. Whether your vehicle is electric or gasoline, this doesn't have to do anything. However, you still need to maintain the windshield wiper fluid to maintain your visibility and prevent major car accidents that could cause some damage to your electric vehicle.

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9.    Wash the bottom portion of the vehicle

Some people think that bulleted vehicles are electric which means they're not supposed to be washed with water. However, that's not true. You are recommended to wash the top portion of your vehicle and the bottom portion of the underbody part.

As you're driving your electric car, lots of debris and contaminants get collected in the underbody portion of your vehicle. Therefore, performing regular washes helps prevent these contaminants and other foreign objects from getting insights instead of systems and costing you thousands of dollars on repair.

10.  Familiarize yourself with the EV charging station maintenance

Finally, there are some other things to learn about electric cars. For example, as you're using the EV charging stations publicly, mobile electric car charging service or in your own house, you should understand what goes into them and how to use them effectively without causing issues to your vehicle.

Many research describes the different types of EV stations, including level 1 and level 2, along with the DC fast-charging stations. Learning one or two things about your electric vehicle helps you extend its life and avoid major car maintenance repairs, which can't be a huge headache.

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How much does it cost to maintain an electric car? Is it more expensive than gasoline vehicles?

Interestingly, many people think that because Electric vehicles are very sophisticated, they will require much higher repair costs. However, the case is the opposite.

According to recent statistics, maintaining your electric car should cost you about $330 less than maintaining a gasoline vehicle. However, depending on where you live and other external factors, you're expected to spend $949 annually to maintain your electric vehicle.

Therefore, although the initial costs of investing in an electric car might be a bit more expensive than a typical gasoline vehicle, it is worth it long term.

Keep in mind that many manufacturers are working now to produce affordable electric cars, which means that the big myth about extremely expensive electric vehicles is no longer valid. Therefore, it is worth researching more affordable electric vehicles that could get you up to speed with this type of car and help you learn as you own this car.

An electric vehicle doesn't have to be maintained in a way that requires you to get into the mechanic shop between now and then to perform oil changes in another type of typical maintenance in your gasoline vehicle.

Also, by investing in electric cars and considering the long-term savings, you save the environment. In other words, maintaining clean air does not depend on the whole country. You can sort by yourself, and lots of people can learn from each other and encourage each other to invest in a vehicle that doesn't harm the environment.

Final thoughts

Electric vehicles do not require the common maintenance that you'll see in any gasoline car. Unfortunately, there's still a lot to learn about these vehicles. However, the more you educate yourself about maintaining electric cars, the less likely it is to deal with major complications.

This article summarizes you with 10 electric vehicle maintenance tips to help you extend the lifetime of your electric car. Keep in mind that these are just recommendations, and sometimes, major problems are still expected to happen in electric vehicles.

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