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Electric Cars for Teens: All What You Need to Know! 

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Getting electric cars for teens is a great decision because they are cheaper, do not require fuel, are cheaper to repair, and teach your teens to plan their trips carefully. However, some drawbacks of getting electric cars for teens include difficulty charging, limited choices, range anxiety issues, battery problems, and smaller sizes. 

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Many parents see that teens are not great at driving, and they can't make wise decisions. That's why there is a very common misconception that teens should drive older cars that are reliable and don't need a lot of money to insure. However, that might not be the best decision, as automotive experts indicated.

Have you ever thought about purchasing an electric car for your teen? While these electric cars are known for not requiring a lot of gas, they also come with a long list of safety features that protect your teen. Before getting your teen a car, thoughts think twice about what safety features are included and how well this car protects your teen.

This article provides it an expert opinion about the reasons behind purchasing electric cars for teens. It also answers several relevant questions to help you make a wise decision about the best car suitable for your teen. 

What is an electric car?

Before we dive into the details about getting electric cars for teens, let’s make sure we’re on the same page regarding the definition of electric cars, in case you’re not fully aware of it.

As the name suggests, electric cars are those cars operating fully on electricity provided through a strong battery.

The nice thing about these cars is that they’re environmentally friendly and do not contribute to harmful emissions that could pollute the air and harm human health.

Also, there is a clear trend showing that most countries are moving towards switching completely to electric vehicles as of 2030. Thus, as a parent or a teenager who is new to the driving world, it’s definitely worth exploring options for purchasing electric cars. 

Some of the top names of electric car brands include Chevrolet Bolt, Tesla, and Nissan Leaf.

Although newer electric cars are slightly expensive, thinking of a used electric car is a great option as the price is significantly lower.

According to experts, the benefits you will gain when purchasing an electric car overweigh the drawbacks, especially if you’re planning for one for your beloved teen.

Should we get electric cars for teens? 

 There are plenty of benefits your teen can get when driving an electric car. When purchasing a used electric car for your teen, you get a better price and get an option that doesn't require much on repair costs. Thus, you don't necessarily have to buy a brand-new electric car for your teen to drive; You can simply go with used ones. 

The list below highlights the top reported benefits of getting electric cars for your teens: 

  • Used electric cars are cheaper than gas counterparts 

The 1st and most important benefit of getting an electric car for your teen is price. Usually, electric vehicles lose about 56.6% of their original value immediately after three years of ownership. On the other hand, other gas counterparts lose only 38.2% after three years of ownership. 

Thus, it's not very complicated to get a decent used electric car for your teen at a very good price. In fact, automotive experts indicated plenty of pre-leased electric cars available in the market, which means that you can purchase a good one that's only three years old for a very good price. 

  • You don't have to worry about fuel 

Gas can be a big addition to your teens' monthly budget, and if you can't eliminate gas, you can see a big difference in the equation.

Many students were able to successfully save a ton of gas by switching to electric vehicles. There are plenty of campuses that provide free charging stations, which means that commuting is almost free and that all it takes you is just maintaining regular repairs when needed. 

  • Maintenance costs are much cheaper

Maintenance costs can be a huge headache for too many teens, and if you can eliminate these costs or at least reducing significantly, that's a big one.

The nice thing about electric cars is that you don't have to worry about replacing smaller components within the combustion system. For instance, you don't have to worry about replacing the timing belts, spark plugs, starter motors, fuel injectors, etc.

Did you know that your teen shouldn't worry about simple maintenance like an oil change when owning an electric car? Yes! That's also illuminated. 

Most automotive experts indicated that all you need to worry about when owning an electric car is just checking tire pressure and keeping an eye on the car’s battery.

  •  Range anxiety can be a huge benefit to your teen 

One of the biggest drawbacks of electric cars is what's known as range anxiety. Range anxiety basically means that your teen has a limited range for driving the vehicle. In other words, charging the vehicle allows your teen to drive for certain distances and not more.

While this might sound like a drawback, it can be a huge benefit to your teen.

With having a specified range to drive, your teen will plan that rips upfront and prevent lengthy unnecessary Rd trips. Also, range anxiety can help your teen learn more about where to find electric charging stations.

What are the limitations of getting electric cars for teens? 

Automotive experts indicated that by understanding the limitations of electric cars, you don't have to worry much about what might happen soon. Once you are aware of these limitations, you can be well prepared and educate your teen about what to expect when dealing with such situations.

Here are some of the biggest limitations about getting electric cars for teens and how to deal with these limitations:

  • Charging can be a challenge in apartments and dorms 

If your teen lives in a dorm or an apartment; charging the vehicle could be a little of a hassle. This is because most charging stations are not available, and there might be no room for charging the vehicle within the same apartment building. 

However, in a lot of universities, charging stations are usually available and close by. Thus, even if your teen cannot charge his electric car within the same building, he should find a nearby station.

  • Your teen will not have a lot of choices 

Another drawback about electric cars is that there are not a lot of choices to select from. According to experts, your teen might find about 20 electric vehicles to choose from, and these models are not available in every dealership.

While this is another drawback, most teens don't have many options when selecting a gasoline vehicle. Most parents decide to purchase a cheaper bold gasoline car if the teen does not have the best driving choices. Thus, selecting different choices should not be a big deal for many parents. 

  • If you decided to go with an older car, you wouldn't have enough range 

If you're not planning to purchase a modern electric vehicle; keep in mind the range anxiety can be a little more complicated here. According to AAA, older electric vehicles do not achieve more than 100 miles, and modern ones can get you up to 200 miles.

Again, this drawback should not be another big deal because most students and teens will need the vehicle to drive shorter distances close to their apartments or houses. That could be another big lesson for teens to plan their trips and never waste time going for unnecessary trips. 

  • Be prepared to deal with battery issues 

Berries can be a huge headache to many teens because they are expensive to get fixed. Since the electric vehicle relies heavily on the battery, you must choose a car with a good battery before purchase.

Keep in mind that most batteries diminish over time and they lose their charging capacity. As a result, you'll see a significant reduction in the vehicle range available. Thus, if you decided to go with electric vehicles, you need to make sure that the battery is in good condition to help your teen with his or her daily commute. 

  • There are not many large electric cars 

If you are a fan of larger vehicles to protect your teen, you might not find many choices in electric vehicles. Most electric cars come in smaller sizes, which might sound a little unsafe to many parents.

However, the nice thing about electric cars is that they come with plenty of safety features allowing the teen to drive safer and prevent getting involved in car accidents. For instance, many electric vehicles come with blind spots or warning features along with backup cameras. 

Can a teenager get a Tesla?

Experts do not recommend getting a Tesla for teenagers due to many reasons. Teenagers tend to be less responsible when making driving decisions and do not have enough experience to deal with challenging driving situations.

The vehicle itself is considered one of the most expensive electric vehicles, which easily approaches the $60,000. Furthermore, this vehicle is not repaired shop friendly and requires very high repair costs. In some situations, Tesla’s mechanical problems require a certain level of advanced mechanical skillsets that you won’t find in any independent repair shop.

What is the best second-hand electric car to buy for teens?

Based on several surveys, we can recommend the following electric cars as the best secondhand cars as of 2021:

  • BMW i3
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Renault Zoe
  • Hyundai Ioniq Electric
  • Jaguar I-Pace
  • Volkswagen e-Golf
  • Tesla Model S
  • Smart EQ fortwo

Keep in mind that these vehicles do not usually come with the lowest price, and they were featured for several factors, including durability, price, monthly maintenance costs, and others.

Why is Nissan Leaf so cheaply used?

Some statistics indicated that Nissan Leaf might be one of the cheapest used cars in the market. Most studies showed that Nissan Leaf loses a major portion of its value due to issues with limited range, which is not what most customers are hoping for when it comes to electric car ranges. 


Many parents are switching gradually to getting electric cars for teens. Electric cars attract many parents over the years as they are cheaper, do not require high repair costs, save a ton on gas, and teach teens how to plan their trips carefully.

On the other hand, electric cars can be challenging the charge, do not have many choices, do not come in larger sizes, and have common battery problems.

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