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6 Eco-Friendly Ways To Dispose Of A Junk Car: All You Need To Know

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These are the six most common eco-friendly ways to dispose of a junk car:

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  1. Donate your car
  2. Scrap it
  3. Trade it in
  4. Sell it to a recycling facility
  5. Part it out
  6. Sell it to a junk car-buying company

Most environmental advocates are now pushing for alternatives to protect the environment by producing electric vehicles and hybrid cars. They're also focusing on improving how we dispose of our old junk cars to be as eco-friendly and environmentally friendly as possible.

Suppose you're interested in protecting the environment and would like to make sure that you're disposing of your junk car properly in a way that supports the environment. In that case, you must familiarize yourself with eco-friendly ways to dispose of junk cars.

Luckily, you could choose from several variations and options to get rid of your junk car while protecting the environment. This article highlights the six most common eco-friendly ways to dispose of a junk car.

Six eco-friendly ways to dispose of a junk car

If you're looking to get rid of your junk car, you might be thinking of protecting the environment and ensuring that you're not contributing to auto waste. The good news is that there are many ways that you could dispose of your junk car without harming the environment and instead by supporting it and allowing other people to use it as parts replacements.

The following list provides the six most common eco-friendly ways to dispose of a junk car. Let's take a look for more details:

1.   Donate your car

The first common way of getting rid of your junk car without causing harm to the environment is by donating it to the right charity. Plenty of charities out there might be interested in getting your vehicle and taking advantage of it.

It might sound weird that these charities will accept your jump car because it might have major problems. However, typically, these charities do not use the vehicle themselves, and if the vehicle is in bad condition, they sell it and take its value towards their financial needs.

It's critical that before you move forward with any potential charity, you do your right research period; you want to confirm that this charity will dispose of your junk car properly, which is considered eco-friendly and environmentally friendly.

You can do this by searching online about the charity and understanding how they want to get rid of this junk car. You can also sell the car to an eco-friendly company that might use this vehicle for recycling and then uses the value towards charity support.

In addition to helping the environment, by donating your car to a charity, you can claim some tax deductions at the end of the year. This depends heavily on your income, so we highly encourage you to consult your accountant to confirm that you understand the full details about how to claim taxes for donating a junk car.

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2.   Scrap it

If you are interested in making some money out of your junk vehicle but still would like an eco-friendly way to dispose of your junk car, you might want to scrap your car yourself. Scrapping your car involves finding a scrap yard interested in purchasing your vehicle.

As you're looking for this scrap yard, you want to make sure that this is an eco-friendly scrap yard, meaning they might be either partnering or connected to a recycling facility. The recycling facility will typically take any remaining non-useful components of your vehicle and recycle them or use them for other purposes.

The scrap yard will first look at your car and remove any active components, allowing people to use them as car parts replacements. This includes every working component like an engine, transmission, bumper, airbags, etcetera.

If you decide to go with scrapping your car, you want to, at the same time, understand how much value you can get out of this vehicle. The challenge behind choosing a scrap yard is that there is no common value for your vehicle, and it will take you to get multiple quotes until you understand your car's true value and make sure you're getting paid well for this vehicle.

Eco-Friendly Ways To Dispose Of A Junk Car

3.   Trade it in

Another important way to consider when getting rid of your junk vehicle in an eco-friendly way is trading it in with a dealership. It might sound weird that dealerships will accept junk cars, but that could happen depending on your vehicle type and the vehicle parts replacement demand in your area.

For example, suppose you're planning to junk a 2012 Nissan Altima, and your area has a high demand for this vehicle. In that case, you might find that the dealership is looking to purchase this vehicle and will help people use the parts as replacements for their nonworking parts.

While that's the case, you want to ensure that your dealership will dispose of your junk car in an eco-friendly and environmentally friendly way throughout the process. In other words, they will get people to buy the working parts as parts of the placements. Still, you want to ensure that the end life of the remaining components in your vehicle is also disposed of environmentally friendly.

You can ask them what could happen to the vehicle once you trade it in. They will let you know whether they will allow people to use all the parts or have any working collaboration between them and a recycling facility.

can you sell your car to a dealership

4.   Sell it to a recycling facility

Sometimes you don't want to waste your time finding a third party to connect you to a recycling facility. Instead, you can immediately get directly connected to the recycling facility in your area. For example, you can research a car recycling facility near me on Google.

Depending on where you live, you'll get a list of recycling facilities sorted by the closest one to your area. You must contact multiple facilities to know whether they are legitimate and have a good idea about their working permit. Most of them need to work under a specific permit, depending on which city you're living in.

As you're looking for eco-friendly ways to dispose of your junk car, you must also ensure you're getting paid well for this vehicle. In other words, if you can get a recycling facility to buy your car but at the same time you can get a higher offer, you might want to choose this one versus another facility that might not pay you well for this car.

Of course, the effort and the amount of time you want to put towards finding the recycling facility that pays you well depends on your goals and needs. In other words, if you want to get paid well for this car, it may take time to search for at least three quotes from the different recycling facilities. However, if you're only looking for eco-friendly ways to dispose of your junk car regardless of how much you're getting paid, this becomes a much easier job.

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5.   Part it out

Another important way that you might consider, which is also considered eco-friendly, is parting out your car. Then, you can take the vehicle car parts and post them on classified websites for people who want to buy them. You'll be impressed by how many people are looking for placement parts, especially if your car parts are in good shape.

Keep in mind that parting out your car is not a very straightforward process. In other words, if you haven't done it before, you might want to get yourself up to speed with how the process is done so you can remove the car parts without causing damage to the surrounding components.

Since you're looking for a completely eco-friendly way of disposing of your junk vehicle, you want to ensure that every single component in your car is disposed of properly. In other words, once you remove all the active components, you might want to contact a recycling facility to pick up the remaining metal frame in your car that nobody might use.

Eco-Friendly Ways To Dispose Of A Junk Car

6.   Sell it to a junk car-buying company

Finally, if you want a faster process and to get out of your car fast and for the most money without any concerns, while ensuring that your vehicle is disposed of eco-friendly, you might want to consult junk car buying companies.

Many of these junk car-buying companies might be partnering with local recycling facilities. This way, you can get your vehicle removed fast without any hassle in the car removal process while making sure that your vehicle is disposed of the right way you're looking for.

However, this also requires some research, and without understanding the main pros and cons of each car-buying company, you might get scammed by many un legitimate companies. Thus, spend time researching and learning more about the customer feedback about each company before making a final decision.

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Final thoughts

Getting rid of your junk car is a great idea because it helps free up space in your backyard and provides extra cash to keep in your pockets. However, if you would like to find an eco-friendly way to dispose of your junk car, you might want to review the list we provided here properly before making any final decision.

The article showed you six eco-friendly ways to dispose of junk cars. We highly encourage you to review each way and understand the pros and cons to achieve your goals without hassle.

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