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Duplicate Car Keys With Chips – Can A Locksmith Make A Key With A Chip?

Duplicate Car Keys With Chips – Can A Locksmith Make A Key With A Chip?

Many car manufacturers use transponder keys, better known as chip keys, to make vehicles more difficult to steal. Chip keys are designed with digital codes, enabling them to communicate with vehicles, that are outfitted with transponder systems. Each chip key has a unique digital code. This means that the owner must have the correct chip key in the ignition to start the car. Given the advances in technology, the replacement of chip keys is far more expensive and difficult than replacing other kinds of automotive keys. We’ll examine different aspects of duplicate car keys with chips and provide the data and details you need to know! 

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How to Duplicate Car Keys With Chips

Over the past few decades, car manufacturers have been thinking of ways to prevent auto theft- as many cities around the country are seeking spikes- in this particular crime. With many advances in technology, one way is to make it more difficult with just a small programable chip in a car key. The “chip” key has many other names. It is also called the “coded” and the “transponder” key. These keys are relatively new and emit an electronic stamp or signature. This allows the car ignition to start. But with any new innovation, comes issues. The question of how to duplicate this code serves as an issue for many. 

Technically, the chip key is not a conventional key- it may help to think of it as a passcode- of sorts. And just like each passcode or password we all own, there is a particular thread that can be accessed by the person who has it. Think of a password you create for your email or an online account. Chances are, your password consists of upper-case letters, lower case letters and even special characters. You arrange those assets in a way that are difficult for others to access- in the name of privacy and security. 

Just like a password, each coded key offers its own specific assets or signature. Since it has a unique coded key, they’re not able to be copied- like conventional car keys. In order to get a chip key to work, you have to program the keys toward a specific car frequency- able to accept the code on the chip. However, there are steps you can take, to make a copy of your key fobs. 

What are Keys With Chips?

Car keys that are equipped with chips are also referred to as transponder keys. Vehicle manufacturers use transponder keys to keep car thieves away.  issues. Transponder or chip keys have specific digital codes, allowing cars to communicate and start up once the driver presents the chip. Since your chip has a unique and detailed digital code, the driver must place the correct chip/transponder key in the correct ignition to start the vehicle. Otherwise, it won’t work.  With our computer systems and advanced technology being what it is, you just can’t simply duplicate the chip keys like you can a regular car or even a house key.  Lots is involved in generating a duplicate. 

So, How Can You Duplicate Car Keys With Chips? 

The following options for you to obtain duplicate car keys equipped with chips in them. 

Option One: Obtain The Key Online 

The first step and option are to buy a key online. Before purchasing car keys online, check if your locksmith or dealership programs keys that come from another store. For proprietary and security and reasons some locksmiths and dealerships may choose to obtain and/or craft their own keys. This is especially true for dealerships. You can look on the Internet and see what car key replacement companies offer the best price on your key. Keep in mind that a key purchased online will NOT arrive to your location already programmed.  So, if you buy a chip key online, you will still have to call your local locksmith or dealership to program the key correctly.  

Option Two: Contact your Local Locksmith or Dealership

When you’re deciding upon a duplicate chip key from a dealership or a locksmith, the dealership will cost you more money. The dealership will be able to access your data from your VIN number and create a key for you. Keep in mind that the time may vary as to when you may receive it. There may be some security checks that the dealership has to perform, before making you another chip key. And it may take a few days, or even a few weeks to process your request. Don’t forget that you will need to complete the appropriate paperwork associated with your desire to create another chip key. 

Can A Locksmith Make A Key with A Chip?

Today, locksmiths run their business, answering the changing technologies. Gone are the days of the conventional locksmith who could make a copy of house and car keys in an instant. Today, lots of locksmiths keep chipped car keys-that are programmable- in their inventory. This allows for them to make a new car key that works for a vehicle’s computer system. Ask your locksmith and find out if he or she is able to cut a new key for your car and program the computer chip for you. Some locksmiths may or may not be able to accomplish this.  

Generally, it will take your locksmith about a few hours. This is due to them having to take the time to find the key in their inventory. Once he or she has the key, (s)he will have to program it. And because there is extra effort for this task, prepare to pay a bit more, compared to the conventional duplicate car or house key request. After your locksmith has the key, they will then program the key and then cut it-two major and necessary steps in duplicating car keys with chips. Once you have your duplicate chip key, test it. And if it doesn’t work, be sure to let your locksmith know. In fact, your locksmith may want to test your new duplicate chip key with you there. Your locksmith will be more than happy to change anything or reprogram the key if need be. You never want to leave our locksmith without testing your duplicate key with the chip. 

Duplicate Car Keys With Chips- Tips and Advice 

Check out few tips we are offering as you look to get a duplicate car key with a chip. 

  • Be sure that your locksmith of choice is a licensed, bonded, insured and an authorized vendor for your specific vehicle. It’s good to know that lots of automotive companies have full rights for the coding and copying of their keys. So, you may be at the mercy of your dealership and a locksmith may not even be an option for you. 
  • In an effort to avoid scams (and even getting your car stolen- the main objective of it all!) take the time to look for a locksmith who is affiliated with a professional locksmith organization. Some locksmith companies that advertise are not state-certified. You may even be able to find a great locksmith through your mechanic. As we mentioned before, licensing, bonding and insurance are important! 
  • Even though some cars will allow you to program a copy of a chip or transponder key that you bought online, you may want to check your car manual or just simply call your dealership. Lots of times, a vehicle is only allowed up to four (or a certain amount of duplicate chip keys. So, if you want one and you exceed this number, you may not be able to obtain an additional chip key. 

Can a Chip Key Ever Go Bad? 

Unfortunately, yes. Located inside of the key fob is a transponder chip. Unlike conventional keys, you really need to protect your chip key. So, be sure to keep it away from dirt, dust and water.  We can all be a bit rough with our car keys. After a long day, we toss them on the kitchen counter, or even throw them on a table. You can’t do that with a chip key. Remember: the key is equipped with a computer chip. So, your best bet is to get a wall hook and hang the chip key there. If it becomes damaged or doesn’t work, you’re looking at a costly replacement solution. And just like any computer, a chip can go bad. Be sure to contact your dealership or locksmith (if you had one make a duplicate chip key) for assistance. NEVER try to bend a chip or fix anything yourself! 

Do Chip Keys Have Batteries?

Chip/transponder keys are not outfitted with a battery; they have an embedded chip in them. This chip is powered by radio signals that are sent by the car. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Key With A Chip?

With most modern cars, your chip key is the “heart” of the modern car/ computerized car experience. For your chip key car replacement, you’re looking at spending between $50 and $150. Why so much? You have to think that you are replacing a computerized component of your car. There is a lot that goes into chip key replacement. From the complexity of the design, to the labor, chip key replacement takes work and time. Your dealership may offer you a free duplicate or they may not. But the job of duplicating a chip key is intensive and time-consuming. 

Does Walmart Make Car Keys With Chips?

No. Sure, Walmart is great for a duplicate conventional car or house key. But when it comes to duplicating your chip key, Walmart reportedly has to sit this one out. They may offer duplicate chip keys in the future. As of now, data supports that they don’t offer duplicate transporter keys.

Does Home Depot Make Car Keys With Chips?

Home Depot can cut your conventional keys- or keys that have no chips. Nowadays, lots of cars operate with transponder chips.  Home Depot understands this and they reportedly do have a limited selection of transponder chip keys that that are able to be duplicated at various Home Depot locations. So, if you decide to get one from here and they are able to duplicate your chip key, expect to pay about $40. Depending on your key, you may even pay as much as $80 or more. Be mindful that lots of car keys are now equipped with buttons on them for keyless entry access- and Home Depot does not sell that.