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Door Mirror Replacement Cost  – You Will Be Spending Around $800! 

Door Mirror Replacement Cost 

The average price owners pay for a door mirror replacement cost is typically between $798 and $812 total. When taking into account just the labor, owners will pay between $51 and $65 for the 1-2 hour fix, while the parts are priced at around $750. Although this may seem like a lot to pay for a repair, the door mirrors are vital parts of the car that aid in driver safety, vision, and awareness.

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What is the door mirror?

Owners need to know the door mirror’s function before they can justify spending around $800 for a door mirror replacement cost. A door mirror, also known as the side view mirror, allows the driver to see all angles of their car, the cars around them, and the road. This vital part lets the driver observe the areas on both sides of the vehicle while glancing out of the window.


Most vehicles, including almost all modern cars on the road today, have left and right door mirrors that let the driver see both sides of the car without turning around or strain while driving. If you purchase a new or used car, you will typically find that all modern cars, SUVs, and trucks have two side mirrors.


Although almost all cars have side mirrors, some are manually adjustable while others are electronically controlled. The total door mirror replacement cost depends on what kind of door mirror you own, with electronically-controlled mirrors typically having a higher repair price. In most modern cars, you will find that the door mirrors are controlled by a switch inside the vehicle for added efficiency and ease-of-use.


The right side door mirror is usually a convex shape to provide a wide-angle view that displays the road’s entire width. In some cars, the mirror adjustments are already pre-programmed by the electronic control unit for drivers to easily customize their settings and reduce the need to manually control the mirrors while turning on and off the vehicle. 

How does the door mirror function? – Door Mirror Replacement Cost

The door mirrors on your car are adjusted to give the driver a clear view of the right side, left side, and the rear area behind the vehicle. If the door mirrors were not on the car, then drivers would not be able to have a field of vision to the right side of their car without fully turning their body around, causing an increased risk of a crash. 


Furthermore, the door mirror replacement cost is expensive due to the important function in cars today. All cars have a specific spot that is nearly impossible for the driver to see without a mirror’s aid. This spot is called the “blind spot” and is such – a blind area that the door mirror recognizes takes advantage of and uses to show the driver all angles of the car. 


With this in mind, drivers need to set the mirror to specifications that work for their height and angle of the road. Each mirror has to be adjusted, so the driver has a full field of view of as much as possible of each side of the car. Combined with the rear mirror on the interior of the windshield, the door mirrors are in charge of giving a full view of the area on both sides of the vehicle while moving forward or backward.


For the blind spot areas that are hard to see, drivers may occasionally slightly turn their body to look over their shoulder. Although new technologies in modern cars produced after 2019 have been working to reduce blind spots and improve driver efficiency, all cars are not there yet. As you can see, the expensive door mirror replacement cost can be clearly attributed to the ample safety benefits they provide drivers and passengers. 

Symptoms of a Faulty Door Mirror

For drivers to accurately estimate the price of a door mirror replacement cost, they need to know the signs and symptoms of a faulty or malfunctioning door mirror. Problems with the door mirrors can typically fall into two general categories, making the issues easier for drivers and mechanics to diagnose and fix.


The two categories of issues you would typically find with door mirror concerns are either electrical or mechanical. Electrical problems range from poor mirror adjustment motors to a faulty switch or an issue with the electronic control unit. If you find that the electronic control unit is at fault, this can lead to a much higher door mirror replacement cost. 


The engine control unit is a costly part to repair or replace. You should expect to pay between $150 and $300 at a local repair shop just to have the initial diagnosis performed, not taking into account the actual work to fix the part. At most shops, this type of repair will run you between $300 and $750 depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle. 


Regarding Any mechanical issues, you may find that your door mirrors are now having problems with adjustments, dimming, or defrosting, leading to issues with the field of vision and safety concerns. 

Can you drive with a malfunctioning door mirror? – Door Mirror Replacement Cost

If you find that your door mirror is not working properly and you are scared by the expensive door mirror replacement cost, you may try to see if it is possible – or safe – to drive with mirror problems. In this case, you need to analyze and determine the extent, cause, and source of the damage to your door mirrors.


If the power door mirrors have simply stopped auto-adjusting, defrosting, or heating, then you may be able to drive your car still. Suppose you can ignore the power and electrical capabilities, and you can manually adjust the windows and clear them on your own. In that case, you can still drive your car if you constantly check the adjustments of your door mirrors when starting the car.


However, if you find that mirror glass has shattered, the housing is damaged, or the connection between the door mirror and the door is loose, the driver’s side-view ability and safety is compromised. In this case, it presents a serious safety concern that the driver needs to take care of as soon as possible. If you find this happening in your car, bring your vehicle to a mechanic to obtain a door mirror replacement cost quote. 

How often should I replace door mirrors?

Once you notice that something is wrong with your door mirrors and you can no longer safely drive your car, you may be wondering how often you have to replace this broken part. Fortunately for owners, the door mirrors should last the lifetime of any modern car or SUV on the road. 


However, since these parts stick out of the structural body of your car, they are prone to get sideswiped by people, bikers, motorcyclists, or other cars. Due to the high prevalence of accidents involving the door mirrors, the side mirrors may have to be replaced more than once during the lifetime of the vehicle. 

Should a body shop or dealership replace the door mirror? – Door Mirror Replacement Cost

When looking at how much you could spend on the door mirror replacement cost, you may try to cut corners by visiting a local mechanic or body shop to repair the mirror issue you are having. This is a smart move that can work – depending on the complexity of the repair itself.


Typically, it takes between one and two hours for an experienced expert technician to replace your door mirror. However, sometimes the technician may have to remove the interior door panel to access the door mirror at the correct angle. For this repair, you will find that the door mirror replacement cost will be marked up due to the added complexity. 


The average body dealership labor charge is around $100 an hour, while the average parts markup for their services is over 25%. Calculate the door mirror replacement cost based on these prices. You will be able to estimate whether a local mechanic, body shop or dealership is best for your wallet and your specific repair situation. 

What to look out for with door mirror problems

When getting your door mirror replacement cost estimate and starting the process of replacing the mirrors, you need to take into account other factors that could increase the overall price or complexity of the repair. It should be noted that many interior door trim panels have to be removed in order to fully access the mirror, leading to a higher labor cost.


Since the interior door panels are difficult to remove, it would be very tedious and time-consuming for car owners to try this part themselves to save on the overall door mirror replacement cost. A mechanic will have to remove the one-time fasteners, wires, and cables connected to the trim panel.


Furthermore, some vehicles also have airbags that are housed within the door panel. In this case, drivers would have to take extreme care to avoid these airbag motors, wiring, and electrical components that could lead to an increased door mirror replacement cost. 

The Bottom Line – Door Mirror Replacement Cost

The total door mirror replacement cost differs depending on various factors, like the extent of damage, mechanical vs. electrical mirrors, source of damage, and the make, model, and year of your car. However, spending around $800 to replace this part is crucial to keeping your vehicle safe and on the road! 

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