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Do You Need to Change the Power Steering Fluid? All You Need To Know

Do You Need to Change the Power Steering Fluid

If you are wondering, “do you need to change the power steering fluid?” The short answer is, of course, yes. Experts recommend changing the power steering fluid once every two years unless you notice other symptoms.

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Your vehicle contains several types of fluids that perform certain jobs. These fluids must be precise in the same quantities and same qualities overtime. Over time of use, some of these fluids might leak, and others might breakdown. Therefore, it is essential for you as a driver to maintain these flows and check them between now and then.

One of the very important fluids in your car is the power steering fluid. It is essential because it has to do with how your steering system performs, and whenever there is an issue with the steering fluid, it will impact your vehicle's drivability. In addition, it will make it very challenging for you to control your car.

This article helps you understand, “do you need to change the power steering fluid?” It also provides you with background information to get you up to speed with the importance of the power steering fluid in your car and the symptoms that could indicate a need for a power steering flush immediately.

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What is the power steering fluid, and what is it do?

Before we dive into the details about “do you need to change the power steering forward?” Let's sit back and get a general understanding of the purpose of this fluid in your vehicle.

The steering fluid is one of the many fluids in your car that has a specific job. This fluid allows you to steer your vehicle without spending so much effort. In addition, it provides this system with the required hydraulic power to link your movement of the steering wheel to move the wheels themselves.

In addition to providing hydraulic power, the steering fluid also lubricates the entire components within the steering system. As you might know, a steering system, like many other components in your car, contains many metal components. These components are in motion whenever you engage the steering system. Therefore, if there is not enough lubrication to these components, you can easily deal with steering system problems that have to do with overheating caused by friction.

Do you need to change the power steering fluid?

As you might notice, power steering fluid is extremely important and it plays major roles not only in lubricating the system but also in the way the system functions. Therefore, you must ensure a specific amount of steering fluid.

In addition to maintaining the proper amount of steering fluid, you'll also need to maintain its quality. Overtime reviews, this fluid might get contaminated and might collect many foreign items as it runs throughout the steering system. Therefore, you'll have to check on the steering fluid quality and ensure that it's still suitable to do its job.

Any issues with the power steering fluid might impact the pressure and, therefore, impact the hydraulic power. Therefore, you'll have issues steering your car and other difficulties depending on how bad the steering fluid is.

Every vehicle owner’s manual should have some recommendations about how often you should change the power steering fluid. According to automotive experts, you need to perform a steering fluid flush once every two years unless you realize other symptoms forcing you to change it before then.

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Symptoms of your vehicle are due to power steering fluid change?

While changing the power steering fluid once every two years is recommended, sometimes you might deal with certain conditions that force you to change it before then. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with different symptoms indicating that your car is due for steering fluid flush.

Here are some of these symptoms:

1.    Difficulty steering

The first and most common symptom indicating that your vehicles do for power steering flush is when you have difficulty steering your vehicle. Have you ever been in a situation where you're trying to steer your car to the right and not responding? That is what we are referring to.

There is a long potential culprit that could impact the way you steer your car. However, low quality or a bad power steering fluid could be a potential culprit. You cannot know for sure unless your mechanic performs an additional inspection to confirm whether other issues are causing this problem or not.

2.    Power steering leak

The other thing you can do is perform a quick visual inspection. For example, if you notice some drips of fluids from the area around the power steering, it could indicate that the power steering fluid is leaking.


Of course, the power steering fluid leak can happen because of cracks or damages in some weak seals. However, it could also mean that the power steering fluid is due for a flush.

Think about it this way, when the power steering collects a lot of contaminants and degrees as it runs around the internal components, it impacts the overall pressure. It, therefore, might cause the weak seals to break and then allow the fluid to escape out of the pathways.

If you didn't see visual proof that the power steering fluid is leaking, it might be the case that evaporated immediately because your vehicle is very hot. Therefore, you can also check on our steering fluid level somehow in your vehicle by using certain methods to help you do so.

3.    Weird loud noises

As a rule of thumb, if you're experiencing some weird loud noises coming out of your car, you should take the issue seriously because it could be linked to an internal problem. On the other hand, most automotive experts recommend never to ignore minor sounds because it could indicate an early sign of a big problem shortly.

Like any other problem in your car, when the steering fluid is due for flush, you might hear weird noises every time you turn the steering wheel. However, you want to make sure that these noises only happen whenever you engage the steering system because otherwise, it could be related to another system.

Hearing these noises when you turn is not final proof that your vehicle’s steering fluid is due for a flush. Your mechanic needs to confirm the issue by inspecting all the surrounding components and ensuring that there is nothing else triggering the issue.

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How much does the Power steering flush cost?

Luckily, the power steering flush is not very expensive, and it should cost you somewhere between $16 and $125. This is not a big deal when it comes to major car repairs.

Considering the benefits you'll get from performing the power steering flush, you should not think twice about flushing it immediately when needed.

Many drivers might have the right mechanical skill sets to perform their power steering to wash without needing a professional. Therefore, they can eliminate labor costs.

However, if you don't have the right level of mechanical skill sets, it's better to leave it to professionals unless you want to experience and train yourself on how to flush the power steering fluid.

Note that learning how to flush the power steering fluid might not be required for every driver because it's something you need to do once every two years, and it's not very expensive, so maybe focusing on more frequent car issues might be more useful.

Are all power steering fluids the same?

No, power steering fluids are not all the same, and they come in different types and qualities. Therefore, you must consult your vehicle's owner’s manual before choosing the power steering fluid.

You don't want to go under quality when choosing any fluid in your vehicle. Otherwise, you can deal with outcomes that do not ready for the end can damage the system.

If you don't know where to find the type of power steering fluid, you can also check with your mechanic and have him do the job for you.

Some other power steering fluids have some additives to enhance the vehicle's performance. Therefore, you might want to check online for some of the best power steering committees with additional capabilities.

You must review each of the main pros and cons before making a final purchase decision because you don't want to break your budget and buy the most expensive fluid that you don't need or that could cause you to choose your system.

Here is the list of 10 best power steering fluids as of 2022:

  • Royal Purple MAX EZ Power Steering Fluid
  • Prestone Power Steering Fluid
  • Lubegard Synthetic Power Steering Fluid
  • Lucas Oil Power Steering Fluid with Conditioners
  • Red Line Power Steering Fluid
  • Acdelco Power Steering Fluid
  • Johnsen's Power Steering Fluid
  • RAVENOL Power Steering Fluid
  • MAG1 Power Steering Fluid
  • STP Power Steering Fluid

Note that the quality of the power steering fluid might also impact the frequency when you need to change it. For example, if you decide to purchase a synthetic power steering fluid, you'll most likely not need to change it as often as buying the regular standard power steering fluid.

However, it is essential that you also communicate with your mechanic because some of the very powerful fluids might cause damage to older cars. Therefore, you must check if your vehicle is capable or is compatible with these types of fluids before switching to a higher-quality one. But don't want to save money on some of these important fluids and go with a lower quality food because the number of damages you could cause is way beyond what you can expect and way beyond what you'll save by buying a cheaper power steering fluid.

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Can I drive with a bad power steering fluid?

It depends. If the power steering fluid is not very terrible and you're just noticing some of these initial symptoms, it might not necessarily mean that you should stop your car immediately and get it flushed.

However, it is always never recommended to ignore the problem and keep driving your car for longer times. This is critical if the power steering fluid is in bad shape where you have to replace it immediately, especially if you found it challenging to control the car and steer.

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Final thoughts

The steering system is one of the most important systems in your car because it is the one you engage to move your car and steer it. Any problem with any component within the steering system can lead to catastrophic outcomes, especially if you're driving at highway speeds.

One of the very common conditions you might get involved in is when the power steering fluid is due for a flush. While you'll need to flush this fluid once every two years, sometimes you'll notice some symptoms indicating an early sign of a need for a power steering flush.

Note that sometimes your vehicle might have other problems, and focusing on the steering system only might not be the wisest decision. In other words, when thinking about repair costs, you should calculate a total number and then compare it to your vehicle's overall value.

Suppose you confirm that repair costs are getting very high beyond what you can afford. You might want to consider selling this car totally and take advantage of its value to buy a better vehicle that doesn't have any problem, including those related to the power steering fluid. Obviously, who would want to buy a car that has major problems? Cash cars buyer is old here to help you no matter your vehicle type or condition!

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