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Comparing the 2021 Honda Accord to the 2021 Toyota Camry

Comparing the 2021 Honda Accord to the 2021 Toyota Camry

Both from the slumping but still highly competitive segment of family sedan Honda and Toyota Camry are set to once again wow the world as they step up their game, with their new year models, to ensure comfort and convenience of family travels  Both Honda Accord and Toyota Camry have been on each other’s rival for the longest time and now we will discuss in-depth which sedan works best for you by comparing the 2021 Honda Accord to the 2021 Toyota Camry.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Value for Money


There are a lot of offerings in the mid-size sedan market, but rarely do you find two cars that are an absolute steal when it comes to value for money. The Honda Accord 2021 begins at a base price of $24,000 and goes all the way up to $38,000 for its top-most trim level, while the Camry 2021, on the other hand, starts at $25,425, and goes all the way up to $36,130.


So we can see right away that the base edition of the 2021 Honda Accord sounds like a decent deal, but don't let that fool you, as you still get a much-needed all-wheel-drive system with the Camry for an extra $1,500.


Both sedans, especially the Camry, have a lot of mystifying trim levels, with the Accord having more toned down 6 levels of trim. Brushing that aside, both these cars have an outstanding number of strategically placed features in the trim lineup, and both of them come with hybrid powertrains as well.


So if you are looking for a midsize sedan that is feature-packed but comes with an easy to digest price-tag, you can go with either of both the Accord and Camry of the year model 2021. When comparing the 2021 Honda Accord to the 2021 Toyota Camry, it's easy to see that they're both good choices.


Engine and Transmission

Both sedan titans and that includes the hybrid ones, give about 3 powertrains each. Both of these auto-marquees have done so to boost their appeal to the mass market. The Honda Accord, built with sheer Japanese precision, is the only one of the 2 sedans to get a turbocharged unit. 


The 2021 Honda Accord has a 1.5L turbocharged unit under the hood that discharges around 192 hp and 194 lb-ft of torque. The engine is standard in the trim, except when you choose to select it for a 2.0L Naturally Aspirated engine. The 252-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder shoots power that rushes the front tires in first gear, making it a favorite.


The 2021 Toyota Camry on the other hand appeals to the masses with its diverse powertrain platter. Stepping up their game with the 2021 Honda Accord, the Camry has a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that has between 202 and 206 horsepower, depending on trim and drivetrain. It also comes with an available 3.5-liter V6 with 301 horsepower. 


Up until 2020, both sedans come with standard front-wheel drive but the 2021 model has the Toyota Camry leading the competition as their 2021 model already has an available AWD (all-wheel drive) option. Honda Accord is still not offering AWD for the Accord.


The 2021 Honda Accord comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission that shifts seamlessly,  while the 2021 Toyota Camry has an eight-speed automatic transmission. The Camry may remain on top of the horsepower curve, but it is the turbocharged setup of the Accord that allows such respectable torque figures to be punched out, and hence also the fastest acceleration times. The Accord is 0.3 seconds quicker than the Camry, with a quoted 7.3 seconds to run from 0-60 MPH.


When it comes to performance the chassis of the Accord is well structured and allows the driver to maneuver the car hard around corners where a small amount of body roll is exhibited. As is the case for a car in this class, the steering is light, precise and predictable. You will enjoy a ride that is tightly controlled but never rough, striking a perfect balance between a sports sedan and a practical family car.


The Toyota Camry also has controlled ride and responsive handling. The steering feels light when maneuvering in parking lots and the brake pedal is also responsive without being too soft, even in the hybrid model that melds friction with regenerative braking to recharge the hybrid's battery pack. The hybrid's brake pedal is however hypersensitive at lower speeds, making parking maneuvers a bit difficult.

Fuel Economy for both 2021 Honda Accord and 2021 Toyota Camry

When it comes to fuel economy family sedans are the way to go. The 2021 Honda Accord specifically delivers well with Accord Touring 2.0T with 10-speed automatic EPA highway ratings at 35 mpg. That is much better than the 2018 Camry tested with its 301-hp V-6 engine that earned 29 mpg. With respectable MPG results, even with a super-torquey powertrain, the Accord hits the home run in the fuel-efficiency race.


In the EPA's tests, the entire Camry lineup also performed exceptionally well.  The LE and SE with the four-cylinder engine, which received EPA figures of 28 mpg city and 39 mpg highway, are the most effective nonhybrid Camry models; while the base LE hybrid earned 51 mpg city and 53 mpg highway scores.


The hybrid's upper trims compromise some performance in the name of luxury and models powered by the V-6 received ratings of 22 mpg city and up to 33 mpg highway. In a highway survey, a four-cylinder Camry SE returned 45 mpg. That overshadows its own EPA ranking by 6 mpg and makes it the most cost-effective non-hybrid car. The MPG estimates on both sedans are a mixed bag of results. But by brushing the competition for both for a second it is plain to see that the numbers they've put up drive them ahead of most of their immediate rivals in this segment.


Interior, Infotainment & Cargo

The Honda Accord showcases a cozy cabin that uses upscale materials that contributes to its clean and graphic interior silhouette. It is also spacious with beautiful interior furnishings and rear seat passengers will be more than happy with its comfortability. 


Optional packages are also available with features such as power adjustment and heating and ventilation. For the top Touring trim the front seats come with heated and cooled leather front seats. The rear seats are heated, and the trim comes with a head-up display.


The same 7-inch Hi-Def touchscreen from the previous model floats on top of the dashboard on the infotainment front. For 2021, every Accord is now standard with features including an 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. On the EX-L and Touring and on all but the base Accord hybrid, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now standard.


The cabin, on the other hand, for both the top-level XLE and the more modest SE trim of the 2021 model of Toyota Camry are also spacious and comfortable. The XLE however as to be expected is more luxurious. But expect a huge gap in material quality between the lower trims and the more top of the line versions. 


When it comes to cargo the Camry as a large sedan also has a lot of cargo space with interior storage for both its trunk and cabin as the rear seat is folded. Fortunately, Toyota did relocate the Camry hybrid's battery from the trunk to underneath the rear seats, so the carrying capacity is not compromised for the extra mpg.


The Toyota Camry, rated to be one of the most spacious sedans in the segment, does a good job of not making the passengers sitting in the rear feel claustrophobic. A stand-out design feature is undoubtedly Camry's famous sweeping “Y” line that splits across the middle stack. 


The touchscreen infotainment system from Toyota, called Entune 3.0, is standard in the Camry range, with an upgraded version available as an option. Entune has loads of features and responded fairly well to user inputs, and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is standard. 


Finally, as opposed to the Honda Accord, the Toyota Camry also has a wider trunk. The Accord however still has a roomy trunk that will make grocery runs a breeze. The roomy interior also easily accommodates multiple child seats for growing families. The cabin is also more comfortable compared to that of the Toyota Camry but for that reason front cargo is also compromised to give more space for the passengers.


There is much more shoulder and legroom space in the second row of the Honda Accord than the Camry, although the Camry inches a little forward when it comes to headroom, solely because the Accord has a slightly sloping roofline falling backward.


Overall,  the infamous notion that family sedans have an interior that is purely practical is an underestimate, as these two vehicles are a testament to the fact that interiors can be functional but still exquisite at the same time. Though efficiency was at the back of Honda's agenda, the most important requirements for them were cabin space and interior styling.


While they are known as medium-sized sedans, they are not inherently medium-sized, as both Honda and Toyota know how to optimize the space of the inner cabin without negligently wasting any.


Exterior Silhouette 

The looks of these two midsize sedan titans are their rivalry's biggest cause of concern. In contrast to the 2021 Accord's more swept-in styling sentiment, the 2021 Toyota Camry keeps a bold styling silhouette. Toyota designers have taken a huge gamble and it has paid off fruitfully in more ways than most.


They took a brave move to offer a facelift to the already popular and trusted Camry sculpture, and now it is one of the best-looking cars out there in this medium-sized segment. Nonetheless, with a lot of faux vents here and there, the front-end of the Camry is way too busy.


The long-wheelbase helps to give the Accord a subtle and classy styling quotient from the side. Whereas the Camry also looks bold and meaty from the side profile. The Camry, however, keeps it busy again from the rear with neatly placed tail lights, while the 2021 Accord houses a sloping rear roofline, which is not bad on their part.


The Accord looks and feels broader and larger than the Accord in terms of technical dimensions, and rightfully so at 192.2 inches, it's longer than the Camry, by 0.1 inch.


Will the 2021 Honda Accord be redesigned?

The 2021 Honda Accord gets minor updates compared to its predecessor 2020 model at $500 price increase. There are slight visual changes, including a revamped grille with more powerful LED headlamps and more standard technology equipment. It receives upgrades to the hybrid powertrain and officially drops the manual transmission.


Which is more reliable Honda Accord or Toyota Camry?


In their own regard, both of these cars from Japan are reliable. But the advantage goes to Toyota Camry, as its maintenance work required is much less regular than what the Honda Accord demands. That doesn't mean, however that the Accord is any less reliable. The Accord has a 4.5 out of 5 reliability ranking, making it an equivalent contender in this reliability contest.


Conclusion for Comparing the 2021 Honda Accord to the 2021 Toyota Camry


The 2021 Honda Accord and 2021 Toyota Camry are without a doubt the best at what they do. On the one hand, the 2021 Honda Accord is capable of handling anything and anything you throw at it, but in a laid back way. The 2021 Toyota Camry, on the other hand, with its proven durability, makes a strong case for itself this time around and the fact that it has a V6 engine only adds to its popularity.


Although both the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry can be dubbed as the most fuel-efficient cars in this segment, we expect the priorities to have shifted for the better by the year 2021. Customers would like a car that looks fantastic, displays respectable power figures, offers inspired driving dynamics, and that would be reliable as well. So without a doubt when comparing the 2021 Honda Accord to the 2021 Toyota Camry, it's the Toyota Camry 2021 that suits the bill here.