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Junk Cars


Is there an old junk car taking up space on your property may come a time when you will need or want to dispose of a junk car?  There are many situations that could cause you to want to dispose of a junk car, such as: 


·      More space

·      Environmentally Responsible

·      Fast Cash

·      Yard Improvement

·      Zero Cost to Remove

·      Savings

·      Additional Space for a new Call


The most popular reason, however, is that you can get fast cast, you just need to find the nearest and best choice for businesses or individuals for buying junk cars near you.  Do not stress or worry if you do not have a title.  In most instances if you have some other identifying information, such as your Driver License (Valid) or even a copy of the car’s registration (which is in the glove box) that should be enough.  Just give your local Driver License Facility a call or the Secretary of State.  Your state’s Secretary of State will have an extensive search and FAQ section that will answer your titling question or what documents you can use in replacement of the title.


Junk Car – Fast Cash


There are individuals who seek out junk cars for sale for assorted reasons and will be happy to take it off your hands for a couple hundred dollars and even haul if off for free.  However, this is a select group of people and may not be close enough or fast enough for you.  The best possibility is to simply find a buyer within your local area.  If you want cash in your hand and the car hauled off as quickly as possible – then a junk car buyer near you is your best way.  Individuals or companies either one who buy junk cars will always pay cash.  Paying cash provides transparency and there is no waiting around to see if the check will clear. 


We Buy Junk Cars


You see the signs on billboards or those signs at the ends of the road that say: “We Buy Junk Cars” – or “We will take your junk care off your hands for FREE.”  Sound too good to be true?  Maybe.  Probably.  Here is how the *Free usually works…The “we buy junk cars” dealer shows up and says, “Well your car is worth about $500” you get all excited and then they continue with “ but it is going to cost about $275 to tow it.”  So, deduct that from the cash they were going to hand you and it does not sound like such a good deal anymore.  So, be sure to pay attention to the gimmick in their advertising, if you can.  Towing is quite expensive, in some instances up to $125 or more for just 5 miles.


With CashCarsBuyers you do not have to worry about any gimmicks. When CashCarsBuyers says *free removal then that is what they mean – FREE removal.  They offer a competitive price and they are fast, often within 24 hours.  Just click on the link and get started.  


If you are still thinking….  hey if I haul this off myself, how much more of the cash offer can I keep?  However, there are a few drawbacks to hauling your junker off yourself. 


·      Towing Damage: If possible, a professional tow service is always better, and they have the proper equipment to do it the correct way.  Let’s be honest, most individuals really do not have much ability in how to tow a car.  Let’s just examine a few things that could go wrong: 


·      Mechanical Harm:  It could do your car/truck from the *extra burden the vehicle you are hauling off with. Transmission and/or engine damage from the extra weight: Either one of those above happen to your current car, it is going to be quite an expensive bill as those are not not cheap items to repair or replace. 


·      Hitting another person or another vehicle due to poor visibility: There is also the added length on the back of your vehicle that adds to the stress of hauling it off yourself.  



·      Fines: Be aware that there are some states that have state laws that prohibit individuals from hauling off old cars, etc. without a proper license or permit.  What you do not need on top of everything else is to get a ticket which will probably cost even more.  If you are still insistent about doing it yourself, then take a moment to call your local DMV and ask them about any special procedures, licenses, or restrictions. 



Junk Car – No Title


There may be a few issues to selling the vehicle without a title in your hand.  The best choice to proving you own the vehicle, is of course, the car registration.  If you do not have the title or registration you can most in most cases, contact your local Driver License Facility.  It is usually an uncomplicated process of simply filling out a *lost title form and a small fee to process it with your states Secretary of State office.  Without a title or registration even a company that buys junk cars will be hesitant to take a chance on the purchase – not all, but most.  Your other way is of course a private individual who might take a chance.  Be aware however, that if you find a we buy junk cars buyer to take your car with no title or registration or even an individual willing to purchase with not title the price that they offer you will be substantially lower.  If the buyer just wants the vehicle for junk car parts, and you cannot get a title at all, this will most likely be your best option.


How to Find the Right Buyer


Finding a buyer for your junk car, will not be so much of an issue as it will be to find the best deal for your junk car.  Pay close attention to the quote they give you and any hidden fees that they may be talking about.  Always ask for cash, if the buyer is an individual or company. Some companies may want to inspect the car before they tow it off.  Just be careful and pay close attention to what is said, and you should not have any issues. 


When you start your search for a buyer there will be a lot – all claiming they are the best of course!  Who can you trust and who is completely FREE removal with NO hidden fees and that is with CashCarsBuyers.  The process takes just a few moments to complete online and you get a quote and if you decide that is what you want – you will have cash in your hand and your old junk car gone in as little as 48 hours.  The process is simple: 


·      Click on the link for CashCarsBuyers and hit “Get Instant offer” 

·      Basic information to fill out to identify vehicle

·      Receive a quote in one minute or less

·      Accept the offer and then a pick-up will be scheduled.



Why is it a Good Idea to Junk My Car?


One of the best reasons to ever junk your old car (besides the quick cash) is for environmental purposes.  Each car removed, does make an environmental impact on yourself and those around you, perhaps even immediately so.  


There are countless toxic chemicals and elements to any car such as: 

·      Gas

·      Oil

·      Anti-Freeze

·      Mercury

·      Battery Acid 


A car battery is one of the worst for the environment.  It is even illegal to just *toss a car battery away in many places.  Batteries contain lead, plastics, and acids – all of which are extremely toxic.  While you cannot just toss your old battery in the trash – car batteries are recyclable and are one of the top ten most recycled items of anything.    If it is not possible for you to junk your car or sell it to a we buy junk cars dealer, take a few moments to make it environmentally safe.  Simply drain all the fluids from the car, then take those containers and take a few moments to clean them up and take those as well along with the battery to any local automotive store or your local landfill and they will be able to tell you where to dump or even do so for you. 


How to Get My Car Ready to Junk


Make the decision to junk the car, the reason does not matter as much as you just making the decision to junk. 


Clear out all your old paperwork and any personal items.  Check the glove compartments, the truck, underneath the seats, in the visors above or side pockets.  Cars have a tendency to collect a lot of things or our personal items over the years.  Perhaps your we buy junk cars buyer is only going to junk the car, but the condition of the car still matters and you will get more money for a car that is clean on the inside and devoid of any fluids, etc. Also, it is always best to do a sweep of the car, to indeed ensure you have not left any valuables or important paperwork because once it is gone and scrapped – your items will be lost forever. 


Double check your paperwork.  Do you have the title?  Do you have the registration?  If yes, then great.  If no, then take the steps necessary to get that taken care of.  If you have to contact the DMV for a lost title and registration, which is easy to do with just a fill out of form and pay an application fee.  However, do be aware that it could take several days to several weeks to get a duplicate title or registration card.  So, be prepared for this to delay your process.


When you get done with all the above, your next step should be to find a buyer.  Do yourself a favor and take the time to compare some offers and make sure that you are indeed getting the best deal.  The easiest way to get rid of your junk car quickly is to find a we find junk cars buyer.  You could wait for months or years for an individual to come along that needs a car for either parts, etc.  Junk cars are not in good shape, so finding individuals are usually not your best choice.  Once you choose the company you wish sell to – do some quick research on the company to try and confirm that they have complimentary reviews of past dealings with other customers.  Most companies in 2020 will have a website, social Media or online reviews and recommendations and those are quite easy to find and check online.  Some will even already have a BBB (Better Business Bureau). 


Price agreement is essential as well.  A lot of companies will offer you a fast quote based on some quick information that you may give them on your vehicle.  Note: Larger companies or we buy junk car dealers do not usually offer a lot of money, so there is not much room for negotiation.  This is the ideal time for you to ask about hidden fees and if there will be any towing fees, etc.  Also, you should take this opportunity to ask about payment terms.  As discussed, cash is always best.  If they are a local reputable company and have been around for some years and you are familiar with them, you may be willing to take a check.  There are also ways to pay through online services if you feel more comfortable with that way.  Just be sure that all of that is settled on before it comes the time for the vehicle paid for and/or picked up so that there are no last-minute surprises. 


The last thing then left to do is to just – junk it.  A word of caution and a few days or weeks after the sale – be sure to check to make sure that the title has been legally transferred out of your name into someone else’s.  This is to ensure you have no liability.