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Cash For Junk Cars Youngstown, OH – We Buy Non Running Cars! 

Cash For Junk Cars Youngstown, OH – We Buy Non Running Cars! 

Whether you live in zip code 44405, 444501, 44503, 44502, 44505, 44507, 44510, 44512 anywhere in between, you have a buyer for your junk car! We are Cash Cars Buyer, the exceptional junk car buying company, offering residents of Youngstown, Ohio unparalleled junk car selling services! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

From East High, to Riverbend, Newport, Warren, Erie and Belle Vista, you can count on personalized service with a smile, as well as “FEE-FREE” services that we know you’ll love!

We take the hassle, haggling, stress and frustration out of selling a junk car, while helping you get paid for your old clunker in a flash! 

Begin the process of selling your old jalopy by entering its information and receiving an instant quote fast! 

How to Sell Your Car -Junk a Car FAST 

Knowing how to sell your junk car is difficult enough. Going through the process, finding a buyer completing the paperwork, and the numerous other steps you have to endure -can be overwhelming. That’s why Cash Cars Buyer has created this guide to assist you with selling your car. 


What Kind of Vehicle Are You Selling? 

The first thing you should keep in mind is the kind of junk, scrap, damaged or scrap vehicle you are selling. Are you selling a car that doesn’t run? Has your car ensured accident, flood, frame or other kind of damage? Knowing what you have makes a huge difference in the selling process. You as a junk car seller, stay informed as you search for the best offer for your junk car. 


Sell My Scrap Car- Finding its Value 

For a junk car seller, knowing your car’s value is important. Unfortunately, the junk car business is filled with sketchy, people, who will stop at nothing to work their way into your pocket for the most money. You can certainly check the Kelley Blue Book as well as Edmunds sites to obtain an approximate value for your car. You can also find out the current price of scrap metal too. 


But with Cash Cars Buyer, you can click here and obtain an instant offer on your vehicle and know what your car is worth, in a matter of minutes. The beauty of it is that you are in charge of what you type to obtain your offer. The more precise and detailed your information, the more accurate your offer will be! 

Click here and get the party started, NOW! 


Places Where to Sell Your Used Car 

Looking for places that you can sell a used car? We have some options for you below! See what works best for you! 


Ohio Craigslist  

During our check of various cities inside of the Ohio Craigslist website, we found lots of vehicles for sale. From SUVs, to sports cars, Craigslist can be a car buyer’s dream, but a car seller’s nightmare. The fee to sell on Craigslist is $5.00. Additionally, you have to take a multitude of pictures and don’t forget the description you have to write about your car too. Safety is a concern, as all of your interaction with potential buyers has to be safe and secure at all times. 


The “tried and true” place to sell a junk car or even a used car, is a junkyard. They are a part of the fabric of American life. Known for taking just about anything that used to resemble a car, junkyards can be places where you can get a great deal, but you have to be a keen and sharp junk car seller. Some junkyards may offer you a price for your junk car, but you have to wonder if that price was fair. Additionally, many junkyards resort to scare tactics. The old “bait and switch” is alive and well at many junkyards too. This tactic is when a junkyard owner makes you an offer on your junk car, generally over the phone. But, once seeing you in person, that offer is lessened by hundreds of dollars. 


Looking to get rid of a car and sell it to a dealership? This may prove to be a viable option, but you have to keep in mind, that a dealership exists to make money. So, you may not receive the best offer on your car. 

Cash Cars Buyer- the best alternative to junking a car! 

When you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, you are selling your junk car to a licensed, bonded and insured junk car buying company. Additionally, we have over a decade of junk car buying experience, that is transformed into great service to you! You never have to pay us for processing of your junk car order, paperwork or towing!  And you can get an instant offer on your junk car 24 hours a day, seven days a week!  

Junk Car Buyers Near Me -How it Works 

Enter the specs of your car 

Tell us all about your junk car and be sure not to leave anything out. The more thorough you are, the better and more precise your final offer. Once you have your instant offer you can call us so that we may ask you some additional questions about your vehicle. 

Accept your offer 

When you have your instant offer, call us and give us a few moments of your time, to ask you some questions about your junk car. We will then make you a guaranteed cash offer on your car, with the hopes of arranging free pickup and a payout to you! 

Get paid! 

When we arrive, we will waste no time going to work, to appraise your car. When we are done and all is well, we will pay you on the spot! Forget paying for the towing of your junk car. We take care of that too! 

Buying Junk Cars Without Title

Many times, a junk car owner is reluctant to sell his or her car, because of a lost title. Cash Cars Buyer purchases cars without titles, and we just may buy yours! In most cases, your missing or lost title is not an issue. We do ask that you have both your car registration as well as your picture ID for the sale of your junk vehicle. Ready to get an instant offer? Just click here

Selling a Car Privately – Common Mistakes Made 

Sometimes selling a car privately, sounds like an attractive option. But there are some common pitfalls that you may want to avoid. 

Not knowing your car’s worth 

If you have no idea what your car is worth, then you should not be selling it. Just selling a car blindly or going on what you think your car is worth, may not net a quick sale. So, check the Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds sites to get a value for your car. 

Getting emotional 

When selling a car, no one will care about anything that your car represents to you. Perhaps you bought the car after you graduated from college. You may have driven your child home in the car, after his or her birth. With all due respect, car buyers really will not care about those milestones or events. So, take out the emotion when selling a car. Because if you don’t, you run the risk of not making a sale. 

Accepting the first offer that comes your way 

Lots of potential buyers are playing the “game”. They want a car for practically “nothing” and will tell you the saddest story around. It may be a truthful story, or it may be a story that they tell, to lock you into a price. Feel your way around a couple buyers. Unless you’re in a hurry to sell your car, take your time and get the most money for your car. 

Or… you can sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer! 

Who has time these days, to sift through buyers, offers and tips for making a sale? Let Cash Cars Buyer purchase that car with no price-haggling, stress, tips or tricks you need to follow! Just click here to get a precise offer on your car, and be well on your way to getting paid for it FAST! 

“Will you buy a car with flood damage?”  & Other Frequently Asked Questions 

I lost the keys to my car. Will you still buy it?  

We sure will! We buy cars with not a key in sight! 

What about frame damage and flood damage – will you buy a car with flood damage? 

We sure will! 

What kind of cars do you buy? 

We buy all makes and models – regardless of age, mileage or condition. 

How much money will I get for my junk car? 

It depends on your junk car’s condition. on the low end of offers, customers can see a few hundred dollars for their cars. On the higher end, we can pay thousands of dollars for cars. Thankfully, you can get an instant offer on your car, and know what you have right from the jump! Love what you see? Call us! 

What fees do you charge, once I sell my car to you? 

Our services are “FEE-FREE”! Paperwork costs? No! Processing? Never! Towing? Not on our watch! We pay for everything! 

Where do I bring my car? 

You keep it parked at its location and we come to you! Our personalized service is prompt and we are polite! Just get an instant offer, and then call us to find out just how wonderful we are! 

You have a car to sell and we are the buyer. Cash Cars Buyer makes selling your junk car quick, fast and easy! Get your FREE instant online quote, and let’s turn that old jalopy into some joyous cash for you NOW