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Cash For Junk Cars Yankton, SD – FREE Junk Car Removal, Safe Transactions! 

Cash For Junk Cars Yankton, SD – FREE Junk Car Removal, Safe Transactions! 

If you have a car that causes more headache than headway, then it’s time to call Cash Cars Buyer. Whether you have a van, SUV or a sedan- that no longer runs or just causes headache with constant repairs- we can buy that car and pay you for it! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

All throughout the 57078, we can come to your location, appraise your car and then pay you on the spot!  You can obtain a FREE online offer and then take advantage of our “FEE-FREE” services! Same-day pickup? Yes, we offer it! Paperwork and processing taken care by us? You can bet on it! So, take a leisurely stroll at Riverside Park. Or enjoy a homemade pizza from Charlie’s Pizza House. But leave the junk car buying to us, as you sell that car quickly and conveniently! 

Can I get 500 for My Junk Car? 

Many times, junk car sellers are looking for $500 for their junk cars. The offer you receive for your junk car depends on the full condition of your car.  Some of the factors we base our offers on include: 

  1. The current price of scrap metal 
  2. The weight of your car & where your car is located 
  3. Status of your car title- do you have the car title? 
  4. Level of damage and where that damage is located and more. 

Looking for the best offer on your car? Just click here! 

Reasons Why You Should Sell a Junk Car

You know that you need to junk your car and Cash Cars Buyer is the best company that can handle the sale of it. But did you know that there are some great reasons that you should get rid of that old car? 

Junking your car helps our environment 

When you sell your junk car, you are being a help to our environment and even supporting ecological preservation at the same time. Old and stagnant cars are a real safety and health concern. How? Even though they may not run, they can still leak fluids and oils that can find their way into our local water supply outlets. Those chemicals can seep into the ground and enter into the soil and eventually our drinking water supplies, threatening our health as well as local ecosystems. And then there is the aspect of recycling your car’s parts. Over 80% of a junk car can be recycled. From tires, to plastics- your junk car can be repurposed to help local as well as regional communities! 

You’re saving money on repairs 

When our cars age, they become an expense that is costly to many of us. Not only are oil changes important, but there may need to be brake replacement, starter replacement, problems with the alternator and more. When you sell that car, you are freeing up your finances! 

You will get paid on the spot! 

Perhaps the best reason to sell that old car, is the fact that we will pay you fast and pay you on the spot! We will come to inspect your car and then pay you once all is well! 

Get ready to sell your car the quick, fast and easy way. Sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer now! 

Junk a Car- We Make it Fast and Easy! 

Check out how easy and fast it is to sell your car! 

Tell us About Your Vehicle

Take a few moments of your time to tell us about your car. This will ensure that you receive the best FREE online offer! Click here to get started! 

Accept Your Offer 

When you have your FREE online offer, you can call us and speak to one your experienced junk car agents. You will be asked some questions to ensure that we formulate the best guaranteed offer for you! Love what you just heard? We are ready to buy that car! 

Get Paid! 

When you accept your offer, we will schedule the best day and time for you- to come and appraise your car! Within 24-72 hours, we will tow your car for FREE and pay you on the spot!

What's The Best Way to Get Rid of Your Junk Car?

One of the best things about Cash Cas Buyer, is that we offer a really quick and easy to sell your car! Forget haggling over price. All you have to do is click here and share a basic details about your car and you will receive an instant offer! Our pricing tool is fast, accurate and efficient. And once you are happy with that offer, you can call us so that we can firm up that offer, and make plans to come to your home or location to evaluate your car and pay you fast! 


Selling a junk car online- What site is the best? 

Thinking of selling that old car online? You are in great company. There are thousands of junk cars, used cars and even classic cars online, from all kinds of people. All online ads have come common factors to them. Those factors include: pictures of the car for sale and a brief description of the car. And if you are looking to sell that car on multiple sites, you have to keep up with who contacts you and pay any fees. Some sites ask for money at the beginning of the sale, while other sites will get their cut of your money at the end. 

Cash Cars Buyer is the best place to sell a car online. Period. 

We don’t like to “toot our own horn”, but we are the best place to sell a car online. How do we stack up to a conventional online car marketplace? 

  1. You don’t have to post pictures of your car on our site or add a lengthy description. 
  2. Forget waiting on a buyer to contact you. Think of Cash Cars Buyer as the junk car buying company with the buyer “built right in.” 
  3. Your safety comes first! Instead of meeting a buyer in a lot or a public place, we come to your location! 
  4. You can know what your car is worth and forget price-haggling or hassles!  Just take your computer mouse and hover it over here… then click! You can know what your car is worth, FAST! 

I Want To Sell My Car Fast and Privately!  

While selling a car privately may be a viable option, there are pitfalls that you want to avoid. So, what are some of the mistakes that private sellers make? 

Not knowing the value of our car 

When you decide to sell your car, you have to know the value of it. You can obtain an approximate value on our car from Kelley Blue Book as well as Edmunds

Failing to get the paperwork for your car 

In South Dakota, you have to follow a series of steps to sell your car as well as obtain certain paperwork. We outline all that needs to be done, as well as point to the help you need, in our article, “How to Sell A Car In South Dakota – What The SD Department Of Revenue Wants You To Know”. Click here to read it! 


Taking the first offer that you get 

Most junk car sellers want to sell a junk car fast. But sometimes, it may not be to your benefit to take the first offer that comes your way. You want to have a pricing strategy and price your car to make a profit. Take your time in selling your old car and be patient with yourself and the process. 


Not calling Cash Cars Buyer! 

When you have a junk car to sell, you have an automatic buyer in us! We buy all makes and models without all of the hassle and stress that come with selling a junk car! Click here now to get your FREE online offer and turn that old car into cash, FAST! 


Get Rid of That Junk Car The Fast And Easy Way! 

Selling your junk car shouldn’t be a hassle. We get it and that’s why we offer stellar services for you to utilize in your quest for money for that junk car! 


We guarantee the offers we give, stress-free and haggle-free.

Expert Guidance & Assistance 

We are experts in the junk car buying business and will offer you expert advice, assistance and guidance, to help you in the process.


No Obligation, No Hassles 

We won't put you under any pressure to sell your car, and you are never under any obligation to sell your car to us! 


Eco-Friendly and Honest! 

We work with local as well as regional recyclers and others who are friendly to our Mother Earth and to our environment. We honestly recycle cars! 

Licensed, Bonded and Insured! 

Looking for a fast and worry-free way to sell your car? Then you found it! We are reputable junk car buyers, who are honest, straightforward and trustworthy, from beginning to end. We don’t operate business with scams, schemes and games. 

We offer Contact-less services! 

Your safety and health are the most important aspect of junk car selling. And we adhere to all national, regional and local ordinances in providing you with the Safest, method of selling your junk car now. 

COVID-19 Update: Our agents practice stellar hygiene, wear the proper protective gear and offer contact-less services. We are here to buy your car, while keeping you healthy! 

We Pay on the Spot! 

Selling your car today means you get paid today! Selling your car on Monday, means you will get paid on Monday! There is never a delay in paying you! When you sell your car to us, you are paid on the spot! Whether it be cash or a certified check- you don’t have to ask where’s the money, because we hand it right over! 

Yankton, South Dakota! It’s time to sell that old, rusted, beat up, dented and wrecked car, now! Obtain your FREE online offer and sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer FAST!