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Sell Your Junk Car in Weirton

Sell Your Junk Car in Weirton

Having a car break down can be a costly problem. In addition to having to find a new mode of transportation, you have two tons of metal in your driveway or garage that serve no purpose. If you call Cash Cars Buyers, we will give you a fair price for your junk car in Weirton, WV. We will even tow it away for free.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


A junk car on your property is an eyesore and may cause your neighbors to complain. A non-working car in your garage will just take up space that you might be able to use for something else. 


If you decide to get rid of your vehicle, you will have a few options for selling it. You can trade-in your vehicle for a new one, donate it, or sell it to an independent party. If your car was destroyed in an accident, you may be able to collect insurance money. You can also donate your vehicle. Once you examine your options, you will see that no one can offer you a deal as good as we can.


Trading in Your Vehicle

If you are in the market for a new ride, the dealership is likely to offer you credit for trading in your old vehicle. Before you go into the dealership, it is a good idea to call Cash Cars Buyers to see what we can give you for your junk car. 


Dealerships are known for trying to fool people into paying more than their new vehicle is actually worth. Sometimes they will try to give you less money than they should because they think you will not want to take time to look for a better deal. In other cases, they may offer you good money for your vehicle and then tac the amount of money they gave you back onto the final cost of the car.


You should never let the dealership know that you have a car to trade-in until after they have giving you a final price for the new vehicle. Once you have a price, let them know you have a vehicle to trade-in and the amount of money you have been offered for it. 


If you do decide to take what they offer you for a trade in, be sure to read each line of the price. Make sure they have not charged you to tow away the old vehicle.


Sell Your Car Online 

The internet offers many websites on which people can sell used cars. These sites will let you list your car for a fee. If you list your car on one of these sites, it may take months for you to even get an inquiry. 


Once you do get an interested buyer, you will have to show them the car. That means that you will have to give your address to a stranger. Many robbers have found their victims on online billboards.


Cash Cars Buyers is staffed with trained, professional auto enthusiasts who will call you right away with an offer on your car.


Taking Insurance Money

If your car was wrecked in an accident that was due to the negligence of another person, or if you have full coverage, an insurance company may pay for your junk vehicle. Insurance companies are famous for trying to lowball their clients. 


Filing an insurance claim can take a long time. If they do approve of your claim, they may take a while to actually pay you. The good news is that the insurance company may not think it is worth it to tow away your car. You may still be able to sell your car to a junkyard.


Donate Your Car

There are several organizations that take junk cars as a donation. Most of these organizations will tow your car away and sell it. They will give you a receipt so that you can write it off on your taxes. 


Although donating your car is admirable, we may be able to offer you considerably more money than you would be able to write off on your taxes. You can always use the money to help any charity that you would like. 


Once you get rid of your old clunker you will have plenty of room for a new vehicle. If you were storing the junk car in your garage, you can protect the car you use from the elements or use the space as an extra room in your house. There are many things you can do with a free garage. 


Turn Your Garage into a Gym

An empty garage is a perfect place for a home workout space. No more slogging down to the gym a few times a week only to share the equipment with a hundred or so other people. You can use the money you got from your car to buy a treadmill or an elliptical and a few free weights.


Create a Spare room or Mother In-law Apartment 

If things are a bit crowded in your home, you can give everyone a little breathing room. With the proper installation, your garage can be turned into a spare bedroom. 


If you are able to add a bathroom, you can turn the space into an efficiency apartment that you can rent out. A mother inlaw apartment in Weirton, West Virginia can nettle you an extra $300 or $400 a month. It can also be a place to house a relative if the need should arise.


If you do not want to worry about signing leases and interviewing renters, you can always list your spare room on a home-sharing service. Websites such as Airbnb are a great way to earn extra money and meet new people. 


There is an awful lot to see and do in Weirton, WV. You and your visitors can use some of your new-found income to enjoy the town. 

Things to do in Weirton

Known as the Gateway to the Valley, Weirton is famous for its rich beauty and history. It was the site of the Hollidays Cove Fort during the Civil War. In the early 1900s, Ernest T. Weir started a steel mill in the town that employed many of the townspeople. Today the town has several tourist attractions.


East Liverpool Historical Society

305 Walnut Street East Liverpool, OH 43920

This fascinating place is located just across the Ohio border. It contains both physical and electronic archives of the area’s history. They often host events here.


The Plaza Theater

Weirton Shopping Plaza, 412 Penco Road Weirton, WV 26062


This old fashioned single-screen movie theater is a great place to enjoy a classic film. It is only open on the weekend and the prices sure are cheap. It is a great place to people watch and take in some of the local culture.


Where to Eat

You can always use some of your new-found fortune to explore your town’s dining scene. Be sure to visit Patty’s Family Restaurant located at 1413 Pennsylvania Ave, Weirton, WV 26062. This family-friendly eatery offers a menu of burgers and fries. It is a great place to bring kids and they serve a big, inexpensive breakfast.


Basil’s Sports Bar is a great place to enjoy a beer, tasty bar food and watch the big game.


Sell my Junk Car for $500

When you decide to get rid of your non-running car, go to our website and fill out our simple form. We will ask you for your name, email address, and phone number. We will also ask you to provide the make, model year, and VIN number of your car. We are primarily interested in cars that were manufactured after 2000. 


Once we receive your form, we will call you and make an offer. We pay $500 for junk cars depending on the type and condition of the vehicle. If you accept our offer, we will make an appointment with you to pick up your car.


What if I don’t have the title?

If you want to get insurance money for a car, sell it online, or use it as a trade in, you will have to have the title. If you do not have the title you will have to go to the DMV, pay a fee, and wait for it to arrive in the mail.


 If you sell your car to us, you are unlikely to need the title. In most cases, no title is no problem as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration.


When we come to get your car we will perform a brief inspection, pay you in cash, and tow your junk car away; it is as simple as that. Visit our website today.